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killey (gen.) near the church; of a church: Fy yerrey hooar ad magh liorish peeikearyn dy row Gorree er ellan dy row enmyssit Ellan Cholumb Killey marish kuse dy gheiney, gyn goaill aggle roish gaue erbee. Chron

Inexact matches:

Balley Killey Kirby, Church Farm

Croit Killey Killey's Croft

Poyll Killey Church Pool

Rhennee Killey Ferny Place Church

Balley ny Killey Church Farm

Balley Woaillee Killey Killey's Fold Farm

Bwoaillee ny Killey Church Fold

Bwoailtyn ny Killey Folds of the Church

Claghyn ny Killey Stones of the Church

Close y Killey Church Enclosure

Cooyrt Reayrt ny Killey Church View Court

Croit Inney Killey Killey's Girl's Croft

Croit ny Killey Church Croft

Croit y Killey Killey's Croft

Croit Yuan ny Killey Croft of John's Church

Cronk ny Killey Church Hill

Cronk y Killey Hill of the Church

Dayl ny Killey Church Dale

Faaie Garee Killey Killey's Scrub Flat

Glion y Killey Church Glen

keym ny killey church stile: Nii yn Sagyrt toyrt guailtys dyn ghorp ag kemm ny killy, y ra, anana nii yn sagyrt as ny kleri orayn y goyl, as myrshen heidg ayd gys y ghill anana gys yn yei. PB1610

Lhag ny Killey Church Hollow

Lheeantyn Balley Killey Ballakilley Meadows

Lhoan Valley Killey Ballakilley Lane

Pairk ny Killey Church Pasture

Raad ny Killey Church Road Marina; Church Road

Raad Valley Killey Ballakilley Road

Straid ny Killey (f.) Church Street

Straid ny Killey Heose (f.) Upper Church Street

Thie ny Killey Church House

Church Farm (n.) Balley ny Killey; Balley Killey

Killey's Croft (n.) Croit y Killey, Croit Killey

Church Pool (n.) Poyll Killey

Kirby (n.) Balley Killey

Ballakilley Lane (n.) Lhoan Valley Killey

Ballakilley Meadows (npl.) Lheeantyn Balley Killey

Ballakilley Road (n.) Raad Valley Killey

Church Dale (n.) Dayl ny Killey

Church Enclosure (n.) Close y Killey

Church Fold (n.) Bwoaillee ny Killey

Church Glen (n.) Glion y Killey

Church Hill (n.) Cronk ny Killey

Church House (n.) Thie ny Killey

Church Pasture (n.) Pairk ny Killey

Church Road (n.) Raad ny Killey

Church Street (n.) Straid ny Killey

Ferny Place Church (n.) Rhennee Killey

near the church keeilley; killey

of a church (gen.) killagh, killey

Church Croft (n.) Croit ny Killey, Croit ny Killagh

Church Hollow (n.) Lhag ny Killey, Lag Keeill

Church Road Marina (n.) Raad ny Killey

Church View Court (n.) Cooyrt Reayrt ny Killey

Croft of John's Church (n.) Croit Yuan ny Killey

Folds of the Church (npl.) Bwoailtyn ny Killey

Killey's Fold Farm (n.) Balley Woaillee Killey

Killey's Girl's Croft (n.) Croit Inney Killey

Killey's Scrub Flat (n.) Faaie Garee Killey

Stones of the Church (npl.) Claghyn ny Killey

Upper Church Street (n.) Straid ny Killey Heose

mainstyr master: Nee Mainstyr Killey shiu? JJK

Hill of the Church (n.) Cronk y Killey, Cronk y Doonee

church stile keym ny killey; keim ruillickey: Better to wait on top a large wave than a church stile - Share farkiaght er baare faarkee n'er keim ruillickey. DF idiom

kiarkyl (=Ir. cearcal) (pl -yn) pl. kiarkil circle, coterie, O, rim, ring: as ayns tostid oie chiune, lhunn ad queig baatyn veih traie mysh kerroo meeilley veih Ellan Cholumb Killey, as cheau ad kiarkyl mygeayrt yn ellan. Chron; circuit


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