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lion (n.) leion; lion: Beasts such as the lion - Beiyn lhied as y lion. DF idiom

Lion1 (f.) Leinster

Lion2 (Y); (The) Glen

lion pl. lionyn lion: Ta Judah myr quaillan y lion Bible; See glion, Liontan glen

Inexact matches:

lion cub (n.) quallian leion; quallian-lion

sea lion (n.) raun chleayshagh

Doo Lion Black Glen

lion bwoirryn she-lion: Cre ta dty voir? Lion bwoirryn: lhie ee sheese mastey lionyn, hrog ee seose ny quallianyn eck mastey lionyn aegey

Giau Lion Wether Glen Wether Creek

buirroogh bellow, growl, low, rumble; (of elephant) trumpet; roar: ta buirroogh y lion, as coraa'n lion dewil Bible

feeacklyn-keeilley cheek teeth: ta ny feeacklyn oc myr feeacklyn lion: as ta oc feeacklyn-keeilley lion mooar Bible

quallian cub, pup, puppy, whelp: beem's da Ephraim myr lion, as myr quallian y lion da thie Yudah Bible

fatling (n.) brawn, mart beeyit; baagh beiyht: the young lion and the fatling together - y lion aeg, as y baagh beiyht dy cheilley Bible

Glen2 (n.) (The); (Y) Lion

Leinster (n.) Lion

of bees (dy) hellanyn: there was a swarm of bees and honey in the carcase of the lion - va swarm dy hellanyn as mill ayns convayrt yn lion. Bible

she-lion (n.) lion bwoirryn

quallian leion lion cub

quallian-lion lion cub

raun chleayshagh (f.) sea lion

leopard (n.) leopard, lepard; lion-spottagh

lion-hearted (adj.) feer ghunnal

lion-tamer (n.) meeineyder beiyn

thicket (n.) croanane, garee; thammag: a ram caught in a thicket by his horns - rea goit ayns thammag er e eairkyn Bible; keyll: The lion is come up from his thicket - Tan lion er jeet seose veih e cheyll Bible

lion-schimmeigagh tiger

lion-spottagh leopard

meeineyder beiyn lion-tamer

Black Glen (n.) Glion Doo, Doo Lion

Glen Wether Creek (n.) Giau Lion Wether

tiger (n.) cheegyr, teigyr; lion-schimmeigagh; guilley cabbil

cub (n.) quallian: Lion cub - Quallian leion. DF idiom; quaillan

coonlagh (f.) bedding, haulm, straw: nee yn lion gee coonlagh myr y dow Bible

meeiteil convocation, meeting: Myr dooinney ta chea veih lion, as meeiteil muc-awin Bible

muc-awin bear: Myr dooinney ta chea veih lion, as meeiteil muc-awin Bible

swarm (pl -yn) swarm: va swarm dy hellanyn as mill ayns convayrt yn lion Bible

glen (n.) glion: The fairies haunt that glen - Ta ferrishyn goaill 'sy ghlion shen DF idiom; lion

Cheyll See keyll (Yn ); (The) Grove: Ta'n lion er jeet seose veih e cheyll, as ta stroider ny ashoonee er e raad ; t'eh er n'gholl magh veih e oayll dy yannoo dty heer ny hraartys Bible

cheyll (y) of the forest: Jean lion buirroogh ayns y cheyll, tra nagh vel eh er hayrtyn e chragh? Bible

convayrt 1 (of animal) carcase, corpse a: va swarm dy hellanyn as mill ayns convayrt yn lion. Bible; 2 carrion

creeoil cheerful, hearty, inspiring: Bee-jee dunnal as creeoil, ny gow-jee aggle roue Bible; fearless; bold: Ta ny kyndee chea, tra nagh vel fer erbee er nyn eiyrt's: agh ta'n ynrick creeoil myr lion. Bible; courageous; cardiac; openhearted; valiant; blithe

croag (f.) 1 claw a: Yn Chiarn ren mish y livrey ass croag y lion, as veih croag y vuc-awin Bible; 2 (of bird) talon; 3 fang

dragon pl. dragonyn dragon: stampee oo yn lion aeg as y dragon fo dty chassyn Bible

er ny ghoostey wakened: Va lion er ny ghoostey ass e chadley liorish lugh roie harrish e eddin. EF

feer ghunnal daredevil, lion-hearted: T'eh feer ghunnal chredjys chaghter balloo. DF

gimmeeaght lurg walk after: Nee ad gimmeeaght lurg y Chiarn: troggee eh seose e choraa myr lion Bible

hellanyn (dy) of bees: va swarm dy hellanyn as mill ayns convayrt yn lion Bible

keeilley (gen.) 1 belonging to the church, near the church; 2 of the jaw a: as ta oc feeacklyn-keeilley lion mooar Bible

keyrrey vane (f.) white sheep: ayns shoh v'eh moddey, ayns shen keyrrey vane, nish v'eh ny lion, chelleeragh v'eh ny eayn PC

leion pl. leionyn lion: as va yn ghied veagh kasly rish leion, as yn na veagh kasly rish lyoi, as va ag y tress veagh ydyn kasly rish duyne, as va yn ghiaru veagh kasly rish yllree getlagh. PB1610

oo thee, thou, you: cha leah's aagys oo mish, nee lion oo y varroo. Bible [O.Ir. ]

pardoonit pardoned: Tra ren yn ree clashtyn jeh, ren eh goardrail yn lion dy ve soit ec rheamys reesht, as yn bochilley dy ve pardoonit, as currit thie reesht gys e chaarjyn. EF; remitted

quaillan cub: Ta Dan dunnal myr quaillan y lion: nee eh lheim veih Bashan. Bible

shooyl mygeayrt walk about, walk round: Bee-jee sheelt, bee-jee er nyn arrey; er-yn-oyr dy vel y noid eu yn drogh-spyrryd, myr lion buirroogh, shooyl mygeayrt, shirrey quoi oddys eh y stroie Bible

stampee shall tread: stampee oo yn lion aeg as y dragon fo dty chassyn Bible

whuallianyn See quallianyn (e); (his) whelps: Ren y lion raipey nyn saie son e whuallianyn Bible

ynnyd-soie seat: as va mullagh yn stoyl-reeoil runt cheu-chooylloo: as va geayltyn er dagh cheu jeh'n ynnyd-soie, as hass daa lion [dy airh] liorish ny geayltyn. Bible

prey cragh: he shall not lie down until he eat of the prey - cha lhie eh sheese, derrey vees eh er nee jehn chragh Bible; olmys; shelg; spooilley: Judah is a lion's whelp: from the prey - Ta Judah myr quaillan y lion; veihn spooilley Bible

dollit magh abrogated, cancelled: Cre'n ennym v'er shoh choud as v'eh ayns foayr rish Jee, cha s'aym - gyn dooyt ve ennym mooar - agh nish t'eh dollit magh ass lioar y vea as goll fo ennym agglagh noidagh t'eh, myr Satan, moddey, dragon mooar, as jouyl, ard-nieu, lion, noid, as dunver dewil PC


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