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lough (n.) logh

Lough Lake

lough lake: Ta Lome MacLeod yn Ard-Hecktyragh jeh Colught Dellal Ynnydagh yn Ellan Skianagh as Lough Allshey. Carn

Inexact matches:

Lough Anure (n.) Logh yn Euar

Lough Neagh (n.) Logh Nay

Lough Ned (n.) Logh yn Edd

Balley Lough Lake Farm

Cashtal Lough Castle Lake, Castle of the Lake

Glion Lough Lake Glen

Kione Lough Lake End

Lough Caine Caine's Lake

Lough Cheyl Narrow Lake

Lough Chiarn Lord's Lake

Lough Cranstal Kraun's Valley Lake

Lough Cunner Cunner's Lake

Lough Dem Dam Lake

Lough Doo Black Lake

Lough Drughaig Dog Rose Lake

Lough Ghlass Green Lake

Lough Glass Grey Lake

Lough Hom Tom's Lake

Lough Pharick Patrick's Lake

Lough Queenagh Quane's Lake

Lough Route Route's Lake

Lough Veg Little Lake

Lough Willie Willie's Lake

Magher Lough Lake Field, Lake of the Plain

Balley Lough Bane White Lake Farm

Close Kione Lough Lake End Enclosure

Close y Lough Lake Enclosure

Croit Lough Garree Rough Lake Croft

Croit y Lough Lake Croft

Lough Balley Kinnag Kenag's Farm Lake

Lough Balley yn Vayr Road Farm Lake

Lough Curragh Pharick Lake of Patrick's Mire

Lough Giat y Whane Quane's Road Lake

Lough Howe Mooar Great Mound Lake

Lough ny Baa Lake of the Cow

Lough ny Goayr Goat's Lake

Lough ny Greagh Lake of the Stacks

Lough ny Shynnagh Fox Lake

Lough y Callow Callow's Lake

Lough y Carran Carran's Lake

Lough y Lord Lord's Lake

Lough y Varron Barron's Lake

Magher Lough Drughaig Hip Thorn Lake Field

Magher y Lough Heear West Lake Field

Lord's Lake (n.) Lough y Lord, Lough Chiarn

Caine's Lake (n.) Lough Caine

Castle Lake (n.) Cashtal Lough

Cunner's Lake (n.) Lough Cunner

Dam Lake (n.) Lough Dem

Green Lake (n.) Lough Ghlass

Lake (n.) Lough

lake1 (n.) lake, logh; lough

Lake End (n.) Kione Lough

Lake Field (n.) Magher Lough

Lake Glen (n.) Glion Lough

Little Lake (n.) Lough Veg

Narrow Lake (n.) Lough Cheyl

Patrick's Lake (n.) Lough Pharick

Quane's Lake (n.) Lough Queenagh

Route's Lake (n.) Lough Route

Tom's Lake (n.) Lough Hom

Willie's Lake (n.) Lough Willie

logh (f.) See lough lake, loch, lough, mere: Lhig dooin goll harrish gys y cheu elley jeh'n logh Bible; (of the sea) arm [O.Ir. loch]

Logh Nay (f.) Lough Neagh

Barron's Lake (n.) Lough y Varron

Callow's Lake (n.) Lough y Callow

Carran's Lake (n.) Lough y Carran

Dog Rose Lake (n.) Lough Drughaig

Fox Lake (n.) Lough ny Shynnagh

Goat's Lake (n.) Lough ny Goayr

Kraun's Valley Lake (n.) Lough Cranstal

Lake Croft (n.) Croit y Lough

Lake Enclosure (n.) Close y Lough

Logh yn Edd Lough Ned

Black Lake (n.) Lough Doo, Doo Logh

Castle of the Lake (n.) Cashtal Lough

Great Mound Lake (n.) Lough Howe Mooar

Grey Lake (n.) Lough Glass, Logh Ghlass

Hip Thorn Lake Field (n.) Magher Lough Drughaig

Kenag's Farm Lake (n.) Lough Balley Kinnag

Lake End Enclosure (n.) Close Kione Lough

Lake of Patrick's Mire (n.) Lough Curragh Pharick

Lake of the Cow (n.) Lough ny Baa

Lake of the Plain (n.) Magher Lough

Lake of the Stacks (n.) Lough ny Greagh

Quane's Road Lake (n.) Lough Giat y Whane

Road Farm Lake (n.) Lough Balley yn Vayr

Rough Lake Croft (n.) Croit Lough Garree

West Lake Field (n.) Magher y Lough Heear

White Lake Farm (n.) Balley Lough Bane

Lake Farm (n.) Balley ny Loghey, Balley Lough, Balley Loghey

Logh yn Euar (f.) Lough Anure; Lake of the Yew


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