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in1 ayns: To buy a pig in a poke - Kionnagh muc ayns poagey. JJK idiom; kione

in2 (existence) ayn: There is neither rhyme nor reason in it - Cha nel rick ny resoon ayn. DF idiom

in3 (of fruit) er y vargey

in force

Inexact matches:

all-in policy (insurance) yl-pholasee

all-in wrestling (n.) yl-ghleckey

barge in (v.) bwoalley stiagh

beat in (v.) brishey stiagh; bwoalley stiagh

bed in (v.) thannaghey

bolt in (v.) boltal stiagh

break in (v.) brishey stiagh

burn in daahjey

burst in (v.) brishey stiagh; bwoalley stiagh

buy in (v.) cur stiagh, kionnaghey

call in (v.) cur stiagh er; eamagh stiagh; tayrn stiagh

cast in (v.) ceau stiagh

cave in (v.) tuittym stiagh

charge in (v.) bwoalley stiagh

check in (v.) cheet stiagh; coontey stiagh; screeu stiagh

chip in (v.) cur fockle stiagh; cur gioal; tarmestey

clock in (v.) coontey stiagh, screeu stiagh

close in (v.) dooney stiagh, jeigh stiagh

come in (v.) cheet stiagh

count in (v.) cur 'sy cho-earroo

cover in (v.) lhieeney

crowd in (v.) jingey stiagh

cut in (v.) giarrey roish, giarrey yn raad jeh, soie stiagh

dash in (v.) ratchal stiagh; roie stiagh

dig in (v.) cur trooid yn ooir

draw in (v.) cur er boayrd, giarrey neose, tayrn stiagh

drawing in (v.) conghorraghey, goll ny s'girrey

drink in (v.) soo-seose

drive in imman stiagh

fade in (v.) gialley

fall in (v.) tuittym stiagh

fill in (v.) lhieeney; cur stiagh

fit in (v.) cur ayns

flow in (v.) lhieeney stiagh

get in (v.) faarney; cur stiagh: Get in the harvest - Yn fouyr y chur stiagh. DF idiom

give in (v.) cur sheese

glazed-in light (n.) londeyr; lostan fo glonney

go in (v.) entreil; goll stiagh: To go into the army - Dy gholl stiagh 'syn armee. DF idiom

hammer in (v.) bwoalley stiagh lesh oard

hedge in (v.) cur cleigh mysh, faalaghey

heel in (v.) saayltrey

hem in (v.) cruinnaghey stiagh

hemmed in cruinnit stiagh

hold in (v.) cummal stiagh

in abeyance currit ry-lhiattee; faagit rish tammylt; (ny) lhie

in breadth er lheead: twenty cubits in breadth, and twenty cubits in the height thereof - feed cubit er lheead, as feed cubit er yrjid Bible

in brief ayns beggan focklyn, ayns focklyn giarrey

in bulk ayns mooar-chooid

in camera (adv.) ayns quaiyl ghooint, ayns shamyr ghooint, dy follit

in commission ayns ymmyd

in comparison son mac-soyley

in concealment cleaght; cooyl chlea; keiltynys

in conclusion (adv.) (dy) chur jerrey er; fy yerrey

in condition (adj.) ayns callin vie

in contiguity sheeyney lesh, sheeyney rish

in ear jeeassagh; my yeish: The barley is in ear - Ta'n oarn my yeish. DF idiom

in embryo mwanagh

in fetters fo gheulaghyn

in flocks shioltaneagh

in flower my vlaa: Are your tulips in flower? - Vel nyn dulipyn my vlaa? JJK idiom

in general (adv.) son y chooid smoo

in her aynjee

in hiding (adv.) cooyl chlea

in him ayn: I stuck a knife in him - Heiy mee skynn ayn. DF idiom; aynsyn

in it aynsyn

ink in (v.) goll sheear er lesh doo

in leaf fo ghuillag

in length er lhiurid

in limbo 'sy phryssoon

in locks skeogagh

in me aynym, aynyms

in motion fo-raad

in number er earroo

in operation (v.) (to be) dy ve fo raad, dy ve gobbragh

in order er mod

in pairs cubbyl; jees as jees

in parenthesis eddyr lhoobeenyn

in parts oltallagh

in perpetuity (adv.) son dy bragh

in person (adj., adv.) dy persoonagh

in pig arkagh

in pop (v.) (to be); (dy ve) dy ve ayns gioal

in private (adv.) fo chlea

in rags (adj.) clooidagh

in season1 'syn amm

in season2 (v.) (to be); (dy ve) imbaghoil

in secret (adv.) gyn yss

in seed my rass; my resh

in series (adj.) ayns straih, rere straih; (ny) yei ry cheilley

in short (adv.) gyn arragh y raa, gyn arragh y ghra; ayns focklyn giarrey; ayns beggan focklyn: I'll tell you in short - Inshym dhyt ayns beggan focklyn. DF idiom

in stock (adj.) sthie

in summary ayns focklyn giarrey

in summer 'sy tourey

in suspension snaue

in the 'sy, 'syn, sy

in them ayndaue, ayndoo; ayndoosyn

in transit fo-raad

in truth (adv.) dy firrinagh focklagh

in turn (adv.) reir garraghyn; ayns shayll: The servants go to church in turn - Ta ny sharvaantyn goll dys y cheeill ayns shayll. JJK idiom

in turns ry-shaghey; ayns shayllyn

in us ayndooin; aynin; (emph.) ayninyn

in width er lheead

in you ayndiu, ayndiuish; aynyd, aynyds

join in (v.) goaill ayrn ayn

jump in (v.) lheim stiagh

keep in (v.) cummal sthie, freayll sthie, tannaghtyn sthie

knock in imman stiagh

lead in leeid stiagh; streng leeideilagh; streng neose

let in (v.) cur peesh ayn, jingey, ushtey y yannoo; lhiggey stiagh: To let in a breath of air - Dy lhiggey stiagh readan geayee. DF idiom

listen in (v.) eaishtagh, eaishtaghey, sheegeragh

lock in (v.) cur fo ghlass, cur yn glass er, greimmey, kiangley

logged in loggit stiagh

log in (v.) log stiagh, loggal stiagh

look in (v.) jeeagh stiagh er, shilley

move in (v.) goll stiagh

nick in (v.) (to); (dy) yiarrey stiagh

order in (v.) kionnaghey stiagh; oardaghey stiagh

pay in (v.) eeck stiagh

penny-in-the-slot machine (n.) jeshaght phingey

pitch in (v.) soieaghey er obbyr

plough in (v.) traaue fo

plug in (v.) cur dy valley

pour in (v.) lhieeney stiagh

press in (v.) broo stiagh, broojey stiagh, chionney stiagh, jingey stiagh

pull in (v.) cur streean er; scuirr ec stashoon pedryl; tayrn stiagh; troggal

push in (v.) broo stiagh, broojey stiagh, seiy stiagh

put in (v.) cur stiagh

reckon in cur 'syn earroo

ride in (v.) markee stiagh

roll in (v.) rowlal stiagh

rope in (v.) cur tead mysh

rub in (v.) rubbal stiagh

run in (v.) roie stiagh

set in (v.) toshiaghey

shut in (v.) jeigh stiagh

sketch in (v.) cur coontey jeh

sleep in cadley sthie

span in (to); (dy) chur 'sy whing

speak in (v.) loayr ass

stave in (v.) brishey stiagh

stay in tannaghtyn sthie

stream in (v.) stroo stiagh

strike in (v.) bwoalley stiagh

struggle in (v.) broo stiagh

suck in (v.) soo stiagh

swearing-in ceremony (n.) jesh-chliaghtey loo

sworn in (v.) fo loo, looit

take in1 (v.) goaill stiagh, coonee, jannoo ushtey

take in2 (v.) (as dress) coonee

take in3 (v.) (of boat) jannoo ushtey

taking in (v.) goaill stiagh

throw in (v.) ceau stiagh

tone in (v.) (to); (dy) heet rish toan

trust in (v.) cur barrant er; cur treisht ayn; treishteil ayn: he is a buckler to all them that trust in him - teh myr êilley caggee dauesyn ooilley ta treishteil ayn Bible; treishteil ayns: because we trust in the living God - er-yn oyr dy vel shin treishteil ayns y Jee bio Bible

tuck in (v.) filley stiagh, gow dty vee dy fondagh, scoltey

tuning in coghlassey

turn in cass stiagh

vest in (v.) stowal er; treisht da; treishteil da

walk in (v.) shooyl stiagh

way in (n.) bollagh stiagh; raad stiagh

weigh in meihaghey oo hene

weighing in meihaghey

weighing-in room (n.) shamyr yn veihaghey

whip in (v.) slashal stiagh

wire in (v.) cur faal streng er, lhie stiagh er obbyr

work in1 (v.) obbraghey cheusthie, obbraghey stiagh

work in2 (v.) (of thing) cheet stiagh eh hene

work in3 (v.) (of person) seiy stiagh

write in (v.) screeu lesh, screeu rish, screeu stiagh

abounding in chickweed (adj.) fleeagh

abounding in docks (adj.) cabbagagh

abounding in fish (adj.) eeastoil

abounding in oysters (adj.) ooastyragh

abounding in ragwort (adj.) cushagagh

abounding in rivers (adj.) awinagh

abounding in sharp docks (adj.) shughlaigagh

all in a flurry ooilley fud-y-cheilley

all in tangles ooilley ayns cassaghyn

answer in writing (v.) (to) freggyrt y screeu

appear in a vision (to) ashlaghey

arm in arm (adv.) uillin er uillin

as in times past myr v'eh roie

balance in credit corrillagh

bathe in sea (v.) (to) faarkey

better in health couyral

bind in chains (v.) geulaghey

break in weather (n.) caghlaa

cage in lift (n.) cabbane

castle in the air follym feayn, smooinaghtyn follym feayn

caught in the act lesh y red 'sy chuinney

cautious in speech (adj.) fastagh

clearing in forest (n.) boayl glen; reddagh

columnar rock in sea (n.) eekad

commander in chief (n.) ard-anneyder

companion in labour (n.) colabree

conceived in adultery oainjeragh


This is a mirror of Phil Kelly's Manx vocabulary (Fockleyreen). It contains over 130,000 entries. This mirror was created 2 December 2014.

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