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Island (n.) Inish; Ellan

island1 (n.) ellan: He was planted on an island - V'eh faagit er ellan. DF idiom; innis, innys, insh

island2 (n.) (in street) purt

Inexact matches:

Ascension Island (n.) Ellan ny Frastyl

Big Island (n.) Ellan Mooar

Callow's Island (n.) Ellan y Callow

coral island ellan chorralagh

Easter Island (n.) Ellan y Chaisht

Ferny Island (n.) Ellan Rhennee

Garrett's Island (n.) Ellan Garrett

Gorse Island (n.) Ellan Aittin

Green Island (n.) Ellan Glass

Island Enclosure (n.) Close yn Ellan

Island Harbour (n.) Purt ny h'Inshey

Island Point (n.) Gob yn Ellan

Island residents (npl.) cummaltee Vannin

Island Town (n.) Holm Town

Island View (n.) Reayrt ny Hellan

island woman (n.) ben ellanagh

Lame Island (n.) Ellan Croobagh

Little Island (n.) Injeig

Red Island (n.) Ruy Ellan

Rocky Island (n.) Kitterland

White Island (n.) Ellan Bane

Willie's Island (n.) Ellan Willies

Burnt Clearing Island (n.) Ellan Squeen

Calf Island Enclosure (n.) Close ny Colloo

Creek of the Island (n.) Giau yn Ellan

Hill of the Island Nook (n.) Cronk Injeig h'Inshey

International Island Games Association (n.) Sheshaght Eddyrashoonagh Gammanyn ny h-Ellanyn

Island Film Studios (npl.) Studioghyn Fillym Ellanagh

Island of Culture Ellan jeh Cultoor

Island of the Potatoes (n.) Ellan ny Braase

landscaping the Island (v.) cummey thalloo yn Ellan

Road Island Inner Link Scheme (n.) Skeym Kianglee Sthie Ellan Raad

Round the Island Yacht Race (n.) Ratch Birling Mygeayrt Mannin

St. Michael's Island (n.) Innys Vaayl

helping to support and promote all aspects of Manx culture on the Island cummal seose as cur er e hoshiaght cultoor Vannin

Holm Town See Purt ny h-Inshey Island Town [Scand holmr, island, raised ground in marsh, river meadow]

ben ellanagh (f.) island woman

cummaltee Vannin Island residents

Ellan Island

Ellan Aittin Gorse Island

Ellan Bane White Island

Ellan Croobagh Lame Island

Ellan Garrett Garrett's Island

Ellan Glass Green Island

Ellan Mooar Big Island

Ellan Rhennee Ferny Island

Ellan Willies Willie's Island

innis (=Ir. innise) (f.) island, islet

Ruy Ellan Red Island

all-Island (adj.) ooilley-ellanagh

Close yn Ellan Island Enclosure

ellan chorralagh (f.) atoll, coral island

Ellan ny Frastyl (f.) Ascension Island

Ellan Squeen Burnt Clearing Island

Ellan y Callow Callow's Island

Ellan y Chaisht (f.) Easter Island

Gob yn Ellan Island Point

Innys Vaayl (f.) St. Michael's Island

ooilley-ellanagh all-Island

Purt ny h'Inshey Island Harbour

Reayrt ny Hellan Island View

Close ny Colloo Calf Island Enclosure

Cronk Injeig h'Inshey Hill of the Island Nook

cummey thalloo yn Ellan landscaping the Island

Ellan jeh Cultoor Island of Culture

Ellan ny Braase Island of the Potatoes

Giau yn Ellan Creek of the Island

Injeig Little Island; Nook; Waters Meet

Studioghyn Fillym Ellanagh Island Film Studios

east3 (of rest) hiar: East of the island - Cheu hiar jeh'n ellan. DF idiom

Ratch Birling Mygeayrt Mannin Round the Island Yacht Race

Sheshaght Eddyrashoonagh Gammanyn ny h-Ellanyn (f.) International Island Games Association

Skeym Kianglee Sthie Ellan Raad Road Island Inner Link Scheme

agency (n.) jantys: He has the Island agency for it - Ta jantys ny h-Ellan echey jeh. DF idiom

lee cheu yn astee: Under the lee of the island - Er cheu yn astee jeh'n ellan. DF idiom

cummal seose as cur er e hoshiaght cultoor Vannin helping to support and promote all aspects of Manx culture on the Island

ellan (=Ir. oileán) (m., f.) pl. ellanyn island, isle: Ny-yeih shegin dooin ve ceaut stiagh er ellan ennagh. Bible

Inish Island: Sy vlein cheddin hooar Gorree, Ree ny hEllanyn, baase er y jeihoo laa jeh Mee Houney er Inish Pherick ayns Mannin. Chron

innys island: Veih Cooyrt yn Aspick gys Innys Noo Pherick son thurrys mygeayrt yn Ellan veg sheaynt Coraa

insh 1 (v.) announce, communicate, declare, divulge, narrate, report, reporting, tell, telling a: As roie yn ven dy siyragh dy insh shoh da e sheshey Bible; 2 (as joke) crack; 3 (n.) communication, divulgation, utterance, coverage, narration, speech; 4 (f.) island; 5 shew

Kitterland Rocky Island, Rocky Islet: Ta'n Ellan Kitterland beaghey tree goair 'sy vlein. DF

purt (=Ir. port) (f.) pl. puirt, purtyn harbour, jig, port, seaport, station: Nee Zebulun cummal ec purt ny marrey; as bee eh son purt lhuingey Bible; creek; (in street) island

sail (n., v.) shiaull: Trice up a sail - Shiaull y chrappey seose. DF idiom; shiauil; shiauill: Sail north of the island - Shiauill my hwoaie jeh'n ellan. DF idiom; shiauley; shiaulley: To go for a sail - Dy gholl magh son shiaulley. DF idiom


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