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making jannoo: What a noise you are making - Cre'n feiyr ta shiu jannoo. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

making green (v.) geaynaghey

making love (v.) commyssey, geddyn marish, jannoo graih

making many (v.) jannoo ymmodee

making nimble (v.) jannoo gastey

making pungent (v.) gargagh

making supplication (v.) jannoo aghin

making up (v.) dreaghey

making a sound (v.) jannoo feiyr

making new provision (v.) kiarail ass y noa

making use of (v.) goaill ymmyd jeh

making provision for the commencement of (v.) kiarail son laa toshee

gargagh making pungent; acrimonious

geaynaghey making green

jannoo gastey making nimble

epoch-making (adj.) mooar-chooishagh

law-making (v.) coyrt yn leigh; slattysey

music-making (n.) kiaulleeaght

speech-making oraidaght

steel-making (v.) jannoo staillin

sword-making cliwenys

cliwenys sword-making

commyssey making love, sexual intercourse

coyrt yn leigh law-making

dreaghey make up, making up

geddyn marish copulate, making love

jannoo staillin steel-making

oraidaght (f.) speech-making

slattysey law-making

jannoo graih loving, lovemaking, making love

kiarail ass y noa making new provision

kiarail son laa toshee making provision for the commencement of

knots (npl.) cruint, khyr; meeilley faarkee: Sail at ten knots - Jeih meeilley faarkee 'syn oor y hiaulley. DF idiom; meeilley marrey: The ship is making twenty knots - Ta'n lhong goll feed meeilley marrey 'syn oor. DF idiom

tide cur lesh; imbagh; raiee; tidey: The tide is out - Ta'n tidey traihit. DF idiom; ymmyrkey; roayrt: The tide is making - Ta'n roayrt lhieeney. DF idiom

twister2 (n.) (for rope) coar: Making suggane with the twister - Jannoo suggane lesh y choar. DF idiom; trooar

goaill ymmyd jeh replace; making use of: Myr shen, foddee ad goaill ymmyd jeh chengey oikoil tra t'ad dellal rish reiltyssyn. Carn

jannoo aghin 1 memorialise, memorialize; 2 making supplication a: Eisht haggil ny deiney shoh, as hooar ad Daniel goaill padjer, as jannoo aghin kiongoyrt rish e Yee. Bible; 3 call upon, ask, beseech, request

jannoo feiyr clatter, making a sound: Smerg da co-chruinnaght yn vooarane pobble ta jannoo feiyr myr feiyr ny faarkaghyn; as da tharmane ny ashoonyn, ta freaney myr sheean thooilley ymmodee ushtaghyn! Bible

jannoo ymmodee making many, doing many: bee er dty choyrlaghey: jeh jannoo ymmodee lioaryn cha vel jerrey erbee as ta smooinaghtyn dowin deinys dan challin Bible; pluralize

kiaulleeaght (=Ir. ceolaíocht) (f.) 1 music, music-making, singing a: As ver-yms er kiaulleeaght dty arraneyn y scuirr Bible; 2 (of birds) warble

jannoo1 (=Ir. déanamh) See yannoo1 accomplish, act, build, cast, coalesce, commit, compose, construct, deal, deed, do, doing, effect, execute, create, fabricate, fashion, fill, follow out, keep, keeping, making, manufacture, perform, perpetrate, practise, produce, render, structure, style, transact; make: jannoo ooilley ny ta'n Chiarn er harey Bible; accomplishment, committal, conferment, conformation, construction, formation, goings on, performance, perpetration, production, pursuance, transaction, transactions

mooar-chooishagh epoch-making; eventful: Cre'n sorch dy voghrey jesh v'ayn lurg fastyr mooar-chooishagh ronsaghey daa phairk cloie 'syn ard valley faggys da nyn malley beg cheerey. Dhoor; important


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