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kerroo (=Ir. ceathrú) See kierroo pl. kerrooyn 1 fourth, quarte, quarter, quarterland, quartern, quatrain a: Kerroo s'jerree ny heayst. DF; 2 (of lamb) leg

Inexact matches:

Kerroo Argidys Finance Sector: Christopher Huhne, oltey jeh'n Arwhaiyl Oarpagh, t'eh gra dy noddagh sarey Oarpagh jannoo assee mooar da kerroo argidys yn Ellan. BS

kerroo balley quarterland

Kerroo Barley Barley Quarter

Kerroo Barool Ward Mountain Quarter

Kerroo Barron Patrick Barron's Quarter

Kerroo Chamaish Camaish's Quarter

Kerroo Chirrym Dry Quarter

Kerroo Coar Pleasant Quarter

Kerroo Corrin Corrin's Quarter

Kerroo Croie Cry's Quarter

Kerroo Cruinn Corkan's Quarter

Kerroo Dhoo Black Quarter

Kerroo Doo Black Quarter

kerroo doo blackleg

Kerroo Doour Carrowdore

Kerroo Downey Downey's Quarter

kerroo eayn gigot

kerroo eayst (f.) First Quarter, quarter of moon

kerroo foalley haunch

Kerroo Garroo Rough Quarter

Kerroo Glass Green Quarter

kerroo jerree afterquarter, hindquarter, after quarter

Kerroo Kerd Kerd's Quarter

Kerroo Keyl Narrow Quarter

Kerroo McFayle McFayle's Quarter

Kerroo Meanagh Middle Quarter

Kerroo Mooar Carrowmore, Big Quarter

kerroo oor quarter of an hour: T'eh coayl kerroo oor dagh laa. JJK

kerroo preevaadjagh private sector

Kerroo Rhennee Ferny Quarter

kerroo sharee progress zone

kerroo slane perfect fourth

Kerroo Spoyrt Sports Zone

kerroo thallooin quarterland

kerroo theayagh public sector

kerroo toshee forequarter

kerroo ynsee learning zone

Kerroo Yon John's Quarter

Lieh Kerroo Half Quarter, Half Quarterland

mainshtyr kerroo quartermaster

Meer Kerroo Quarter Piece

tree kerroo three-quarter: Beeym ersooyl tree kerroo oor. DF

Close y Kerroo Doo Black Quarter Enclosure

Kerroo Ellynyn Breeoil Expressive Arts Zone

Kerroo ny Clough Stony Quarter

Kerroo ny Creg Rock Quarter

Kerroo ny Glagh Stony Quarter

Kerroo ny Gronk Hill Quarter

Kerroo ny h'Ard High Quarter

Kerroo ny h-Ellynyn Breeoil Expressive Arts Zone

kerroo ny marrinee forecastle

Kerroo ny Traie Shore Quarter

Kerroo Sheanse as Chaghnoaylleeaght Science and Technology Zone

kerroo s'jerree ny heayst last quarter of moon

Kerroo Skaly Vooar Big McSkelly's Quarter

Kerroo y Phurt Harbour Quarter

progress zone (n.) Kerroo Haree; Kerroo Lhiasee; kerroo sharee

quarterland (n.) kerroo, kerroo balley, kerroo thallooin

Black Quarter (n.) Kerroo Doo, Kerroo Dhoo

Stony Quarter (n.) Kerroo ny Clough, Kerroo ny Glagh

Expressive Arts Zone (n.) Kerroo ny h-Ellynyn Breeoil; Kerroo Ellynyn Breeoil

afterquarter (n.) kerroo jerree

after quarter (n.) kerroo jerree

Barley Quarter (n.) Kerroo Barley

Barron's Quarter (n.) Kerroo Barron

Big Quarter (n.) Kerroo Mooar

blackleg (n.) neustolkeyr, kerroo doo

Camaish's Quarter (n.) Kerroo Chamaish

Carrowdore (n.) Kerroo Doour

Carrowmore (n.) Kerroo Mooar

Corkan's Quarter (n.) Kerroo Cruinn

Corrin's Quarter (n.) Kerroo Corrin

Cry's Quarter (n.) Kerroo Croie

Downey's Quarter (n.) Kerroo Downey

Dry Quarter (n.) Kerroo Chirrym

Ferny Quarter (n.) Kerroo Rhennee

Finance Sector (n.) Kerroo Argidys

First Quarter (n.) kerroo eayst

forequarter (n.) kerroo toshee

fourth (n., adj.) kerroo, kiarroo; (the); (yn) chiarroo

gigot (n.) kerroo eayn

Green Quarter (n.) Kerroo Glass

Half Quarter (n.) Lieh Kerroo

Half Quarterland (n.) Lieh Kerroo

hindquarter (n.) kerroo jerree

John's Quarter (n.) Kerroo Yon

Kerd's Quarter (n.) Kerroo Kerd

learning zone (n.) kerroo ynsee

leg2 (n.) (of lamb) kerroo

McFayle's Quarter (n.) Kerroo McFayle

Middle Quarter (n.) Kerroo Meanagh

Narrow Quarter (n.) Kerroo Keyl

perfect fourth kerroo slane

Pleasant Quarter (n.) Kerroo Coar

private sector (n.) kerroo preevaadjagh

public sector (n.) kerroo theayagh

quarte (n.) kerroo

quarter1 aird, kease, raiee, ynnyd; kerroo: It's about a quarter to two - Te mysh kerroo dys jees. JJK idiom; kierroo; (v.) cur ayns aaght, jannoo kerrooyn jeh

quartermaster (n.) mainshtyr kerroo

quartern (n.) kerroo

Quarter Piece Meer Kerroo

quatrain (n.) kerroo

Rough Quarter (n.) Kerroo Garroo

Sports Zone (n.) Kerroo Spoyrt

three-quarter tree kerroo

Harbour Quarter (n.) Kerroo y Phurt

High Quarter (n.) Kerroo ny h'Ard

Hill Quarter (n.) Kerroo ny Gronk

minim (n.) kerroo-note

quadrant (n.) kerroo-chiarkyl, kerrooane stiuree

quarter-final (n.) kerroo-yerrinagh

quartermaster sergeant (n.) kerroo-harjeant

retail sector (n.) kerroo-mynchreck

Rock Quarter (n.) Kerroo ny Creg

Shore Quarter (n.) Kerroo ny Traie

space sector (n.) kerroo-spoar

Ward Mountain Quarter (n.) Kerroo Barool

kerroo-chiarkyl quadrant

kerroo-harjeant quartermaster sergeant

kerroo-jeig fourteenth

kerroo-mynchreck retail sector

kerroo-note minim

kerroo-phabyr quire

kerroo-spoar space sector

kerroo-yerrinagh quarter-final

Big McSkelly's Quarter (n.) Kerroo Skaly Vooar

Black Quarter Enclosure (n.) Close y Kerroo Doo

forecastle (n.) cashtal toshee, kerroo ny marrinee

fourteenth (n., adj.) kerroo-jeig; kiarroo-jeig; (the); (yn) chiarroo yeig

haunch (n.) curp; kerroo foalley; lheshey; shleayst

last quarter of moon (n.) kerroo s'jerree ny heayst

quarter of an hour (n.) kerroo oor

quarter of moon (n.) kerroo eayst, lieh-eayst

Science and Technology Zone (n.) Kerroo Sheanse as Chaghnoaylleeaght

butcher1 buitchoor: The butcher has sent a quarter of lamb - Ta'n buitchoor er chur hooin kerroo eayin. JJK idiom; (n.) feilleyder, buitchooragh; (v.) buitchooraghey, marroo, traartyssey

hour (n.) oor: It loses a quarter of an hour every day - T'eh coayl kerroo oor dagh laa. JJK idiom

of lamb eayin: The butcher has sent a quarter of lamb - Ta'n buitchoor er chur hooin kerroo eayin. JJK idiom

quire (n.) kerroo-phabyr, kiare coipyn as feed; carree-chillagh, chiamble ny manishter

argidys (=Ir. airgeadas) finance: T'eh jeeaghyn nagh vel yn turrysaght cho olk as yn kerroo argidys. Carn

barroose bus, char-a-banc, omnibus: Smooinnee orrym, shiuish ta my chaarjyn, er barroose rish kiare ooryn as gyn caa erbee son tudjeen er-lhimmey jeh kerroo oor ec Balley Aah Luain. Carn

Caisht (=Ir. caisg) (f.) Easter: Laa ny Caisht, haink ad gys y chirveish Gaelgagh va reaghit ec y Cheshaght Ghailckagh ayns Kerroo Keeill. Carn [L. Pascha]

classicagh (=Ir. clasaiceach) classic, classical: Y Ratçh Soshar marish y Ratçh Eddrym Classicagh, hed ad er cummal ry cheilley ec kerroo lurg jeih. BS; classicist

kiarkyl (=Ir. cearcal) (pl -yn) pl. kiarkil circle, coterie, O, rim, ring: as ayns tostid oie chiune, lhunn ad queig baatyn veih traie mysh kerroo meeilley veih Ellan Cholumb Killey, as cheau ad kiarkyl mygeayrt yn ellan. Chron; circuit

tudjeen cigarette: Smooinee orrym, shiuish ta my chaarjyn, er barroose rish kiare ooryn as gyn caa erbee son tudjeen er-lhimmey jeh kerroo oor ec Balley Aah Luain. Carn


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