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laadit burdened, laden, loaded, oppressed: ta'n aer laadit lesh ushtey Bible; pressed

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overcharged rouyr laadit: your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting - bee ny creeaghyn eu rouyr laadit lesh jooid Bible

laden laadit: I am heavily laden - Ta mee trome laadit. DF idiom; lughtit: Fully laden ship - Lhong lane lughtit. DF idiom

overladen (adj.) ro-laadit

ro-laadit overladen

burdened ayns gioal; erreydit; fo ghioal; laadit; lughtit

arroo corn, grain: jeih assylyn bwoirryn laadit lesh arroo as arran Bible

meshtyrys drunkenness: bee ny creeaghyn eu rouyr laadit lesh jooid as meshtyrys Bible

loaded croymmit: He is loaded up with luggage - T'eh croymmit lesh scudlagh. DF idiom; laadit; lane; lughtit; tromit

oppressed laadit; tranlaasit: and thou shalt be only oppressed and spoiled - as bee uss dy kinjagh tranlaasit, as spooillit Bible; tromit

sheaves (npl.) bunneeyn: I am pressed under you, as a cart is pressed that is full of sheaves - lhie-yms trome erriu myr cart laadit lesh bunneeyn Bible

sinful (adj.) meechrauee, olk; peccoil: Ah, sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity - Ah, ashoon peccoil, pobble laadit lesh olk Bible

dy steetagh unawares: Son jeh'n sorch shoh t'adsyn ta dy steetagh goll stiagh ayns thieyn, as leeideil ayns cappeeys mraane eddrym laadit lesh peccaghyn, er nyn goyrt lhieu ersooyl lesh ymmodee yeearreeyn peccoil, Bible

jooid greed: traa erbee dy bee ny creeaghyn eu rouyr laadit lesh jooid as meshtyrys Bible

kiarailyn 1 provisions; 2 purposes a: Fegooish coyrle ta kiarailyn deiney cheet gys veg Bible; 3 cares a: bee ny creeaghyn eu rouyr laadit lesh jooid as meshtyrys, as kiarailyn y vea shoh Bible; 4 intents a: ronsaghey magh smooinaghtyn as kiarailyn y chree Bible

kiarailyn y vea shoh cares of this life: As cur-jee twoaie diu hene, er-aggle ec traa erbee dy bee ny creeaghyn eu rouyr laadit lesh jooid as meshtyrys, as kiarailyn y vea shoh Bible

neugheynlagh undemocratic: Ta bing-choyrlee noa neugheynlagh, laadit noi'n gherrym-lhee, as kiaddit dy ve ayns foayr jeh Rheynn Slaynt as Shickyrys y Theay BS

orchard (pl -yn) orchard: er-gerrey da laadit lesh mess, lesh duilley as lesh blaa ec yn un cheayrt, maskey ny h-ooylyn elley trooid magh yn orchard cha vaik rieau e shilley. PC

state (v.) abbyr, gra; (n.) ashoon; cheer: Every state was represented - Va chaghter ass gagh cheer ayn. DF idiom; state; staydoilys: We dined in state - Dee shin ayns staydoilys. DF idiom; foaynoo; stayd: I want to hear the actual state of things - Saillym clastyn stayd firrinagh ny reddyn. DF idiom; stait: Divorce church from state - Yn agglish y scarrey veih'n stait. DF idiom; steat: Weighed down with the affairs of state - Laadit lesh currymyn steat. DF idiom

eddrym (=Ir. adrom) benign, feint, mild, unpronounced; (adj.) light, lightweight, unsubstantial, slight: Son ta my whing aashagh, as my errey eddrym Bible; (as blow) weak; (as head) empty; bird-witted, flighty, shallow, silly: leeideil ayns cappeeys mraane eddrym laadit lesh peccaghyn Bible; vain: Ta ny phadeyryn eck deiney eddrym as cluicagh Bible; (material) airy; frivolous


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