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Israel (n.) Israel

Israel (f.) Israel: son ayns ny laghyn shen va cloan Israel lostey incense huggey Bible

Inexact matches:

perceived dennee: perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose - cha dennee eh cren traa lhie ee sheese, ny cren traa hrog ee veih Bible; hoig: David perceived that the Lord had established him king over Israel - hoig David dy rown Chiarn er nyannoo eh ny ree harrish Israel Bible; chronnee: when the captains of the chariots perceived that it was not the king of Israel - tra chronnee captanyn ny fainee nagh nee ree Israel vayn Bible

tribes (npl.) kynnaghyn, kynnee; kynneeyn: So shall ye divide this land unto you according to the tribes of Israel - Shoh myr nee shiu rheynn y thalloo shoh diu hene, cordail rish kynneeyn Israel Bible; tribeyn: as one of the tribes of as one of the tribes of - myr fer jeh tribeyn Israel Bible

I will break brish-ym: I will break the bow of Israel - brish-ym bow Israel Bible

trusted treishtit; hreisht: He trusted in the Lord God of Israel - Hreisht eh ayns y Chiarn Jee Israel Bible

as if (conj.) myr dy row: And Joshua and all Israel made as if they were beaten before them - As lhig Joshua as ooilley Israel orroo myr dy row ad er choayl yn laa Bible; myr yien

fall into iniquity tuittym ayns peccah: and caused the house of Israel to fall into iniquity - as dy dug ad er thie Israel dy huittym ayns peccah Bible

groaning (v.) soghal; (n.) osnaghyn: And I have also heard the groaning of the children of Israel - As ta mee myrgeddin er chlashtyn osnaghyn chloan Israel Bible

heirs (npl.) eiraghyn: then shall Israel be heir unto them that were his heirs - eisht bee Israel ny eirey dauesyn, va ny eiraghyn echeysyn Bible

root up (v.) astyrt ass: he shall root up Israel out of this good land - as nee eh Israel y astyrt ass y cheer vie shoh Bible; reurey

shall redeem livrey-ee: And he shall redeem Israel: from all his sins - As livrey-ee Israel; veih ooilley e pheccaghyn Bible

sinew (n.) feh: the children of Israel eat not of the sinew which shrank - cha vel cloan Israel gee jehn feh ren shyrgaghey bible

taught (v.) ynsit: Moreover, by them is thy servant taught - Lioroosyn myrgeddin ta dty harvaant ynsit Bible; dynsee: and taught it the children of Israel - as dynsee eh eh da cloan Israel Bible

thus (adv.) myr shen; myr shoh; shoh myr; er yn aght shoh: Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel Er yn aght shoh nee oo loayrt rish cloan Israel Bible

wastes (npl.) fadaneyssyn: they that inhabit those wastes of the land of Israel - tadsyn ta baghey ayns fadaneyssyn cheer Israel Bible; tholtanyn: And they shall build the old wastes - As troggee ad ny shenn tholtanyn Bible

will deliver livreyee: And he shall give Israel up because of the sins of Jeroboam - As livreyee eh Israel seose, kyndagh rish peccaghyn Yeroboam Bible

gholl magh (dy); (to) issue forth: hug eh currym lhieu gys cloan Israel, as gys Pharaoh ree Egypt, cloan Israel dy gholl magh ass cheer Egypt. Bible

ommidanyn fools: Vel shiu lheid ny ommidanyn, shiuish vee Israel, dy vel shiu fegooish feyshtey ny toiggal jeh'n irriney, er gheyrey inneen jeh Israel? Apoc

vie See mie good: As fassee-ym ad ayns aber vie, ar, er sleityn ard Israel vees ny bochillyn oc: shen-y-raad nee ad lhie ayns bwoaillee vie, as ayns aber venoyr nee ad gyndyr er sleityn Israel. Bible

ascribe (v.) cur er; cur gys lieh; lhiassaghey da; cur da: Ascribe unto the Lord, O ye kindreds of the people - Cur-jee dan Chiarn, O shiuish chynneeyn y phobble Bible; gow rish: Ascribe ye the power to God over Israel - Gow-jee rish dy nee ec Jee tan phooar harrish Israel: Bible

dross (n.) dross: Son of man, the house of Israel is to me become dross - Vac y dooinney, ta thie Israel er jeet dy ve dross Bible; leoie, mergid, scoodin, saill, scroig; kesh: Thou puttest away all the ungodly of the earth like dross - Tou sheebey ersooyl ooilley mee-chrauee yn thallooin myr kesh Bible; trustyr: Thy silver is become dross - Ta dty argid er ny hyndaa gys trustyr Bible

fools (npl.) ommidanyn; ommydanyn: thou shalt be as one of the fools in Israel - bee oo myr fer jeh ny ommydanyn scammyltagh ayns Israel Bible; mee-cheeayllee: Judgments are prepared for scorners, and stripes for the back of fools - Ta kerraghey kiarit son ny craidoilee as scutchal son dreeym ny mee cheeayllee Bible

gather together (v.) cooidjaghey; chaglym cooidjagh: and gather together the out-casts of Israel - as chaglym cooidjagh kynneeyn skeaylt Israel Bible; chaggil cooidjagh: Go, gather together all the Jews - Immee as chaggil cooidjagh ooilley ny Hewnyn Bible; tayrn dy cheilley: If he cut off, and shut up, or gather together - My teh giarey jeh, as jeigh seose deiney, ny tayrn dy cheilley Bible

habitation (m.) lann, teagh, ynnyd-vaghey; ynnyd vaghee: God of Israel, whose habitation is in Jerusalem - Jee Israel, yn ynnyd-vaghee echey tayns Jerusalem Bible; thie: I have commanded in my habitation - ta mee er harey ayns my hie Bible; cummal: and it shall be an habitation of dragons - bee eh son cummal dragonyn Bible; oayll: in the habitation of dragons - ayns oayll ny dragonyn Bible

helper (n.) cooneyder: for there was not any shut up, nor any left, nor any helper for Israel - son cha row couyr erbee faagit sthie ny mooie, ny cooneyder son Israel Bible; fer coonee: for thou art the helper of the friendless - son uss yn fer-coonee ocsyn ta gyn caarjyn Bible; fer cooyl duirn

incline (n.) ard; (v.) cleayney, faaney; (impv) croym-jee: incline your ears unto the words of my mouth - croym-jee nyn gleayshyn gys goan my veeals Bible; croym: incline thine ear to me - croym dty chleaysh hym Bible; lhiantyn: incline your heart unto the Lord God of Israel - lhig da ny creeaghyn eu lhiantyn gys y Chiarn Jee Israel Bible; ginjillaghey: That he may incline our hearts unto him - Dy vod eh ginjillaghey nyn greeaghyn huggey Bible; croymmey: So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom - Myr shen dy jean oo croymmey dty chleaysh gys creenaght Bible

I will meet veeitym; ver-yms meeiteil da: And there I will meet with the children of Israel - Shen y raad ver-yms meeiteil da cloan Israel Bible; ver-ym quaaltagh da: I will meet them as a bear that is bereaved of her whelps - Ver-ym quaaltagh daue myr y vuc-awin ta er choayl e quallianyn Bible

Lord of hosts (n.) Chiarn dy heshaghtyn niau: The Lord of hosts is the God over Israel - Yn Chiarn dy heshaghtyn niau yn Jee harrish Israel Bible; Chiarn dy heshaght-chaggee; Chiarn dy heshaght-flaunyss: to sacrifice unto the Lord of hosts - dy hebbal oural gys y Chiarn dy heshaght-flaunyss Bible; Chiarn ny flaunyssee: Except the Lord of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant - Er-be dy daag Chiarn ny flaunyssee dooin sluight fardalagh Bible

seers (npl.) ashleyderyn: and the words of the seers that spake to him in the name of the Lord God of Israel - as goan ny ashleyderyn loayr rish ayns ennym y Chiarn Jee Israel Bible; fakyderyn: Then shall the seers be ashamed, and the diviners confounded - Eisht, bee ny fakyderyn, naareydagh, as ny phadeyryn ec kione nyn geiley

sever (v.) giarrey; (shall) scarree: and sever the wicked from among the just - as scarree ad yn vee chrauee veih mastey yn chloan chairal Bible; scarrey: And the Lord shall sever between the cattle of Israel - As neen Chiarn scarrey eddyr maase Israel, as maase Egypt Bible

shall deliver livreyee: In any case thou shalt deliver him the pledge again - Er dy chooilley aght livreyee oo huggey e yioal reesht Bible; livrey-ee: And he shall redeem Israel: from all his sins. - As livrey-ee eh Israel; veih ooilley e pheccaghyn. Bible

testify (v.) gymmyrkey feanish: wherewith thou didst testify against them - lhieu ren oo gymmyrkey feanish nyn Bible; (to); (dy) ymmyrkey feanish: to testify unto Israel - dy ymmyrkey feanish da Israel Bible; feanish y ymmyrkey: that this song shall testify against them as a witness - dy jean yn arrane shoh feanish y ymmyrkey nyn Bible

ashlishyn dreams, visions: As loayr Jee rish Israel ayns ashlishyn ny hoie Bible

Benjamin Benjamin: As hug y Chiarn Benjamin fo-chosh kiongoyrt rish Israel Bible

boayllyn places: ren eh Israel y vriwnys ayns ooilley ny boayllyn shen Bible

bochillagh herd, pastoral: Uss nee bochillagh my phobble Israel Bible

brish (=Ir. bris) (impv) break: tar royd, brish dty chonaant rish Baasha ree Israel Bible

bynney (=Ir. ba ionmhain) (lesh) loved: Tra va Israel ny lhiannoo, eisht bynney lhiam eh Bible

casherickys holiness, sacredness: Va Israel casherickys gys y Chiarn

chleayn enticed: Myr shoh chleayn Absalom creeaghyn deiney Israel. Bible

clinnee shall hear: clinnee ooilley Israel jeh, as bee aggle orroo Bible

diuish to you: Cre ta'n Chiarn Jee Israel diuish? Bible

eiraghyn heirs: eisht bee Israel ny eirey dauesyn, va ny eiraghyn echeysyn Bible

giarit cut: bee'n annym shen giarit magh veih Israel Bible

hoght (=Ir. ocht) eight, octuple: ren eshyn briwnys Israel hoght bleeaney Bible [L. octo]

honnick saw: honnick ooilley cloan Israel eddin Voses Bible

huic See huick to her: hie cloan Israel seose huic son briwnys Bible

joarrey term; mixed: ren ad ooilley'n sluight joarrey y scarrey veih Israel. Bible

juntyn joints: as woaill eh ree Israel eddyr juntyn yn êilley-caggee Bible

labbreeyn servers: bee ad ny labbreeyn ass ooilley tribeyn Israel. Bible

leityn (voc.) mountains: Agh shiuish, O leityn Israel, ver shiuish magh nyn manglaneyn Bible

lhiggagh would allow: chamoo lhiggagh eh yn raad da cloan Israel Bible

livreyder assignor, deliverer, deliveryman, liberator, rescuer: hug y Chiarn livreyder da Israel Bible

lurg baase posthumous: Eisht dirree Moab magh noi Israel lurg baase Ahab. Bible

manna manna: As dee cloan Israel manna rish da-eed bleïn Bible

offishear pl. offishearyn officer: Eisht deïe ree Israel er offishear huggey Bible

ommydanyn fools: bee oo myr fer jeh ny ommydanyn scammyltagh ayns Israel Bible

plague pl. plagueyn plague: va'n plague er ny chastey veih Israel Bible

plaiyntyn murmurings: Ta mee er chlashtyn plaiyntyn cloan Israel t'ad jannoo m'oï Bible

princeyn princes: marishyn jeih princeyn, prince veih dagh tribe trooid ooilley Israel Bible

slane sheshaght congregation: Nee slane sheshaght Israel freayll eh. Bible

sliennooys surname: as sliennooys eh-hene er cowrey Israel Bible

sluightoil fruitful, prolific: As va cloan Israel sluightoil Bible; lineal; parental

spiceal embalm: ren ny fir-lhee corp Israel y spiceal Bible

state-hallooin farm, possession: cha der shiu state-hallooin daue ayns Israel Bible

tribe pl. tribeyn tribe: hug tribeyn Israel chaghteryn trooid ooilley tribe Venjamin Bible

tribeyn tribes: Nee Dan briwnys e phobble, myr fer jeh tribeyn Israel. Bible

wars (npl.) caggaghyn: even as many of Israel as had not known all the wars of Canaan - eer whilleen jeu as nagh row ayns ooilley caggaghyn Chanaan Bible

woman's son (n.) mac y ven: And the Israelitish woman's son blasphemed the name of the Lord - As ren mac y ven jeh Israel loayrt goan mollaghtagh noi ennym y Chiarn Bible

ard-leeideilagh captain, governing principle: Myrgeddin roish nish, tra va Saul ny ree harrin, uss va ard-leeideilagh Israel Bible

arrane moyllee song of praise: scrieu-jee yn arrane moyllee shoh diu hene, as ynsee-jee eh da cloan Israel

barrantys (=Ir. barántas) (pl -syn) commission, commitment, dependability, dependence, dependency, guarantee, sponsorship, trust, trustworthiness; confidence: cha bee ish ny-sodjey barrantys thie Israel Bible

breast-plate breast-plate: As nee Aaron ceau yn breast-plate dy vriwnys erskyn e chree, lesh enmyn chloan Israel er Bible

breearey See breearrey aver, maintain, pledge: v'eh er choyrt cloan Israel fo breearey gyere Bible

bun dy baare head and tail: Shen-y-fa nee yn Chiarn giarey jeh Israel veih bun dy baare, eer bangan as fraue syn un laa. Bible

caisht (f.) Passover: cha row caisht erbee er ny reayll goll-rish shen ayns Israel Bible

callit ceased, done away, put out, stolen: nagh bee'n ennym echey callit ayns Israel Bible

campal camp, camping, encamp, outspan: Myr shoh ren Israel as Absalom campal ayns thalloo Ghilead. Bible

Canaaniteyn Canaanites: Ny-yeih haink eh gy-kione, tra va cloan Israel er n'ghoaill niart, dy dug ad ny Canaaniteyn fo keesh; agh cha deiyr ad magh ad dy bollagh. Bible

Cashtallyn Castles: as er-aggle roish ny Midianiteyn ren cloan Israel daue hene ooigyn ayns ny sleityn, as guaggyn follit, as cashtallyn lajer. Bible

cha der 1 shall not give a: cha der shiu state-hallooin daue ayns Israel Bible; 2 shall not put a: cha der ad moo red erbee ta jannoo ollish. Bible

Charrick (Yn); (The) Rock: Bee yn charrick myrgeddin goit veih Ephraim, as y reeriaght veih Damascus; as bee fooilliagh Syria myr gloyr cloan Israel, ta Chiarn ny flaunyssee dy ghra. Bible

chea (=Ir. teitheamh) flee, flight, retreat, run away, scamper: lhig deiney Israel orroo dy row ad chea veih ny Benjamiteyn Bible; fleeth; abscondment

cheh (=Ir. te) fevered, fervent, heated, hot, impassioned, passion, sexually precocious, thermal, warm: va corree yn Chiarn cheh noi Israel Bible; zealous [O.Ir. te]

Chiarn dy heshaghtyn niau Lord of hosts: As lhig da dty ennym v'er ny ghloyraghey son dy bragh, gra, Yn Chiarn dy heshaghtyn niau yn Jee harrish Israel Bible

Chiarn Jee (Yn); (The) Lord God: Eer myr loo mee dhyt liorish yn Chiarn Jee Israel Bible

chooilleen fulfilled, executed: chooilleen eh cairys y Chiarn, as e vriwnyssyn rish Israel. Bible

clagh-snapperal stumbling stone: As bee eh diuish son coadey casherick; agh son clagh-snapperal, as son creg vees oyr tuittym, gys daa hie Israel Bible

cliwnyn swords: Nish cha row gaaue ry-gheddyn trooid ooilley cheer Israel; son dooyrt ny Philistinee, Er-aggle dy jean ny Hebrewnee daue hene cliwnyn as shleiyghyn, Bible

cooneyder adjutant, assistant, help: son cha row couyr erbee faagit sthie ny mooie, ny cooneyder son Israel Bible

corree trome fierce anger: crogh ad seose fenish y Chiarn noin ghrian, dy vod corree trome y Chiarn ve er ny hyndaa ersooyl veih Israel Bible

cosheyrooisht barefoot: As shohn ennym yiow e hie ayns Israel, Thie fer ny cosheyrooisht Bible

creearey pan, riddle, sieve, sift, survey, searce: Nee'm creearrey thie Israel mastey dy chooilley ashoon Bible

creearrey bolting; (sieve) bolt; sift: nee'm creearrey thie Israel mastey dy chooilley ashoon, myr ta arroo er ny reealley ayns creear, ny-yeih, cha bee yn grine sloo caillit er y thalloo. Bible

cur y lane fo challenge, dare, defy: Tar, gwee mollaght er my hon er Jacob, as tar, cur-y-lane fo Israel Bible

dagh cheu all-round; every side: Cur-my-ner, neem's goaill cloan Israel veih mastey ny ashoonee, raad t'ad er n'gholl, as chaglym ad er dagh cheu, as ver-ym lhiam ad gys y thalloo oc hene. Bible

derragh (interrog.) would give; (nagh) would not give: As deie ad gys y Jee dy Israel ooilley lesh un chree as aigney nagh derragh eh nyn gloan son cragh, as nyn mraane son spooilley Apoc

dy chooilley chairys all equity: princeyn thie Israel, ta dwoaiagh er briwnys, as cassey dy chooilley chairys. Bible

dy hionney stiagh beleaguer: Ayns ny laghyn shen ghow'n Chiarn toshiaght dy hionney stiagh Israel Bible

dy ve ayn 1 (to) take place; 2 be there a: ha reih mee ard-valley erbee ass ooilley sheelogheyn Israel dy hroggal thie son my ennym dy ve ayn Bible

eash (=Ir. aois) (f.) aeon, age, century, eon; oldness, old age: Nish va sooillyn Israel moal lesh eash Bible; seniority

eaystyn moons: Son yn arran-casherick, son yn oural-arran, as yn oural-losht, son ny dooneeyn, ny eaystyn-noa, son ny feaillaghyn pointit, as son ny nheeghyn casherick, son ourallyn-peccah, dy yannoo lhiasaghey son Israel, as cour slane obbyr thie Yee. Bible

êillit armed: Myr shen va er ny hayrn ass thousaneyn Israel, thousane jeh dagh tribe, daa housane jeig êillit son caggey Bible

eiraghtyn inheritances: Shoh ny eiraghtyn ren Eleazar y saggyrt, as Joshua mac Nun, as ard-reiltee tribeyn cloan Israel, y rheynn liorish lottyn son eiraght ayns Shiloh kiongoyrt rish y Chiarn Bible

ellanyn yn aarkey isles of the sea: jean-jee yn Chiarn y ghloyraghey ayns ny coanyn, dy jarroo ennym y Chiarn, Jee Israel, ayns ellanyn yn aarkey Bible

er dy rieau eternal, eternally, from everlasting, from time immemorial: bynney lesh y Chiarn Israel er dy rieau Bible; (past) forever; since always

er n'yannoo committed: As my nee slane sheshaght Israel jannoo peccah trooid mee-hushtey, as y red er ny cheiltyn veih sooillyn y phobble, as t'ad er n'yannoo red ennagh noi veg jeh annaghyn y Chiarn Bible

faaishnys See faishnys augury, bodement, divination, forecast, fortune, prediction: chamoo ta faaishnys erbee noi Israel Bible

faghid (f.) contempt, derision, distain, insult, mockery, ridicule, scorn, sneer: Son nagh row Israel hene son faghid dhyt? Bible

failley 1 (v.) employ, engage, hire; 2 serve a: ren Israel failley eh-hene son ben Bible; 3 (n.) employment, engagement

fakyderyn seers: Foast dymmyrk y Chiarn feanish noi Israel, as noi Judah, liorish ooilley ny phadeyryn, as ooilley ny fakyderyn

feer shenn great antiquity; very old: Nish va Eli feer shenn, as cheayll eh jeh ooilley ny va e vec er nyannoo rish ooilley Israel Bible

Fer Croo (Yn); (The) Creator; (The) Maker: Mish y Chiarn nyn Yee casherick, Fer-croo Israel, nyn Ree. Bible

fer-obbee enchanter; magician: Balaam myrgeddin, mac Beor, yn fer-obbee ren cloan Israel y varroo lesh y chliwe mâroosyn huitt 'sy chaggey. Bible

fir chiaullee singers: hie paart jeh cloan Israel, as jeh ny saggyrtyn, as ny Leviteyn, ny fir chiaullee, ny porteryn, as ny Nethinimee seose gys Jerusalem Bible

fir ching heads, headmen: Ad shoh va deiney ooaslesy cheshaght, princeyn ayns tribe nyn ayraghyn, fir ching thousaneyn ayns Israel. Bible

fud amid, amidst, among, amongst, during, midst, mingled: Fud cloan Israel cha bee eiraght erbee oc. Bible

ghaa2 (ny) divers: cre ta'n raa-cadjin shen t'eu ayns cheer Israel, gra, Ta ny laghyn foddey ry-heet, as ta ashlish ny ghaa failleil? Bible

gheiney2 (dy); (of) men: kiongoyrt rish thie Yee, haggil huggey ass Israel sheshaght feer vooar dy gheiney, as mraane Bible

gholl harrish (dy); (to) pass over: As cren-oyr ta shiu cur cloan Israel ass cree, dy gholl harrish gys y cheer tan Chiarn er choyrt daue? Bible

goaill rish accept, acknowledge; receive: nee ad ooilley goaill-rish dty ghoan Bible; recognition; admit guilt, confess: As ver Aaron e ghaa laue er kione y ghoayr bio, as harrishyn goaill-rish ooilley peccaghyn chloan Israel Bible; (of guilt) acknowledgement, admission, confession; (treaty etc.) sign

gow (=Ir. gabh) (impv) go: gow magh nish, ta mee guee ort, as jean caggey roo. Bible; take: As gow mayrt Aaron dty vraar, as e vec, veih mastey cloan Israel Bible

gow arrane sing a song: Gow arrane, O inneen Zion, trog dty choraa, O Israel, bee gennal, as gow boggey lesh ooilley dty chree, O inneen Yerusalem. Bible

greïe dy vingys musical instrument: O Yee, cloie er greïe dy vingys: hoods goym arrane er y chlaasagh, O uss er-casherick dy Israel. PB1765

gwee mollaght er damn, imprecate: Tar, gwee mollaght er my hon er Jacob, as tar, cur-y-lane fo Israel Bible; wishing a curse on

gy-follit secretly: Son ren uss shen gy-follit: agh neem's y red shoh y yannoo ayns fakin ooilley Israel Bible

gyn scughey fixed, fixedly: As neem's boayl y phointeil da my phobble Israel, as ver-yms undin daue, dy vod cummal ve oc ayns ynnyd lhieu hene, as gyn scughey arragh Bible

hirrey 1 (dy); (to) seek; 2 require a: As nish Israel, cre tan Chiarn dty Yee dy hirrey jeed Bible

hoi See n'oiee 1 (ny) against her; 2 sat a: Eisht haink hym deiney dy row jeh shanstyr Israel, as hoi ad kiongoyrt rhym. Bible

jannoo assee trespassing; touch: Shoh myr tan Chiarn dy ghra noi ooilley my ghrogh naboonyn, ta jannoo assee er yn eiraght hug mee da my phobble Israel Bible

jeh sluight extraction; of the seed: Jeh sluight y dooinney shoh ta Jee, cordail rish e ghialdyn, er hroggal seose da Israel Saualtagh Yeesey; of the family

joarree (=Ir. deoraí) foreigner, outlander, outsider, stranger: Dooinney erbee jeh thie Israel, ny jehn joarree ta troailt ny mast' eu, Bible; (adj.) alien, bizarre, foreign, odd, outlandish, peculiar, remarkable, strange, unfamiliar, uninitiated: ren ad jeeghyn joarree y hirveish Bible; singular; unusual

kiaulleyderyn singers: ren ny saggyrtyn as ny Leviteyn, ny porteryn as ny kiaulleyderyn, as mooarane jehn pobble, as ny Nethinimee, as ooilley Israel, cummal ayns ny ard-valjyn oc Bible

kione-lajeragh arbitrary, contumacious, headstrong, obdurate, obstinate, persistent, strong-willed: Son ta Israel creoi-wannallagh, myr colbagh kione-lajeragh: nish nee yn Chiarn fassaghey ad myr eayin ayns aber aalin. Bible; unruly

kiongoyrt rhym before me: Eisht haink hym deiney dy row jeh shanstyr Israel, as hoi ad kiongoyrt rhym. Bible

leeideil ersooyl abduct, abduction, lead away, lead off: bee Israel son shickyrys er ny leeideil ersooyl nyn gappee Bible

lesh niau heavenwards: As hass Solomon kiongoyrt rish altar y Chiarn, ayns fenish ooilley chaglym Israel, as skeayl eh magh e laueyn lesh niau Bible

lesh y cheilley conjointly, together: As tra va ooilley ny reeaghyn shoh er jeet cooidjagh, haink ad as champ ad lesh y cheilley liorish ushtaghyn Merom, dy chaggey noi Israel. Bible

lhietrymys difference: cre'n lhietrymys ta'n Chiarn dy yannoo, eddyr ny Egyptianee as Israel. Bible

lhing (f.) pl. lhingaghyn age, generation, lifetime, period, reign, time: v'eh ny noid da Israel rish ooilley lhing Solomon Bible; river-pool; ling

loayrt dy jymmoosagh speak angrily: As ren slane chaglym-cooidjagh chloan Israel loayrt dy jymmoosagh noi Moses as Aaron ayns yn aasagh Bible

mainstyryn taskmasters: As va stiurtyn chloan Israel, va mainstyryn Pharaoh er hoiaghey harrystoo, er nyn mwoalley Bible

musterit numbered: As va cloan Israel musterit, as ooilley arryltagh son y chaggey hie ad magh nyn Bible

myghin (f.) pl. myghinyn mercy: shee dy row orroo, as myghin, as er Israel Yee. Bible; (mercy) quarter

myr dy row as if: lhig Joshua as ooilley Israel orroo myr dy row ad er choayl yn laa Bible

niartaghey (=Ir. neartú) affirm, brace, cement, confirm, consolidate, extend, fortify, intensify, invigorate, nerve, reinforce, stiffen, strengthen: ren cloan Israel ad-hene y niartaghey Bible; affirmation, confirmation, consolidation, fortification, reinforcement; strengthening: As haink huggey ainle veih niau, dy niartaghey eh,; edify; succour

O Yee (voc.) O God: O Yee Israel, lhig da dty ghoo, ta mee guee ort ve er ny chooilleeney ren oo loayrt rish dty harvaant David my ayr. Bible

Palestine Palestine: Ta anaase aym er cooishyn Hewnagh, Palestine as Israel rish ymmodee bleeantyn. Dhoor

phointeil appointed; (dy); (to) appoint: ren mish y reih roish dt'ayr as roish ooilley e hie, dy phointeil mish my er-reill harrish pobble y Chiarn, harrish Israel Bible

prince pl. prinsaghyn, prinsyn, princeyn prince: marishyn jeih princeyn, prince veih dagh tribe trooid ooilley Israel Bible

quail (=Ir. comhdháil) (v.) 1 meet a: hie eh seose quail Israel e ayr gys Goshen Bible; 2 (ny) towards her a: haink David as e gheiney sheese ny quaïl; as veeit ee ad. Bible; 3 met; 4 (n.) quail

reaïd mirth: nee shoh eisht traa son reaïd? Bible; joy: Ny gow boggey, O Israel, lesh reaïd, myr sleih elley Bible

reih deiney chosen men: As haink noi Gibeah jeih thousane reih deiney ass ooilley Israel Bible

reih dooinney aeg choice young man: As va mac echey va'n ennym echey Saul, reih dooinney aeg as aalin; as cha row mastey cloan Israel persoon ny stoamey na eh Bible

reiht chosen, elect, elected, élite, select, selected: ghow Saul three thousaneyn dy gheiney reiht Israel Bible

reill (n.) code, dominion, governance, policy, principle, reign: son ec y traa shen va reill ec ny Philistinee harrish Israel Bible; (v.) charge, govern, order, regulate, rule: ooilley reeriaght Sihon ree ny Amoriteyn, va reill ayns Heshbon Bible; subdue

rhumbyllyn borders: Loayr rish cloan Israel, as oardee, dy der ad fringeyn er rhumbyllyn nyn gharmadyn Bible

rieau (=Ir. riamh) 1 always; 2 ever a: ren eshyn rieau streeu noi Israel, ny rieau caggey nyn 'oï Bible; 3 never

Royd oo (intj) Away, Begone: As dooyrt eh rhym, Vac y dooinney, immee, royd oo, gys thie Israel, as loayr roo lesh my ghoans Bible

scughys move: Cre vees jeant son y dooinney varrys yn Philistine shoh, as scughys yn scammylt shoh veih Israel? Bible

shelg kiark-rheinnee partridge hunting: son ta ree Israel er jeet magh dy hirrey jargan, myr fer ta shelg kiark-rheinnee er ny sleityn. Bible

sheshaght (=Ir. seiseacht) (f.) pl. sheshaghtyn association, company, society, multitude, fellowship, congregation: haggil Moses slane sheshaght chloan Israel dy cheilley Bible; (of people) band; troop

sheshaghtyn caggee troops: As haink eh gy-kione er yn eer laa cheddin, dy dug y Chiarn lesh cloan Israel magh ass cheer Egypt, liorish nyn sheshaghtyn caggee. Bible

shirrey apply, ask, cast about, desire, endeavour, go after, prospect, request, require, search, seek, seeking, solicit, solicitation, soliciting, try: ren cloan Israel shirrey coyrle veih'n Chiarn Bible

slane coontey sum: Tra nee oo goaill slane coontey chloan Israel, lurg nyn earroo Bible

slane palchey abundance: marish nyn ourallyn-feeyney as ourallyn elley ayns slane palchey, son ooilley Israel Bible

slatt (f.) 1 pl. slattyn batten, birch, cane, mace, rail, rod, slat, stem, switch, verge, wand, waterline a: nee ad briw Israel y woalley lesh slatt er y lieckan Bible; 2 (of animal) penis

sniemmit joined, knitted, knotted, noosed, tied: bee Israel sniemmit ayns ribbey e choyrle hene Bible

sodjey2 (ny) anymore, any more, farther, furthermore, longer, moreover, no more: nee sluight Israel myrgeddin failleil nagh bee ad ny-sodjey ny ashoon kiongoyrt rhym son dy bragh. Bible

soit magh appointed: Ad shoh ny ard-valjyn va soit magh son ooilley cloan Israel, Bible

stiurtyn officers: Eisht haink stiurtyn chloan Israel, as ren ad accan gys Pharaoh Bible; treasurers

sumney See sumnaghyn called, gathered, assembled: ren David sumney cooidjagh ooilley princeyn Israel Bible

'sy chooish shoh herein: ta shiu ooilley cloan Israel, cur-jee nyn goyrlesy chooish shoh. Bible

'sy lhiabbee abed: hrog shoh cree Israel, dy hoie eh seosesy lhiabbee Bible

Syrianee Syrians: varr cloan Israel jeh ny Syrianee keead thousane coshee 'syn un laa. Bible

toyrtyssyn delights: Shiuish inneenyn Israel, keayn-jee son Saul, ren nyn goamrey dy aalin lesh scarleod, marish toyrtyssyn elley Bible; presents; bounties

traa erbee anytime, whenever: O Hiarn Yee Israel, erreish dou v'er gheddyn magh aigney my ayrey traa erbee mairagh, ny nhuyr Bible

troggal jeh 1 bring off; 2 taken up a: As tra ren y bodjal troggal jeh'n chabbane; eisht lurg shen, ren cloan Israel goaill nyn yurnah Bible

ushtey-scarree water of separation: bee eh freilt cour sheshaght chloan Israel son ushtey-scarree Bible

vannaghey (dy); (to) bless: As tra honnick Balaam, dy row eh aigneyn Chiarn dy vannaghey Israel, cha jagh eh Bible

varrys shall kill, will kill: As loayr David rish ny deiney hass liorish, gra, Cre vees jeant son y dooinney varrys yn Philistine shoh, as scughys yn scammylt shoh veih Israel? Bible

veih'n traa shen magh from that day forward, thenceforth: As veihn traa shen magh, ren eh shoh son slattys as oardagh ayns Israel, gys y laa tayn jiu. Bible

ventyr enterprise, undertaking; venture: As ren dooinney dy row tayrn bow er ventyr, as woaill eh ree Israel eddyr juntyn yn êilley-caggee Bible

ver-yms meeiteil da I will meet: Shen y raad ver-yms meeiteil da cloan Israel, as bee'n chabbane-agglish er ny chasherickey lesh my ghloyr. Bible

yearree asked: as dy giall Jee Israel dhyt yn aghin t'ou yearree veih Bible

yindyssyn wonders: tou er choyrt lhiat magh dty phobble Israel ass cheer Egypt, lesh cowraghyn, as yindyssyn Bible

proverb (n.) dooyrtiman; coraa dorraghey: now speakest thou plainly, and speakest no proverb - nish tou loayrt dy foshlit, as cha vel oo loayrt coraadorraghey Bible; shenn-raa: Therefore it became a proverb - Shen-y-fa haink eh dy ve shenn-raa Bible; raa creeney; raa-dorraghey: To understand a proverb - Dy hoiggal raa-dorraghey Bible; raa floutagh: That thou shalt take up this proverb against the king of Babylon - Dy jean oo goaill seose yn raa floutagh shoh noi ree Vabylon Bible; raa-cadjin: Son of man, what is that proverb that ye have in the land of Israel - Vac y dooinney, cre tan raacadjin; shennockle

gyn freayll unretentive: Agh my nee shiu ec traa erbee chyndaa ersooyl veih geiyrt orrym, shiuish ny nyn gloan, as gyn freayll my annaghyn as my lattyssyn ta mee er hoiaghey kiongoyrt riu, agh goll as shirveish jeeghyn elley, as cur ooashley daue Eisht nee'm Israel y yiarey Bible

irree magh1 (f.) insurgent, insurrection, mutiny, outbreak, rebellion, revolt, revolution, rising, sedition, turn out, uprising, uproar: er-dyn laa daag oo cheer Egypt, derrey haink shiu gys yn ynnyd shoh, ta shiu er ve ayns irree magh noi yn Chiarn. Bible; (v.) rebel, rise, uprise: as nee Israel hene toiggal; my te er-chee dy irree magh, ny ayns mee-viallys da'n Chiarn, (shen myr choonys eh lhien,) Bible

jiooldey deny, disclaim, dismiss, disown, dissent, eliminate, exclude, negate, negative, refuse, reject, repudiate, spurn, traverse; loathe: Ta'n annym lane jiooldey rish yn eer kere-volley Bible; thrust out: Myr shoh ren Solomon jiooldey rish Abiathar nagh beagh eh saggyrt y Chiarn Bible; cast off: Neems Judah myrgeddin y scughey ass my hilley myr ta mee er scughey Israel, as jiooldey voym yn ard-valley shoh Jerusalem Bible; abhor: Myr shen dy vel e vea jiooldey rish arran, as e annym rish bee blaystal Bible; dismissal, negation, renouncement, rejection, repudiation

joarreeaght (f.) banishment, exile: va joarreeaght (Tra nyn gummal) chloan Israel ayns Egypt, kiare cheead as jeih bleeaney as feed. Bible; pilgrimage, foreign place; peculiarity, foreignness, unfamiliarity; sojourneth: veih ish ter e joarreeaght ayns y thie eck, jewellyn argid, as jewellyn airh, as coamrey Bible

kyndagh 1 (n.) pl. kyndee convict, criminal, culprit, malefactor, peccant, trespasser: Nagh row Achan mac Zerah kyndagh 'sy chooid mollaghtagh, as nagh huitt jymmoose er slane sheshaght Israel? Bible; 2 for, because of, for the sake of a: dy stroie yn ard-valley kyndagh rhym's Bible; 3 culpable, guilty

reiltys (=Ir. rialtas) (f.) pl. reiltyssyn governance, rule: va'n reiltys er ny ghoaill voue Bible; kingdom: Myr shen ghow Saul yn reiltys harrish Israel Bible; dominion: Son va reiltys echey harrish ooilleyn cheer er cheu shoh jehn awin Bible; government: Son dooinyn ta lhiannoo er ny ruggey, dooinyn ta mac er ny choyrt, as bee yn reiltys er e gheaylin Bible

voddagh 1 (dy) that could; 2 that might a: As hug ad eh ayns pryssoon, dy voddagh aigney yn Chiarn ver ny hoilshaghey daue. Bible; 3 that should a: Son daag y Chiarn ad fo creoghys cree dy chaggey noi Israel, dy voddagh eh stroie ad dy bollagh Bible; 4 (interrog.) could a: voddagh fys ve ain son shickyrys, dy niarragh eh, Cur-jee lhieu nyn mraar sheese Bible


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