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jeh (=Ir. de) 1 of, of him, whereof a: yn chied-vess jeh dty laboraght Bible; 2 off a: As ren ny ushtaghyn traie jehn thalloo dy kinjagh Bible; 3 from a: Myrgeddin hug eh magh calmane, dy akin row ny ushtaghyn er sloateil jeh eaghtyr y thallooin Bible

Inexact matches:

aaraa jeh quote

almoragh jeh uninformed

brishey jeh break loose, break off, discontinue: nee'n Chiarn, eer Chiarn ny flaunyssee, brishey jeh yn banglane lesh atchim Bible; discontinuance

bwoalley jeh beat off, strike off

ceau jeh abdicate, lay aside, leave off, pull off, throw off: Cha vel veg yn aggle ayns graih; agh ta graih firrinagh ceau jeh aggle; son raad ta aggle ta torchagh: eshyn ta fo aggle, cha vel eh firrinagh ayns graih. Bible; cast off

ceaut jeh abdicated

cheet jeh chip off, come off: cha jean eh gee veg ta cheet jeh'n villey-feeyney Bible

cheu jeh shake off

cheumooie jeh besides, save, except for: nagh row baatey erbee elley ayns shen, cheu-mooie jeh'n un vaatey shen va ny ostyllyn er n'ghoaill Bible

chowrey jeh (ny) significative

coontey-mie jeh approval

Cre jeh Whereof: Son shione da cre jeh ta shin jeant: Bible

crie jeh shake off: Crie jeh yn joan. JJK

cummal jeh hold off

cur jeh abort, deter, disrobe, postpone, postponement, shake off, undressing, waive, work off: Ny lhig dasyn ta cur mysh e êilley-chaggee boggyssagh, myr eshyn ta cur jeh eh. Bible

currit jeh deterred, postponed: V'eh currit jeh'n choorse echey liorish y gheay. DF

er-lhimmey jeh except, save: er-lhimmey jeh keead, dreill eh da-hene Bible

faagail jeh abstain, abstention, abstinence, keep off: Shegin dooin faagail jeh dy chooilley obbyr CS

foddey jeh afar, distant, far away, remote: nee'm oo y haglym veih ardjyn foddey jeh Bible

follym jeh devoid: bee'n cheer follym jeh'n lught berchys va aynjee Bible

geddyn jeh get off

giare-ym jeh I will cut off: Cur-my-ner, ta ny laghyn cheet, dy giare-ym jeh dty roih, as roih thie dt'ayrey Bible

giarrey jeh amputate, amputation, apocope, chop off, cut off, deduct, snip off, strike off: As loayr y Chiarn rish Moses, as rish Aaron, gra, Ny jean-jee giarrey jeh sluight kynney ny Kohathiteyn, veih mastey ny Leviteyn. Bible

giarrit jeh chopped: Va'n cleaysh giarrit jeh as lurg shen ren y kayt boght couyral. Dhoor

glenney jeh efface, effacement, wipe away, wipe off

goaill jeh bring off, draw off, take off: nee eh goaill jeh fuill y dow, as jeh fuill y ghoayr, as shen y choyrt er eairkyn yn altar ooilley mygeayrt. Bible; expropriation; mime

gow jeh draw off, take off: Myr shoh ta'n Chiarn Jee dy ghra, Scugh voish yn attey-reeoil, gow jeh yn chrown Bible

greimmey jeh bite off

jeant jeh made of: glen-jee ooilley nyn goamrey, as ooilley ny ta jeant jeh craitnyn Bible

jeh chash (as child) undisciplined; unruly, wild

jeh cloan of the seed

jeh elley (yn); (the) other one: Cha vod sharvaant erbee daa vainshter y hirveish: son eddyr ver eh feoh da'n derrey yeh as graih da'n jeh elley; er nonney cummee eh gys y derrey yeh, as soie-ee eh beg jeh'n jeh elley. Bible

jeh hene spontaneously: Cha jean shiu gee red erbee ta geddyn baase jeh hene Bible

jeh kynney of the family

jeh lught-thie of the family

jeh raie unmanageable, unruly

jeh reih preferably; pure, choice: Gow myrgeddin ard-spiceyn, jeh reih myrrh queig cheead shekel Bible

jeh shen thereof: As jeh shen nee eh chebbal yn oural echey Bible

jeh shoh (y) this one

jeh sluight extraction; of the seed: Jeh sluight y dooinney shoh ta Jee, cordail rish e ghialdyn, er hroggal seose da Israel Saualtagh Yeesey; of the family

jeh troar of the seed: lhig eh ve jeh troar y vagheragh, ny jeh mess ny biljyn, te lesh y Chiarn Bible

jeh yioin deliberately, intentionally, knowingly, purposely, wilfully, willingly: Neayr's y traa shen, ta fer jeh'n skimmee er ghra dy row y baatey currit fo jeh yioin. BS

jeh yoin deliberately, intentionally, knowingly, purposely, wilfully, willingly

kione-har jeh east side of

laa jeh day of: As shen myr nee oo jannoo er y chiaghtoo laa jeh'n vee, son dagh unnane ta fo marranys, as son eshyn ta mee-hushtagh Bible; day off

lhieggey jeh knock off

lhiggey jeh acquit, acquittal; blow off, shoot off, work off: Ren y fliaghey lhiggey jeh. DF; loosen

lhiggit jeh let off: V'eh lhiggit jeh lesh raaue. DF

Lhig jeh (intj) Chuck it

lostey jeh burn off

neuscanshoil jeh disregardful

niee jeh wash off

oardaghey jeh order off

raipey jeh tear away

rassey jeh rip off

roie jeh run off

rubbal jeh rub off

rubbey jeh wipe off

screebey jeh scrape off

scroddey jeh unscrew

scroddit jeh unscrewed

scrod jeh unscrew

scryssey jeh eliminate

scuirr jeh leave off: Scuirr jeh keayney. DF

seiy jeh push off, shove away, thrust off

sheebey jeh blow off

shliee jeh lick off

soaral jeh 1 redolence, redolent; 2 smell of a: Ta ooilley dty gharmadyn soaral jeh myrrh Bible

soiaghey jeh accept, acceptance, esteem, set: Ga dy vel shiu chebbal dooys ourallyn-losht, as nyn ourallyn-arran, cha jean-ym goaill roo: chamoo neem's soiaghey Jeh ourallyn-shee nyn maase roauyrey. Bible; approved

soiagh jeh approbation; acknowledge: Cha ren my hooill cassey ayns briwnys, chamoo ren eh soiagh jeh e vraaraghyn, ny geill y choyrt da e chloan hene Bible

spooilley jeh bereave

spooillit jeh bereaved: t'eshyn sthill ayns pooar as uss as shin nish spooillit jeh nyn ghloyr PC

spulgey jeh pinch off

tayrn jeh draw off, pull off

troggal jeh 1 bring off; 2 taken up a: As tra ren y bodjal troggal jeh'n chabbane; eisht lurg shen, ren cloan Israel goaill nyn yurnah Bible

yn-hoieaghey jeh unobjectionable

ard jeh scansh sheansagh vooar area of special scientific interest

as jaagh cheet jeh smoking

as soo jeant jeh preserved

ayns cosoyllaghey jeh in comparision of

ayns soylaghey jeh in comparision of

Ben-veoir jeh Doolish (f.) Mayoress of Douglas

boult feayslit jeh unbolted

bun as baare jeh long and short of it: Ta'n argid bun as baare jeh gagh olk. DF

carrey jeh scansh valued friend

cheet neose jeh come down, come off, step off: As myr vad cheet neose jehn clieau hug Yeesey currym orroo Bible

cheu elley jeh trans, trans-: As queig barryn son buird y cheu elley jeh'n chabbane Bible

cheu heose jeh above: t'er y laue yesh jeh'n Ard-valley shen ta dy cairagh enmysit Nephthali ayns Galilee cheu heose jeh Aser. Apoc

cheu hoal jeh beyond: Ta'n thie cheu hoal jeh'n cheeill DF

cheu hwoaie jeh north of: Shiauill cheu hwoaie jeh'n ellan DF

Cholleish Reeoil jeh Anloaghtaghey (Y); (The) Royal College of Anaesthesia

cloie jeh noi play off

coodaghey ny sooillyn jeh blindfold

coontey beggan jeh depreciate, undervalue

Coontey jeh Caghlaaghyn Statement of Movement

Coontey jeh Curmyn ny h-Olteynyn Statement of Members' Resposibilities

Coontey jeh Dellal Argidoil Statement of Financial Activities

coontey mie jeh approve: as er chur lesh marish coontey mie jeh'n chredjue as y ghraih eu Bible

coontey rour jeh overfond

coontit mie jeh approved

croghey jeh aah pitch

cur ayns ynnyd jeh replace, replacement, substitute

cur coontey breagagh jeh misrepresent

cur coontey jeh describe, portray, qualify, report, sketch in: Lurg da'n Çhirveishagh Tashtee, Richard Corkill, cur coontey jeh'n chlaare argidoil, ren olteynyn jeh'n Chiare as Feed votal nuy-jeig gys nane ayns foayr jeh. BS

cur fareddin jeh unmask

Cur-jee twoaie jeh Beware of: As hug eh currym orroo, gra, Bee-jee er nyn arrey, cur-jee twoaie jeh soorid ny Phariseeyn, as jeh soorid Herod. Bible

cur jeh ny raillaghyn wreck as train

cur raaue jeh monitor, presage

cur smoghan jeh exhale

cur yn eaddagh jeh strip

dunverys jeh hene felo de se

dy slane ny cooid jeh wholly or partly

dy yiarrey jeh olt limb

eaddagh currit jeh undressed

eeck ny feeaghyn jeh disencumber

Ellan jeh Cultoor Island of Culture

Enmys Coadit jeh Bun Protected Designation of Origin

feaysley yn buggyl jeh unbuckle

feddyn shilley beg jeh glimpse

fer jeh kiare ny killagh churchwarden

fer jeh lane eash major

fograghyn jeh parteeas declarations of interest

geddyn shilley beg jeh glimpse

geddyn y kione share jeh best

giarrey chymmylt jeh circumcise

giarrey meer jeh resect

giarrey ny fedjagyn jeh pinion

giarrey ny h-oiryn jeh edge

giarrey y kione jeh behead, decapitate

giarrey yn claigin jeh scalp

giarrey yn raad jeh cut in

giarrey yn vaare jeh (as trees) top

glenney ny cronyn jeh (as person) whitewash

goaill ayrn jeh partake: dy der Jee dauesyn ghrayse spyrrydoil er çheu-sthie, cha shickyr as t'ad goaill ayrn jeh'n cowrey CS

goaill baght jeh note, notice, survey: Tee goaill baght jeh magher as kionnaghey eh Bible

goaill bolgum jeh sip

goaill cair teihys jeh disfranchise

goaill caslys jeh film: Ta ny meoiryn shee goaill caslys jeh dy chooilley pheiagh t'ad greimm - ny bunnys dy chooilley pheiagh. Carn

goaill eaddagh jeh divest

goaill greim jeh catch on, grip: She'n chied red va goaill greim jeh my hooill tra haink mee roish y Cholloo va'n daah j'ee. Carn

goaill jalloo jeh snap

goaill jeh dy tappee whip off

goaill kiarail jeh care for, look after: Ta'n Chiarn cooney lhieusyn t'er duittym: ta'n Chiarn goaill kiarail jeh'n vooinjer chairagh. Bible

goaill ny armyn jeh disarm

goaill ny blaaghyn jeh deflower

goaill ny duillagyn jeh defoliate

goaill ny fynneigyn jeh pod

goaill ny sthilk jeh stem

goaill ny yeeallyn jeh unstrap

goaill roie-yss jeh preconceive

goaill seyraneys jeh denaturalise, denaturalize

goaill shellooderys jeh seize

goaill shelloo jeh possess

goaill tastey er lheh jeh highlighting

goaill tastey jeh attend, mark, note, notice, observe: Ta ny sooillyn echey goaill tastey jeh'n voght Bible

goaill towshan jeh survey

goaill y gooyn jeh disrobe

goaill ymmyd jeh replace; making use of: Myr shen, foddee ad goaill ymmyd jeh chengey oikoil tra t'ad dellal rish reiltyssyn. Carn

goaill yn boirey jeh disembarrass

goaill yn currym jeh disburden

goaill yn eaddagh jeh unclothe

goaill yn eaghtyr jeh skim

goaill yn errey jeh disburden

goaill yn foyr jeh blunt

goaill yn key jeh cream

goaill yn sneg jeh unlatch

goaill yn streng jeh unstring

goaill yn ynnyd jeh displace, stand for, supersede: Va faaue er ve ayn dy jinnagh y scoill noa goaill yn ynnyd jeh Scoill Lhiennoo Ballacloan as Bunscoill Magher y Vargee. BS

goaill y soar jeh deodorize

gow eaddagh jeh (clothes) take off

gow ny yeeallyn jeh unstrap

gow ymmyd jeh bun-argid (impv) capitalize

gow yn jeelt jeh (impv) unsaddle

gow yn sneg jeh (impv) unlatch

gow yn streng jeh (impv) unstring

gyn coontey jeh nondescript

jannoo aachoip jeh recopy

jannoo aae jeh arch

jannoo ard-soiagh jeh esteem highly

jannoo arrish jeh hit off; impersonate: Jannoo arrish jeh Clark Gable Dhoor

jannoo ayndagh jeh index

jannoo bart jeh truss

jannoo beggan jeh disregard, pooh-pooh: Agh shegin dou gra dy vel ymmodee Sostnee jannoo beggan jeh'n Vretnaghys. Carn; gloze

jannoo beg jeh belittle, condemn, debunk, depreciate, depreciation, discount, disparage, disparagement, flout: Veagh eh jannoo beg jeh hene dy yannoo eh. DF

jannoo beg jeh hene infra dig: Veagh eh jannoo beg jeh hene dy yannoo eh DF

jannoo biggin jeh pet

jannoo bluckan jeh ball

jannoo bolvane jeh dumbfound

jannoo bondagh jeh beslave

jannoo brock jeh botch, bungle, fumble, mismanage, spoil: Nee ish jannoo brock jeh. DF; (food) waste

jannoo brout jeh brutalize

jannoo buiggys jeh pulp

jannoo carrey jeh befriend: Tan dooinney creeney mennick jannoo carrey jeh e noid JJK

jannoo caslys jeh pictures: Va dooinney aynshoh oie dy row bleeantyn er dy henney as va shamraig echey as hass eh faggys da Keeill Pherick, as v'eh son jannoo caslys jeh'n cheeill vooar as hrog eh seose yn chamraig. LC

jannoo clagh jeh petrify

jannoo cochaslys jeh portray

jannoo cochionneeaght jeh commercialise, commercialize

jannoo coip-hollys jeh photocopy

jannoo coip jeh copy, duplicate, reproduce: Ta skeeal ayn dy jagh Colum er eebyrt kyndagh rish argane mychione jannoo coip jeh laue-screeuyn. Carn; crib


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