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Irish1 (n.) Erinagh; Yernagh: Irish bagpipes - Yn phiob Yernagh. DF idiom

Irish2 (npl.) (The) Yernee

Inexact matches:

British-Irish Council (n.) Coonceil Ghoaldagh-Yernagh

Irish bagpipes (n.) (yn) phiob Yernagh

Irish disease (n.) (yn) chingys Yernagh

Irish heather (n.) freoagh Yernagh

Irish House (n.) Thie Yernagh

Irish language (n.) Yernish: Does he speak Irish? - Vel eh loayrt Yernish? JJK idiom

Irish mile (n.) meeiley Yernagh

Irish moss (n.) carrickeen

Irish Republic (n.) Pobblaght Nerin

Irish Sea (n.) Mooir Vannin

Irish speaker (n.) Yernisheyr

Irish stew (n.) anvroie Yernagh

Irish yew (n.) euar Yernagh

British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly (n.) Cruinnaght Ard-whaiyllagh Goaldagh-Yernagh

anvroie Yernagh Irish stew

Erinagh Irish, Irishman

euar Yernagh Irish yew

freoagh Yernagh Irish heather

meeiley Yernagh (f.) Irish mile

phiob Yernagh (yn) Irish bagpipes

Pobblaght Nerin Irish Republic

Thie Yernagh Irish House

Yernisheyr Irish speaker

Anglo-Irish Anglo-Yernagh

carrickeen carageen; seaweed; Irish moss

Coonceil Ghoaldagh-Yernagh British-Irish Council

Cruinnaght Ard-whaiyllagh Goaldagh-Yernagh British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly

chingys Yernagh (f.) (yn) Irish disease; salmon disease, ulcerated dermal necrosis

Yernagh (=Ir. Éireannach) pl. Yernee Hibernian, Irish, Irishman: Ta blass Yernagh echey. DF

Yernish (f.) Irish language: Ta'n fockle Gaelgagh shoh cheet magh ass y Yernish. DF

pro er cheu: Pro-Irish - Er cheu ny Yernee. DF idiom

Scottish (adj.) Albinagh; (n.) Albinish: Do you speak English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish? - Vel oo loayrt Baarle, Bretnish, Yernish, Albinish? JJK idiom

femblit edited: ta mee croghey dy trome er daa lioar, 'Writing in Irish Today' liorish David Greene as 'The Pleasures of Gaelic Literature', va femblit liorish John Jordan. Carn

homily homily: Nyrg leidg yn chermaan homili na korliy nii yn shervesiagh y irish dyn phobyl PB1610

Mooir Vannin (f.) (The) Irish Sea: Ta shoh er chur er Reiltys y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit sthap shallidagh y chur er ceau tooilley orçh goul-rooragh ayns Mooir Vannin veih Sellafield. BS

Yernee (The) Irish: Son y chooid smoo, she Bretnee as Yernee ny shenn-ayraghyn jeh'n sleih ta baghey sy cheer whaagh shoh. Carn

Anglo-Yernagh Anglo-Irish: Hie mee gys leaght mysh y Coardail Anglo-Yernagh va currit ec leaghteyr veih'n Rheynn jeh Politickaght syn ollooscoill Carn


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