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Lebanon (n.) (Yn) Livaan

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burnt offering (n.) oural losht: Lebanon is not sufficient to burn, nor the beasts thereof sufficient for a burnt offering - cha vel Lebanon dy liooar son aile, nyn maase ter dy liooar son ourallosht Bible

Livaan (f.) (Yn) Lebanon

devour (v.) ee: Arise, devour much flesh - Trog ort, ee dty haie feill Bible; stroie: let fire come out of the bramble, and devour the cedars of Lebanon - lhig da aile cheet magh veihn dress, as stroie biljyn-cedar Lebanon Bible; sluggey: I will destroy and devour at once - neem stroie as sluggey seose er-y-chooyl Bible

baagh oaldey brute, wild animal: hie baagh oaldey v'ayns Lebanon shaghey Bible

caglee bordered: ayns coan Lebanon eer gys ny sleityn caglee, lesh Seir Bible

lheaney sprain, spraining, spread: Haink gys Lebanon urley mooar lesh skianyn lheaney Bible

biljyn y cheyll thickets of the forest: As giaree eh sheese biljyn y cheyll lesh yiarn, as nee Lebanon tuittym liorish fer niartal. Bible

crooin (f.) corona, crown, diadem; masts: t'ad er ghoaill cedaryn veih Lebanon dy yannoo crooin er dty hon Bible; dollar [M.E. crune]

Fo Cronk Under the Hill: As cheer ny Gibliteyn, as ooilley Lebanon, lesh y shiar, veih Baal-gad fo cronk Hermon derrey hig oo gys Hamath Bible

giarey sheese cut down: Shen-y-fa nish cur uss sarey dy jean ad giarey sheese dooys biljyn-cedar ayns Lebanon Bible

scadooagh shadowing: va eshyn ny cedar thollee ayns Lebanon, lesh banglaneyn aalin, as lesh coodaghey scadooagh Bible

Slieau Aalin Belmont; goodly mountain: Ta mee guee ort, lhig dou goll harrish, as shilley 'gheddyn jeh'n cheer mie shen ta cheu elley dy Yordan, yn slieau aalin shen, Lebanon. Bible

stroin (=Ir. srón, Sc.G. sròn) (f.) pl. strointeeyn headland, naze, ness, promontory; nose, nosepiece: ta dty stroin myr toor Lebanon Bible; nostril [O.Ir. dative sróin]

tammylt feer yiare very little while: Nagh vel eh foast tammylt feer yiare, as bee Lebanon er ny hyndaa gys magher messoil Bible

of the forest keilley: For all the beasts of the forest are mine - Son lhiams ta ooilley maase ny keilley: Bible; keylley: He built also the house of the forest - Hrog eh neesht thie keylley Lebanon Bible; (y) cheyll: wherein all the beasts of the forest do move - ayn ta ooilley beïyn y cheyll rouail mygeayrt Bible


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