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Jedoonee (=Ir. Domhnaigh) Sunday: Ynsaghey aashagh as ymmyrçhagh son Fastyr Jedoonee. CS [L. Dies-dominica]

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Barel Jedoonee Sunday Opinion

Jedoonee chaie last Sunday

Jedoonee Cooinaghtyn Remembrance Sunday

Jedoonee Innyd (f.) Quinquagesima

Oie Jedoonee (f.) Sunday night: Hie yn corp eck er feddyn ec y Thie-oast Mannin ayns Doolish oie Jedoonee. BS

last Sunday (n.) Jedoonee chaie

Remembrance Sunday (n.) Jedoonee Cooinaghtyn

Sunday (n.) Doonaght: He comes every Sunday - T'eh cheet gagh Doonaght. DF idiom; Jedoonee: War was declared on a Sunday - Va caggey er ny hoilshaghey magh Jedoonee. DF idiom

Sunday night (n.) Oie Jedoonee

Sunday Opinion (n.) Barel Jedoonee

Quinquagesima (n.) (yn) chied Doonaght roish y Chargys; Jedoonee Innyd

contoyrtagh adventurer; adventurous; critical, insecure, unsafe: Y markiagh-cabbil va feddynit ny lhie gyn mioyr er Raad Jourby moghrey Jedoonee, t'eh, ny t'ee, foast ayns stayd contoyrtagh sy thie-lheihys. BS

jishig father, pappa: ren yn jishig echey as jishig e charrey Chris reaghey ceau fastyr Jedoonee ennagh syn Niarbyl, as v'ad ooilley son goll ayns gleashtan mooar jishig Chris. GB

strooaney flowing; streamed: Cha nel y stoo Gaelgagh (chammah as stoo elley mychione Mannin) ry chlashtyn Jedoonee er radio-strooaney. Dhoor

Yood (f.) Jude: Er 24oo Jedoonee Toshiaght Arree, va giense ayn ayns Thie ny Gaelgey, Balley Keeill Yood. Dhoor


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