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leave1 (v.) faagail: Leave high and dry - Faagail er y traie follym. DF idiom; faag: Leave the key in the door - Faag yn ogher 'sy ghlass. DF idiom; (to); (dy) aagail: Leave work undone - D'aagail obbyr gyn jannoo. DF idiom; (n.) kied: He came home on leave - Haink eh dy valley er kied. DF idiom

leave2 (as door) daa-chooyllagh

leave3 (will) chymney

Inexact matches:

French leave (n.) gimmeeaght gyn chied

leave about (v.) faagail mygeayrt

leave behind (v.) faagail ny yei

Leave it (impv) Faag eh

Leave off (intj) Irree ass

leave off (v.) ceau jeh; scuirr, scuirr jeh

leave on (v.) faagail er

leave out (v.) faagail ass yn earroo, faagail magh, faagail mooie, jarrood

leave over (v.) cur gys un cheu

shall leave faagee: And ye shall leave your name for a curse unto my chosen - As faagee shiu nyn ennym son mollaght da my vooinjer reiht Bible; faagys: They shall eat, and shall leave thereof - Nee ad gee, as faagys ad fooilliagh jeh. Bible

sick leave (n.) seyrey chingys

stress leave (n.) seyrey-preays

Indefinite Leave to Remain (n.) Kied dy Hannaghtyn

I will not leave cha vaag-ym: I will not leave you - cha vaag-ym oo Bible; cha dreig-ym: I will not leave thee, until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of - cha dreig-ym oo, derrey veem er chooilleeney shen, my-e-chione ta mee er loayrt rhyt Bible

Leave me alone (intj) Lhig lhiam, Lhig fea dou, Faag void mee, Ny cur eie orrym

will not leave cha dreig

daa-chooyllagh (as door) leave

faagail mygeayrt leave about

Irree ass (intj) Leave off

seyrey chingys sick leave

seyrey-preays stress leave

gimmeeaght gyn chied French leave

cur gys un cheu leave over, pigeonhole, reservation

faagail ass yn earroo leave out

Faag void mee (intj) Leave me alone

Kied dy Hannaghtyn Indefinite Leave to Remain

scuirr jeh leave off: Scuirr jeh keayney. DF

cha dreig-ym I will not forsake; I will not leave

faag (=Ir. fág) leave: Faag dooys dty chloan gyn-ayr, freill-yms ad bio Bible

faagail er keep on; leave on: Faagail er y traie follym. DF

faagail ny yei emerge, hand on, leave behind, outdistance, outmode

faagee shall leave: faagee eh yn uill echey ersyn Bible

Faag eh (impv) Drop it, Leave it: Faag eh myr hooar oo eh. DF

faagys shall leave: Nee ad gee, as faagys ad fooilliagh jeh. Bible

burn1 (v.) cur aile da, foaddey, goaill aile, lossey; lostey: Leave the poker in and the fire will soon burn up - Faag y brod ayn as nee'n aile dy-leah lostey. JJK idiom; (n.) strooan

crumb (v.) cur kinneigyn er, jannoo kinneigyn jeh; (n.) kinneig: He didn't leave a crumb - Dee eh dagh ooilley chinneig. DF idiom; kyneen

poker (n.) brod: Leave the poker in and the fire will soon burn up - Faag y brod ayn as nee'n aile dy-leah lostey. JJK idiom; brod aile; broddeyder; greeseyder; pokyr

porter bainney ny baa doo, lhune doo; dorrysser, dorryseyr: Leave it with the porter - Faag ec yn dorryser eh. DF idiom; portar, portyr, porter; portarey; ymmyrkagh; erreyder, fer laadee, guilley scudlee; gard

aagail (dy); (to) leave: Bailliu mish dy aagail my veeaylys, lesh tad ooashlaghey Jee as dooinney, as mish dy ve soit harrish ny biljyn? Bible

cha dreig will not leave: son cha dreig-ym oo, derrey veem er chooilleeney shen Bible

cha vaag-ym I will not leave: Cha vaag-ym, ny cha dreig-ym oo dy bragh. Bible

chymney commend, commit, devise, will: ta mee chymney shiu gys Jee Bible; (will) leave; (n.) pl. chymnaghyn (will) testament

faagail (=Ir. fágáil) abandon, depart, descend, disembark, ditch, flitting, forsake, give up, hand down, leave, leaving, maroon, outgoing, quit, quitting, relinquish, retire, season, seasoning, strand, throw over, vacating: Ta dooinney mie faagail eiraght da cloan e chlienney Bible

faagail magh drop off, leave out, miss, rule out: Gyn faagail magh poynt erbee. DF

faagail mooie exclude, leave out: shenyfa quei erbi ta shassu ny-oi poer t'e shassu ny' oi ordyghey iih: agh aydsyn ta shassu nyoi, iieu ayd gau heyn fagael mui. PB1610; condemn; damnation, condemnation

jarrood forget, forgetfulness, leave out, oblivion, overlook, reverie, unlearn: nee oo jarrood nearey dty aegid Bible

kied (=Ir. cead) (pl -yn) assent, faculty, furlough, leave, licence, pass, permission, permit, sanction, sufferance: As shoh nee mayd, lesh kied Yee Bible; first, primary, senior; licensing

Lhig fea dou (intj) Leave me alone: scuirr eisht voym, as lhig fea dou dy voddym tammylt dy gherjagh y gheddin Bible

Lhig lhiam (intj) Spare me: Ta mee skee jeh ; cha baillym ve foddey bio: lhig lhiam ; son ta my laghyn fardalys.; Leave me alone

Ny cur eie orrym (intj) Leave me alone: Ny cur eie orrym as cha derym eie ort. DF

paarteil decease; leave: Ny jean shiu dy bragh paarteil roosyn ta shiu graihagh orroo fegooish fockleyn graihagh; foddee nagh jean shiu meeiteil roo arragh. Coraa

lose (v.) caill; coayl: if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the widerness - as coayl unnane jeu nagh vel eh faagail yn chiare-feed as yn nuy jeig ayns yn aasagh Bible; (to); (dy) choayl: or have caused the owners thereof to lose their life - ny er chur orroosyn by-liesh ve dy choayl nyn mioys Bible; (to); (dy) choayll: A time to get, and a time to lose - Traa dy chosney, as traa dy choayll Bible

undone feayslit: My shoe has come undone - Ta my vraag feayslit. DF idiom; gyn jannoo: Leave work undone - D'aagail obbyr gyn jannoo. DF idiom; millit; millt; neeu; neuyeant: It is still undone - T'eh foast neuyeant. DF idiom; spooillit

ceau jeh abdicate, lay aside, leave off, pull off, throw off: Cha vel veg yn aggle ayns graih; agh ta graih firrinagh ceau jeh aggle; son raad ta aggle ta torchagh: eshyn ta fo aggle, cha vel eh firrinagh ayns graih. Bible; cast off

scuirr (=Ir. scoir, scor) abort, adjourn, break up, bring to, cease, ceasing, desist, discontinue, halt, leave off, let up, pause, prorogue, pull up, rest, ring off, shut off, stall, stop; (f.) adjournment, cessation, discontinuance, intermission, intermittence, interval, prorogation, respite, retirement; stopped: As er y chiaghtoo laa scuirr Jee veih yn obbyr v'eh er chroo Bible


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