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management1 (n.) farrys-thie, reirey, reireydys

management2 (npl.) (company) mainshteryn

Inexact matches:

bad management (n.) neufarrysthie

good management (n.) ladoose, tarmaynys

management committee (n.) bing stiuree

management services (npl.) shirveishyn reiree

supervisory management (n.) stiurey oaseiragh

wealth management (n.) reirey berçhys

Director of Management Services (n.) Stiureyder Shirveishyn Reiree

Division of Traffic Management (n.) Fo-rheynn Reirey Traaght

Flood Risk Management Bill (n.) Billey ry-hoi Reirey Gaue Thooillaghyn

Institute for Supervision and Management (n.) Undinys Oaseirys as Stiurey

Management and members' Standards Committee (n.) Bing Reirey as Stundayrtyn Olteynyn

Tynwald Management Committee (n.) Bing-Reiree Tinvaal, Bing-Reirey Tinvaal

Waste Management Board (n.) Boayrd Oaseirys Smooirlagh

neufarrysthie bad management, improvidence

reirey berçhys wealth management

reireydys administratorship, management, managership

shirveishyn reiree (f.) management services

stiurey oaseiragh supervisory management

ill-management (n.) drogh-reirey

Bing-Reiree Tinvaal (f.) Tynwald Management Committee

Bing-Reirey Tinvaal (f.) Tynwald Management Committee

bing stiuree (f.) administration committee, management committee

Boayrd Oaseirys Smooirlagh Waste Management Board

Fo-rheynn Reirey Traaght Division of Traffic Management

ladoose economy, good management, mettle, thrift, thriftiness

Stiureyder Shirveishyn Reiree Director of Management Services

Billey ry-hoi Reirey Gaue Thooillaghyn Flood Risk Management Bill

Bing Reirey as Stundayrtyn Olteynyn (f.) Management and members' Standards Committee

Undinys Oaseirys as Stiurey Institute for Supervision and Management

farrys-thie domestic economy, economy, management, husbandry: Ta nyn saie beaghey ayns farrysthie ny boghtyn Bible; ploughing, tillage

mainshteryn masters: Tra ta cooid bishaghey, t'adsyn er nyn mishaghey ta dy vaarail ad: as cre'n vondeish t'ec mainshteryn ooilley'n verchys shoh, agh shilley jeu lesh nyn sooillyn ! Bible; (company) management; owners

reirey (=Ir. riarachán) 1 administer, casting, extend, manage, order, reach, serve a: Vel peiagh erbee reirey ort? DF; 2 administration, management, procuration; 3 dictation

tarmaynys (f.) economics, economy, good management: Beagh ad smooinaghtyn dy rod ad neuchosanagh ayns cultoor, politickaght as tarmaynys. Carn

drogh-reirey ill-management, misdirection, mismanagement: Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Rosien, Phil Gawne, t'eh gaggyrt dy vel drogh-reirey er chumrail er skeym cour ocsyn ta laccal kionnaghey thie son y chied cheayrt. BS


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