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I (pron) mee: Am I not at home? - Nagh vel mee ec y thie? JJK idiom; (emph.) mish: I'm not as learned as he - Cha nel mish cha ynsit as eshyn. JJK idiom

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can I (interrog.) noddym: Can I be of any use to you? - Noddym cooney lhiat? DF idiom

I am (emph.) mish: I am God Almighty - Mish y Jee ooilley niartal Bible

I beseech (v.) guee-ym: but now, I beseech thee - agh nish guee-ym ort Bible

I can foddym: I can do all things through Christ - Foddym dy chooilley nhee y yannoo trooid Creest Bible; oddym: My punishment is greater than I can bear - Ta my cherraghey ny strimmey na oddym gymmyrkey Bible

I cannot cha noddym: I cannot sustain this any longer - Cha noddym gymmyrkey shoh ny s'odjey. DF idiom; cha voddym; cha jargym: I cannot speak to any of you - Cha jargym loayrt rish fer erbee jeu. DF idiom

I could oddin: I listened to him as long as I could - Deaisht mee rish chouds oddin. DF idiom; oddin's: I also could speak as ye do - Oddins myrgeddin loayrt myr ta shiuish Bible

I dare s'lhoys dou

I imagine stroo hene; strooys; er lhiam pene: I imagine myself that their taxes were small - Er lhiam pene dy by veg nyn geesh. DF idiom

I like s'aittin lhiam; s'mie lhiam; saillym; s'laik lhiam: It's the season I like the best - Te yn imbagh share s'laik lhiam. JJK idiom

I love shynney lhiam: I love my father - Shynney lhiam m'ayr. JJK idiom; Ta mee graihagh er: I love him with all my heart - Ta mee graihagh er lesh ooilley my chree. JJK idiom

I may foddym: I will come with what speed I may - Higym cha tappee as foddym. DF idiom I may lose - Foddym coayl. DF idiom

I might foddym

I must shegin dou: All that the Lord speaketh, that I must do - Ooilley ny tan Chiarn dy harey, shegin dou jannoo Bible; shêgin dou: Truly this is a grief, and I must bear it - Dy firrinagh ta shoh my cherraghey trome, as shêgin dou eh y ymmyrkey Bible; shegin dooys: But I must die in this land - Agh shegin dooys baasegheddynsy cheer shoh Bible

I pray guee-ym

I prefer share lhiam: I prefer toast - Share lhiam arran-greddan. JJK idiom

I presume er lhiam

I remember s'cooin lhiam: Yes, I remember it very well - S'cooin lhiam dy-mie eh. JJK idiom

I say (intj) Hoigh

I should lhisin, lhisins: shew thou me the way that I should walk in - jeeagh dou yn raad ayn lhisin gimmeeaght Bible; (dy) jinnin: If it be your mind that I should bury my dead out of my sight - My she nyn aigney eh, dy jinnin my varroo y oanluckey ass my hilley Bible; (dy) jinnyn: God forbid that I should sin against the Lord - ny lhig eh Jee dy jinnyn peccah noin Chiarn Bible; veign: I should soon have put down their enemies - Veign dy leah er choyrt sheese ny noidyn oc Bible

I suppose (v.) er lhiam, stroo hene, strooys hene

I think er jeeym; er lhiam

I warrant var a mish; varrey mish

I ween sheilym

I will neem's, neem, nee'm: Thank you very much, I will do my best to meet your kind wishes - Gura mie mooar eu, n'eem my chooid share y yannoo dy huittym stiagh lesh nyn yeearreeyn kenjal. JJK idiom; saillym

I wot strooys: I wot that through ignorance ye did it, - strooys dy nee trooid meehushtey Bible

may I oddym, oddym's: What may I offer you? - C'red oddym arral erriu? JJK idiom; noddym: May I open this door? - Noddym fosley yn dorrys shoh? DF idiom

must I (interrog.) negin dou: must I needs bring thy son again unto the land from whence thou camest? - negin dou dty vac y choyrt lhiam reesht gys y cheer haink oo veih? Bible

should I (interrog.) jinnin

as long as I live chouds s'bio mee, chouds vee'm bio

As soon as I can Cha leah's foddym

How would I know (interrog.) Kevys dou

I am able foddym: I am able to go - Foddym goll. DF idiom

I am certified ta jeru aym

I am sorry1 S'olk lhiam, S'doogh lhiam; S'treih lhiam: I am sorry that you have been so unfortunate - S'treih lhiam dy vel shiu er ve cha drogh haghyrtagh. JJK idiom

I am sorry2 (intj) S'doogh lhiam; S'treih lhiam

I am with thee ta mish lhiat; ta mish mayrt: I am with thee according to thy heart - ta mish mayrt cordail rish dty aigney Bible; ta mee mayrt: Fear not: for I am with thee - Ny bee aggle ort, son ta mee mayrt Bible

I beg your pardon (intj) Gow my leshtal

I can not cha noddym; cha voddym: I can no more go out and come in - cha voddym ny-sodjey goll magh, ny cheet stiagh Bible

I could not cha voddin: I could not endure - cha voddin shassoo Bible

I could stand shassin

I dare say (dy vel) credjym

I did prefer bare lhiam

I don't agree with you (intj) Yiow kied

I don't give a damn (intj) s'cummey yn Jouyl lhiam

I dont know cha s'aym: I don't know why he acts as he does - Cha s'aym cre'n fa t'eh t'eh gaghtey eh hene myr shen. DF idiom

if I were dy beign: If I were well I would accompany you - Dy beign slane raghin maroo. JJK idiom; (emph.) dy beign's

I had rather bare lhiam, baare lhiam

I had well nigh dobbyr dou; Hioll mee

I hold him in estimation ta ammys aym er

I knew well b'ione mie dooys

I know full well ta my haie fys aym

I know not Cha saym; Cha nel fys aym

I must not Cha negin dou: I must not go over Jordan - Cha negin dou goll harrish Jordan Bible

I remain yours truly Mish lesh ammys

I shall ask hirrym; neem fênaght jeh

I shall be vee'm; (emph.) veem's; bee'm: I shall be twenty next Christmas - Bee'm feed blein d'eash yn Ollick shoh cheet. JJK idiom

I shall buy kionnee-yms; kionneeym: I shall buy a new coat - Kionneeym cooat noa. JJK idiom

I shall come higgym; higym: I shall come back at ten o'clock at the latest - Higym er-ash dyn s'anmee na jeih er y chlag. JJK idiom; higyms, higgym's

I shall deal dellym: in the days that I shall deal with thee - er ny laghyn ayndoo dellym rhyt Bible

I shall drink iu-ym; iuym: I shall drink after you - Iuym dty yei. JJK idiom

I shall get yioym

I shall give ver-yms: I will give you the sure mercies of David. - Ver-yms diu myghinyn shickyr Ghavid Bible; ver-ym: Desire of me, and I shall give thee the nations for thine inheritance - Shirr orrym, as ver-ym dhyt ny ashoonyn son dty eiraght Bible

I shall go hem: I shall go out before he comes back - He'm magh my jig eh er-ash. JJK idiom

I shall keep freill-ym

I shall put derym, derrym; yioym, yioyms, yioym's; ver-yms: when I shall put my sword into the hand of the king of Babylon - tra ver-yms my chliwe ayns laue ree Vabylon Bible

I shall sell creckym: I shall sell my dog - Creckym my voddey. JJK idiom

I shall smite bwoalleeyms

I shall take ghoym: when I shall take away their sins - tra ghoym ersooyl ooilley nyn beccaghyn Bible

I shall trust jerkyms

I shall wash nieeyms

I should find yoin: when I should find thee without - tra yoin oo mooie Bible

I should have been veign: I should have been as though I had not been - Veign myr nagh beign Bible

I should like baillym: I should like them to sell their pears cheaper - Baillym ad dy chreck nyn beearyn ny s'neugheyrey. JJK idiom; b'laik lhiam: I should like to see yesterday's paper - B'laik lhiam fakin pabyr yn laa jea. JJK idiom

I should raise droggin: that which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day - ny hug eh dou nagh gaillin veg, agh dy droggin eh seose reesht ec y laa jerrinagh Bible

I should say yarrin: If I should say, I have hope - My yarrin, dy vel mee foast ayns treishteil Bible

I should speak lhisin loayrt: what I should say, and what I should speak - cre vorrym dy ghra, as cre lhisin loayrt Bible

I should think smooinin

I think well of him ta ammys aym er

I thought it good (v.) by-haittin lhiam

I.T. University (n.) Ollooscoill Çhaghnoaylleeaght Fysseree

I was sorry by hreih lhiam

I will advertise soilshee-ym: I will advertise thee what this people shall do to thy people in the latter days - soilshee-ym dhyt, cre neen pobble shoh rish y pobble ayds, ayns ny earishyn ta ry-heet Bible

I will afflict seaghnym: I will afflict thee no more - cha seaghnym oo ny-sodjey Bible

I will appear higyms kionfenish: I will appear in the cloud upon the mercy seat - higyms kionfenish ayns y vodjal er stoyl y vyghin Bible

I will ask fenyms, fênyms: I will ask you one thing Fenyms un red jiuish Bible;

I will avenge kerree-yms: I will avenge the blood of Jezreel - kerree-yms fuill Yezreel Bible

I will be bee'm; beeym; (emph.) bee'ms: I will be your God - as beems yn Jee euish Bible

I will betroth nasht-ym: I will betroth thee unto me in righteousness - nasht-ym oo rhym pene ayns cairys Bible

I will break brish-ym: I will break the bow of Israel - brish-ym bow Israel Bible

I will bring verym lhiam: I will bring him to thee again - ver-ym lhiam hood eh reesht Bible

I will bring down lhieg-ym: I will bring them down as the fowls of the heaven lhieg-ym ad myr eeanlee yn aer Bible

I will build trogym; trog-ym: I will build me a wide house and large chambers - Trog-ym dou hene thie mooar as shamyryn lhean Bible

I will burst scolt-yms

I will cast away jiooldym's

I will cast out scughym; eiyr-ym magh: For I will cast out the nations before thee - Son eiyr-yms magh ny ashoonyn royd Bible

I will cause ver-yms er: I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease - ver-yms er kione-ardys yn vooinjer voyrnagh dy scuirr Bible

I will cease goym fea: yet will I be avenged of you, and after that I will cease - ny-yeih bee cooilleeney ayms erriu, as eisht goym fea Bible

I will commune loayr-ym: I will commune with my father of thee - loayr-ym rish mayr my-dty-chione Bible

I will corrupt mhill-yms: I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces - mhill-yms nyn arroo-correy, as skeayl-yms eoylley er yn eddin eu Bible

I will cover coodee-ym: I will cover the heaven, and make the stars thereof dark - coodee-ym yn aer, as dollee-ym ny rollageyn Bible

I will cut off giare-ym jeh: I will cut off thine arm - giare-ym jeh dty roih Bible

I will deliver livrey-yms: I will deliver him into thine hand - livrey-yms eh gys dty laue Bible

I will depart faagyms: I will depart from the city - faagyms yn ard-valley Bible; hem roym: I will depart to mine own land - hem roym gys my heer Bible

I will destroy stroie-ym: I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth - stroie-ym dooinney, ta mee er chroo veih eaghtyr y thallooin Bible

I will die yioym baase: I will die here - yioym baase ayns shoh Bible

I will disperse sheeb-ym

I will divide rheynn-ym; reynn-ym: I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the spoil - Hem er nyn eiyrts, berr-ym orroo, reynn-ym y spooilley Bible

I will draw tayrn-yms: I will draw water for thy camels also - Tayrn-yms ushtey myrgeddin da dty chamelyn Bible

I will dress aarlyms: and I will dress the other bullock - as aarlyms y dow elley Bible

I will drive out eiyr-ym magh: I will drive out the Canaanite - eiyr-ym magh yn Canaanite Bible

I will dry up chyrmee-ym: I will dry up the pools - chyrmee-ym seose ny loghanyn Bible; fiogh-ym: I will make waste mountains and hills, and dry up all their herbs - Ver-yms naardey sleityn as croink, as fiogh-ym nyn ghlassyraght Bible

I will feed fassee-ym: I will feed them in a good pasture - fassee-ym ad ayns aber vie Bible

I will follow eiyrym: Lead the way, please, and I will follow you - Leeid yn raad my sailliu, as eiyrym erriu. JJK idiom

I will gather chaglyms: I will gather them out of all countries - chaglyms ad ass dy chooilley heer Bible; tayrn-yms cooidjagh: I will gather them that are sorrowful for the solemn assembly - Tayrn-yms cooidjagh jeeds adsyn ta trimshagh son y chaglymcasherick Bible

I will get cosne-yms: I will get them praise and fame - cosne-yms daue moylley as goo mie Bible

I will give verym; ver-yms: I will give thee places to walk among these that stand by - ver-yms dhyt ynnydyn dy hooyl orroo mastey yn slane eanish Bible

I will go hem; hem's: I will go up to the land of unwalled villages - Hems seose gys thalloo ny baljyn foshlit Bible

I will hedge up atnee-ym: I will hedge up thy way with thorns - atnee-ym seose dty raad lesh drineyn Bible

I will honour ver-yms ooashley da: for them that honour me I will honour - son ver-yms ooashley dauesyn, ta coyrt ooashley dou Bible

I will increase bisheeym

I will instruct ynsym

I will intreat guee-ym: I will intreat the Lord that the swarms of flies may depart - guee-ym gys y Chiarn, dy vod ny swarmynbeishteig Bible

I will keep freill-ym: I will keep the passover at thy house with my disciples - freill-ym y chaisht ec dty hies marish my ostyllyn Bible; freill-yms

I will kindle foad-yms: And I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus - foad-yms aile er voalley Ghamascus Bible

I will let go lhiggym; lhig-ym y raad da

I will lift troggym; trog-ym: I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills - Trog-ym seose my hooillyn gys ny croink Bible

I will liken soylee-ym: I will liken him unto a wise man - soylee-ym eh gys dooinney creeney Bible

I will lodge goyms aaght: where thou lodgest, I will lodge - raad nee uss aaght y ghoaill, goyms myrgeddin aaght Bible

I will look jeeaghym; jeeagh-ym: And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it - As bee yn goll-twoaie ayns y vodjal; as jeeagh-ym er Bible

I will meet veeitym; ver-yms meeiteil da: And there I will meet with the children of Israel - Shen y raad ver-yms meeiteil da cloan Israel Bible; ver-ym quaaltagh da: I will meet them as a bear that is bereaved of her whelps - Ver-ym quaaltagh daue myr y vuc-awin ta er choayl e quallianyn Bible

I will move scughym; scugh-ym: I will remove far off from you the northern army - scugh-ym foddey veue sheshaght-caggee yn twoaie Bible; neems greinnaghey

I will multiply bisheeym: I will make thee fruitful, and multiply thee - neems uss messoil, as bisheeym oo Bible

I will not Cha jeanym; Cha jean-ym: I will not with ink and pen write unto thee - cha jean-ym lesh ink as pen scrieu hood Bible

I will not destroy Cha stroieym; Cha stroie-ym: I will not destroy it for twenty's sake - Cha stroie-ym eh er graih yn feed Bible

I will not forsake cha dreig-ym: These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them - Ny reddyn shoh neem er nyn son, as cha dreig-ym ad Bible

I will not go cha jem: I will not go in with thee - cha jem stiagh mayrt Bible; (emph.) cha jems: I will not go up in the midst of thee - cha jems seose ny masteu Bible; cha jean-yms goll: then I will not go - eisht cha jean-yms goll Bible

I will not hear cha neaisht-ym: I will not hear the melody of thy viols - cha neaisht-ym rish bingys dty violyn Bible; cha jean-ym clashtyn: when ye make many prayers, I will not hear - tra ta shiu goaill ymmodee padjeryn, cha jean-ym clashtyn Bible

I will not leave cha vaag-ym: I will not leave you - cha vaag-ym oo Bible; cha dreig-ym: I will not leave thee, until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of - cha dreig-ym oo, derrey veem er chooilleeney shen, my-e-chione ta mee er loayrt rhyt Bible

I will not suffer cha-surrym: I will not suffer him - cha surrym Bible

I will open foshlym: I will open my mouth in parables - Foshlym my veeal dy loayrt coraaghyn-dorraghey Bible; (emph.) foshil-yms: I will open the side of Moab from the cities - foshil-yms slystyn Voab, eer ny ard-valjyn Bible

I will pardon leih-yms: I will pardon all their iniquities leih-yms daue ooilley ny loghtyn Bible

I will pay eeck-ym; eeck-yms: I will pay ten thousand talents of silver - as eeck-yms jeih thousane talent dy argid Bible

I will plead plead-ym; prow-ym: I will plead with thee, because thou sayest, I have not sinned - prow-ym ort eh, son dy vel oo gra, Cha vel mee er nyannoo peccah Bible

I will pour deayrtyms; deayrt-yms: I will pour out my spirit unto you - deayrt-yms magh my spyrryd erriu Bible

I will practise cliaghtym

I will praise moyll-ym; (emph.) ver-yms moylley da; ver-ym moylley da: I will praise the Name of the Lord Most Highest - ver-ym moylley da ennym y Chiarn smoo ard Bible

I will pray goyms padjer: I will pray for you unto the Lord - goyms padjer er nyn son gys y Chiarn Bible; guee-yms: And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter - As guee-yms gys yn Ayr, as ver eh hiu Fer-gerjagh elley Bible; guee-ym

I will prepare aarlym; aarlym's; aarlee-yms; trog-yms: I will prepare him an habitation - trog-yms cummal casherick da Bible

I will preserve freill-yms: I will preserve them alive - freill-yms ad bio Bible

I will raise up trog-yms seose: I will raise up for them a plant of renown - trog-ym seose dauesyn plant ooasle Bible; brasnee-ym: I will raise up thy lovers against thee - brasnee-ym seose dty gheiney-sooree dt Bible

I will read lhaih-yms: I will read the writing unto the king - lhaih-yms yn screeu dan ree Bible

I will reject jiooldyms, jiooldym's

I will release lhigym, lhiggym

I will remember cooin-yms er: I will remember his deeds which he doeth - cooin-ym er e obbraghyn teh dy yannoo Bible; nee'm cooinaghtyn er: I will remember the land - nee'm cooinaghtyn er y cheer

I will requite goym cooilleeney er: I will requite thee in this plat - goym cooilleeney ort ayns y vagher shoh Bible

I will reveal soilshee-ym

I will rid eiyr-ym ersooyl: I will rid evil beasts out of the land - eiyr-ym ersooyl drogh-veishtyn ass y cheer Bible; livrey-ym: I will rid you out of their bondage - livrey-ym shiu veihn bondiaght oc Bible

I will say loayrym: for I will say the truth - loayrym yn irriney Bible; jir-ym: I will say unto God, Do not condemn me - Jir-ym rish Jee, Ny jean my gheyrey Bible

I will scrape sheeb-ym

I will see hee'm; heeym: I will see what their end shall be - heeym cren erree hig orroo Bible

I will seek shirrym; shir-ym: I will seek to do thee good - shir-ym dy choyrt dty vie er y hoshiaght Bible

I will send ver-ym: And I will send a fire on Magog - As ver-ym aile er Magog Bible

I will separate scarrym

I will set up soie-yms seose; soie-yms harrish: And I will set up shepherds over them - As soie-yms harrystoo bochillyn Bible

I will shew soilshee-yms: and Iwill shew unto the king the interpretation - as soilshee-yms dan ree bun y chooish Bible; jeeagh-ym da: Come, and I will shew thee the man whom thou seekest - Tar stiagh, as jeeagh-yms dhyt yn dooinney tou dy hirrey bible

I will show jeeaghym; soilshee-yms: I will shew unto the king the interpretation - soilshee-yms dan ree bun y chooish Bible

I will sing goym arrane: I will sing, and give praise - goym arrane, as ver-ym moylley Bible; neems kiaulleeaght: I will sing unto the Lord - neems kiaulleeaght gys y Chiarn Bible

I will slay marr-ym: I will slay the last of them with the sword - marr-ym yn sluight oc lesh y chliwe Bible; (emph.) marr-yms: I will slay Ishmael the son of Nethaniah - marr-yms Ishmael mac Nethaniah Bible

I will smite bwoaill-ym: I will smite down his foes before his face - Bwoaill-ym sheese e noidyn kiongoyrt rish yn eddin echey Bible

I will spread skeayl-yms: I will spread my net upon them - skeayl- yms my lieen orroo Bible

I will sprinkle spreih-yms: Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you - Eisht spreih-yms shiu lesh ushtey glen Bible

I will stand shassym; shass-yms: I will stand before thee there upon the rock - shass-yms kiongoyrt rhyt ayns shen, er y chreg Bible

I will stretch sheeyn-yms

I will suffer surrym, surr-ym; surreeym

I will take goym: I will take a third of it - Gowym trass jeh. DF idiom; (emph.) goyms: For I will take you from among the heathen - Son goyms shiu veih mastey ny ashoonee Bible

I will tarry fuirree-ym: I will tarry until thou come again - Fuirree-ym derrey hig oo Bible; fuir-yms: I will tarry in the plain of the wilderness - fuir-yms ayns cheer-rea yn aasagh Bible; fuirr-ym: But I will tarry at Ephesus until Pentecost - Agh fuirr-ym Bible; fuirr-yms

I will tell inshym; insh-ym: whatsoever he sheweth me I will tell thee - cre-erbee nee eh soilshaghey dou, insh-ym dhyt Bible; (emph.) insh-yms

I will walk shooill-ym; neem gimmeeaght: I will walk in thy truth - neem gimmeeaght ayns dty irrinys Bible

I will wash niee-ym: I will wash my hands in innocency - Niee-ym my laueyn ayns ônid Bible

I will weigh towshym: I will weigh the fish at home - Towshym yn eeast ec y thie. DF idiom

I will wish guee-ym: I will wish thee prosperity - guee-ym son dty vaynrys Bible

I would allow lhiggin, lhiggin's

I would be veign; veïgn

I would be pleased By haittin lhiam: I would be pleased with it - By haittin lhiam eh. DF idiom

I would bestow rheynnin

I would come harrin

I would do yinnin: I would do it at a push - Yinnin eh fy yerrey. DF idiom; yinnins, yinnin's: I would do him justice - yinnins cairys da Bible

I would find yioin

I would fly etlin

I would give verrin; (dy) derrin

I would go raghin: I would go tomorrow - Raghin mairagh. DF idiom; roin

I would hear cluinnin

I would lead jeeaghin: I would lead thee - Jeeaghin dhyt y raad Bible

I would let lhiggin

I would not take cha goin

I would pour deayrtin: then I said, I would pour out my fury upon them - eisht dooyrt mee, dy deayrtin magh my eulys orroo Bible

I would prefer bare lhiam: I will have mercy, and not sacrifice - Sbare lhiam myghin na oural Bible

I would put verrin

I would say yiarrin


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