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labour1 doccar, traaue roish; doccarys; laboragh; laboraght; labraghey; lught obbyr; obbraghey; obbyr: Labour of a lifetime - Obbyr heihill. DF idiom; tooilleil; troailt; obbyr-lauee

labour2 (npl.) (force) labreeyn

labour3 (v.) (of ship) traaue roish

Inexact matches:

day labour (n.) obbyr laa

enforced labour (n.) carriads

hard labour (n.) deyr-obbyr

Labour Party (n.) Partee Obbraghys; Partee yn Lught Obbyr

manual labour (n.) laue-obbyr, obbyr laue

skilled labour (n.) keird-obbreeyn

companion in labour (n.) colabree

deyr-obbyr (f.) hard labour

keird-obbreeyn skilled labour

laue-obbyr (f.) manual labour

Partee Obbraghys Labour Party

traaue roish (of ship) labour

labraghey labour, labouring, work, working

Partee yn Lught Obbyr Labour Party

unrest (n.) anvea: Labour unrest - Anvea lught obbree. DF idiom; boirey, neuaash

laboragh labour: Ta mee er laboragh ayns fardail Bible; pl. labbreeyn worker; laborious

laboraght (f.) labour, toil, work: nee oo gee jeh laboraght dty laueyn Bible

lught obbyr labour: Partee yn lught obbyr. DF; personnel

oppression (n.) chenjaght, chenjys, drogh-chorrym, laue-lajerys; tranlaase: and looked on our affliction, and our labour, and our oppression - as yeeagh eh er nyn seaghyn, y deinys, as y tranlaase ain Bible

party (n.) cologe; partee: The Labour Party - Partee yn lught obbyr. DF idiom; possan; coheshaght; giense

carriads (f.) cab, carriage, compartment, corvee, vehicle: er cabbil, as ayns fainee, as er carriads Bible; enforced labour: Shoh obbyr lught-thie ny Gershoniteyn, dy hirveish, as son carriads Bible

colabree work fellow, companion in labour: ghow mee eh dy ve ymmyrchagh dy chur hiuish Epaphroditus, my vraar as colabree Bible

doccar (f.) arduousness, difficult, labour, laboriousness, pain, struggle, travail: ny cur y doccar er ooilley'n pobble Bible; painfulness

doccarys arduousness, drudgery, hardship, irksomeness, laboriousness, labour: T'eh ooilley rere y doccarys echey. DF

labreeyn (force) labour: Va'n Cheshaght Obbree cheu-heear jeh Sheshaght ny Labreeyn as Sinn Fein neesht. Carn; husbandmen: eirrinnee neesht, as labreeyn gour ny biljyn-feeyney hoie eh ayns ny sleityn Bible; workers

obbraghey (=Ir. oirbriú) 1 act, action, application, cultivate, elaboration, employment, exercise, forge, function, handle, handling, influence, labour, motion, operate, operation, performance, ply, process, pursuance, start, wangle, work, work up, wreak a: As ghow Noah toshiaght dy obbraghey yn thalloo Bible; 2 (legal) application; 3 (of machines) behaviour

obbyr (=Ir. obair) (f.) pl. obbraghyn billet, duty, elbow grease, employment, handiwork, job, labour, operation, opus, ploy, work, working: dy chur nyn laue gys yn obbyr Bible; task [L. opera]

obbyr laa (f.) day labour: Agh ta'n pobble ymmodee, as ta'n emshyr feer fliugh, as cha vel shin abyl shassoo mooie, chamoo ta shoh obbyr laa ny jees, son ta shin ymmodee t'er ny ve kyndagh 'sy chooish shoh. Bible

obbyr laue (f.) handicraft, handwork, manual labour: Yn ooir va roie j'ee hene cur magh e mess gyn obbyr laue, gyn greie dy obbragh lesh PC

obbyr-lauee labour, handwork: son cha nee jeeghyn v'ad, agh obbyr-lauee gheiney, fuygh as clagh Bible

tooilleil (f.) pl. tooilleilyn donkeywork, drudge, drudgery, elbow grease, fatigue, laboriousness, labour, tire, tiresomeness, toil, travail, trouble, weary, wearying: nee'n pobble tooilleil ayns fardail Bible

troailt 1 commute, itinerate, journey, negotiate, travel, travelling, traverse, trek, trekking, voyage, voyaging a: ren ad troailt three laa ’syn aasagh Bible; 2 labour, travail: as huit Rachel er troailt Bible


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