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kiaullane 1 clamourer, squeaker; 2 (small) bell, handbell a: Ny jean builley yn kiaullane son padjer as eisht roie ersooyl. EF; 3 (of bell) toll; 4 orchestra; 5 clarion; 6 noise in the ear, racket, tolling; 7 blatancy

Inexact matches:

kiaullane baa cowbell

kiaullane erin sanctus bell, small mass bell

kiaullane teaddagh string orchestra

troggal kiaullane (as person) bluster; hector

racket (n.) carrane niaghtee; doindyr; kiaullane: Kick up a racket - Kiaullane y hroggal. DF idiom; moostaneys; racaid

bell1 (n.) clag, clageen; kiaullane: As soon as the bell rang, you awoke - Cha leah's woaill y kiaullane, ghooisht oo. JJK idiom; (v.) cur clag er

bell4 (n.) (small) kiaullane

blatancy (n.) foshlid; kiaullane; kiaullaneys

clamourer (n.) kiaullane, kiaullaneyder

clarion (n.) kiaullane; cayrn-heidee

cowbell (n.) kiaullane baa

handbell (n.) kiaullane

hector (v.) postyrey; troggal kiaullane

squeaker (n.) kiaullane

string orchestra (n.) kiaullane teaddagh

toll2 (of bell) cling, kiaullane

bluster2 (v.) (as person) jannoo boiraneys, troggal kiaullane

noise in the ear (n.) kiaullane

small mass bell (n.) kiaullane erin

tolling bwoalley cluig; cling; kiaullane

sanctus bell (n.) clag erin, kiaullane erin

orchestra (n.) kiaullane, fwirran-kiaull, fwirran-chiaullee; orcestrey; possan kiaullee: Stringed orchestra - Possan kiaullee strengagh. DF idiom

ring bingys, clinc, rhollan; (v.) cur fainey er, cur stroineen er, clinck, craa, clinckal, clinckeragh, glingal; broo: Ring the doorbell - Broo yn claggan. DF idiom; bwoalley: Ring the bell - Bwoaill yn clag. DF idiom; crie: Ring the bell - Crie yn kiaullane. DF idiom; (n.) bwoaillee, croa, fainney, kiarkyl, loop, paal, scoodyn; fainey: He pledged the ring - Hug eh yn ainey myr raane. DF idiom


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