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Jelune Kingeesh Whit Monday

Jelune (=Ir. Luain) Monday, on Monday: Hug mee ersyn dy hoiggal dy darrin Jelune. DF [L. Dies-lunæ]

Inexact matches:

Jelune Caisht Easter Monday

Jelune Shiaullee Easter Monday

Easter Monday (n.) Jelune Caisht, Jelune Shiaullee

on Monday Jelune: I saw him on Monday - Honnick mee Jelune eh. DF idiom

Whit Monday (n.) Jelune Kingeesh

Monday (n.) Lhein, Luain, Jylhein, Jelhein, Jyluain; Jelune: Every Monday morning - Gagh moghrey Jelune. DF idiom; Jyluain: I shall have the pleasure of seeing you next week, on Monday or Tuesday - Bee taitnys aym jeeaghyn shiu yn chiaghtyn shoh cheet, Jyluain ny Jymart. JJK idiom

Je See Jelune, Jemayrt COMPARE Jy day [O.Ir. día]

today jiu: Today is Monday - Jelune t'ayn jiu. DF idiom; laa jiu: Today's paper - Pabyr yn laa jiu. DF idiom

consyl consul: Consyl y Rank son Nalbin, Monsieur Roche, hug eh shilley er Mannin Jelune as Jemayrt. BS

giare-screeu shorthand, stenography: Choonseil Boandyrys as Freealtys ayns Lunnin Jelune, cha dod ad goll er oi lesh y chooish jea, er y fa nagh row cleragh oikoil ayn dy yannoo notyn giare-screeu jeh ny h-immeeaghtyn. BS

kilomeadar kilometre: Jelune, y trass cheim, va keead as shiaght kilomeadar as daeed er lhiurid, ren shen cur lesh ny markee veih Marbella gys Malaga BS

laa'l feast day: Jelune lurg shen, hionn eh stiagh er Cashtal Rushen va er ny endeil liorish Donaghey mac Dugal noi'n ree shen derrey'n Jemayrt lurg Laa'l Pharlane, tra ghow Robard yn cashtal er egin. Chron


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