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house (n.) chaagh, teagh; (n.) cabbane, lhiaght; thie: and the woman was taken into Pharaoh's house - as van ven goit stiagh gys thie Pharoah Bible; (v.) cur aaght da, cur stiagh; (n.) lught eishtagh; lught eaishtagh; lugh-thie: and now when shall I provide for mine own house also? - as nish, nagh vel eh traa dou kiarail y ghoaill son my lught-thie myrgeddin? Bible; (nyn) dhie

Inexact matches:

ale house (n.) thie lhionney

alms house (n.) thie ny moght

bake house (n.) thie fuinnee

Bank House1 (n.) Thie ny Brooee

Bank House2 (n.) Thie ny Brooie

Beach House (n.) Thie yn Traie

beer house (n.) thie lhionney

black house (n.) thie doo

boarding house (n.) thie aaght

boarding house (n.) thie lhiabbagh

boiler house (n.) thie coirrey

bolting house (n.) thie caih, thie creearree

Bridge House (n.) Thie yn Droghad

bridge house (n.) thie droghad

broiler house (n.) thie kirkey

cart house (n.) thie cairt

Catherine's House (n.) Thie Chatreeney

cattle house baaieagh, boalane, thie ollee

chapter house (n.) shamyr chabdilagh

charnel house (n.) thie craue, thie craueyn, ulley

chart house (n.) shamyr chaart

chop house (n.) thie bee

Church House (n.) Thie ny Killey

clearing house (n.) thie ym-reaghee

Cliff House (n.) Thie yn Eaynin

club house (n.) thie club

coach house (n.) thie fainee

coal house (n.) thie geayil

cool house (n.) thie feayr

Corner House (n.) Thie Corneil

Costain's House (n.) Thie Austeyn

counting house (n.) thie coontee

country house (n.) thie cheerey

Creek House (n.) Thie yn Vranlaig

custom house (n.) thie custym

deck house (n.) cabbane, thie lout

disorderly house (n.) thie streebee

doll's house (n.) thie babban

doss house (n.) thie lhiabbagh

Dry House (n.) Thie Chirrym

engine house (n.) thie jeshaght

English House (n.) Thie Sostnagh

farm house (n.) thie eirinagh

forcing house (n.) thie gless

fowl house (n.) thie kiark

free house (n.) thie oast seyr

gaming house (n.) thie cronchor

gate house (n.) thie giat

guard house (n.) thie arrey

Happy House (n.) Thie Gennal

Harbour House (n.) Thie yn Phurt

hen house (n.) thie kiark, thie ny giark; thie-kirkey

Holly House (n.) Thie Cullyn

house agency (n.) jantaght thie

house arrest (n.) lhiettalys thie

House Bunting (n.) Pompee hie

house coal (n.) geayl chiollee

house cricket (n.) griaran chiollee

house dog (n.) moddey arrey, moddey thie

House Field (n.) Magher y Thie

house flag (n.) brattagh colught

house fly (n.) quaillag hie

house full lane thie

House Land (n.) Thalloo Thie

house martin (n.) gollan thie

house party (n.) giense, goaldys

house physician (n.) lught-lhee

house porter (n.) dorryseyr

house surgeon (n.) laue-lhee thie

Irish House (n.) Thie Yernagh

John's House (n.) Thie Eoin, Thie Yuan

joss house (n.) chiamble Sheenagh

Laurel House (n.) Thie Laurys

Lawn House (n.) Thie'n Aaie

licensed house thie oast

little house (n.) thie beg

lodging house (n.) thie aaght, thie lhiabbee

malt house (n.) thie braghey

mansion house (n.) thie yn veoir

Manx House (n.) Thie Manninagh

Markwell House (n.) Thie Chibbyr y Vargee

Marsh House (n.) Thie Claddee

Mary's house (n.) Thie Voirrey

meeting house (n.) thie chaglee; thie oayll

memorial house (n.) thie cooinaghtyn

Middle House (n.) Thie Meanagh

Mire House (n.) Thie'n Churree, Thie'n Laagh

Mona House (n.) Thie Vona

monkey house (n.) thie apag

Moor House (n.) Thie ny Garee

mud house (n.) thie cray, thie laaee, thie laaghey

Murray House (n.) Thie Murray

Neat House (n.) Thie Jesh

New House (n.) Thie Noa

oast house (n.) aiee obb

Old House (n.) Shenn Thie

opera house (n.) thie kiaulldramey

orange house (n.) thie oranje

palm house (n.) thie palm

Patrick's House (n.) Thie Pherick

pigeon house thie calmane

poor house (n.) thie ny moght

post house (n.) thie post

pot house (n.) thie lhionney

Prayer House (n.) Bemaccan

Primrose House (n.) Thie Sumark

private house (n.) thie er lheh, thie lesh fer hene

public house (n.) thie oast

Red House (n.) Thie Jiarg

religious house (n.) mannishter

rest house (n.) thie aash

Ridge House (n.) Thie Drommey

River House (n.) Thie ny Hawin

Rock House (n.) Thie ny Creggey

rope house (n.) thie tead

Round House (n.) Thie Runt

school house (n.) thie scoill

Scottish House (n.) Thie Albinagh

Sea House (n.) Thie ny Marrey

Shieling House (n.) Thie Eary

slaughter house (n.) thie buitchoorys

smoke house (n.) thie jaagh

sod house (n.) thie foaid

Stanley House (n.) Thie Stanlagh

still house (n.) thie sthill

Stone House (n.) Thie Cloaie

Stranger's House (n.) Thie yn Joarree

Summer House (n.) Thie yn Touree

sun house thie greiney

Sunny House (n.) Thie Grianagh

toll house (n.) thie custam

treasure house (n.) thie-tashtee: he brought the vessels into the treasure house of his god - hug eh ny siyn ayns thie-tashtee e Yee Bible; thie recortyssyn: let there be search made in the king's treasure house - lhig da ronsagh ve jeant ayns thie recortyssyn y ree Bible

tree house (n.) thie billagh

trust house (n.) thie barrantys

Victory House (n.) Thie yn Varriaght

wake house (n.) thie farraragh

wash house (n.) thie niaghyn

watch house (n.) thie arrey

Well House Thie yn Chibbyr, Thie yn Chybbyrt

wheel house (n.) thie stiuree

White House (n.) Thie Bane

William's House (n.) Thie Illiam

wooden house (n.) thie maidjey

work house (n.) thie ny moght, thie obbyr

Ale House Croft (n.) Croit y Thie Lhionney

Ale House Hill (n.) Knock y Thie Lhionney

Behind the House (n.) Cooyl Thie

Brick House Field (n.) Magher y Thie Breek

Burnt House Field (n.) Magher y Thie Losht

Field Before the House (n.) Magher Roish y Thie

Field Behind the House (n.) Magher Cooyl y Thie, Magher Cooyl Thie

Fold of the House (n.) Bwoaillee yn Thie

Hill of the House (n.) Cronk y Thie

house for beggars (n.) beechaagh

House Hill Shrubbery (n.) Garee Cronk y Thie

House of Commons (n.) Quaiyl Hostyn

House of God (n.) Thie Yee: Let us meet together in the house of God - lhig dooin meeiteil cooidjagh ayns thie Yee Bible

House of Happiness Thie Maynrys

house of judgment (n.) thie ny quaallagh

House of Keys (n.) (The); (Yn) Kiare as Feed: The Speaker of the House of Keys - Loayreyder yn Chiare as Feed. DF idiom

House of Light (n.) Thie Soilshey

House of Lords (n.) Quaiyl ny Chiarnyn

house of mourning (n.) thie baaish; thie ny trimshee: It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting - Te ny share dy gholl gys thie ny trimshee, na gys thie ny cuirraghyn Bible; thie ny farrarey: Enter not into the house of mourning - Ny gow stiagh ayns thie ny farrarey Bible

House of My Heart (n.) Thie my Chree

House of Peace (n.) Thie ny Shee

house to let (n.) thie ry-hoiaghey

lady of the house (n.) ee hene

man of the house (n.) fer y thie

Old House of Keys (n.) Shenn Thie yn Chiare as Feed

public house licence (n.) oastys

Rear House Ground (n.) Thalloo Cooyl Thie

Rowan Tree House (n.) Thie Keirn

Stephen the Road House (n.) Thie Steaon y Vayr

Victoria House Nursery (n.) Ro-scoill Thie Victoria

woman of the house (n.) ben y thie

House of Keys Committee on the Criminal Justice Bill (n.) Bing y Chiare as Feed mychione Billey Cairys Kimmee

House of Keys Standing Orders Committee (n.) Bing Reillyn Beayn y Chiare as Feed

Member of the House of Keys (n.) See M.H.K. Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed, Oltey yn Chiare as Feed, O.K.F.

Member of the House of Keys for Michael (n.) Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Skylley Maayl

Speaker of the House of Keys (n.) Loayreyder y Chiare as Feed

thie ny moght alms house, poor house, union workhouse, work house

thie arrey guard house, watch house

thie kiark fowl house, hen house

thie lhiabbagh boarding house, doss house, pension, hostel

thie lhionney COMPARE thie oast ale house, beer house, boozer, pot house, pub: Dooinney ennagh ayns thie-lhionney ayns Mannin, tra cheayll eh dy row Gaelg goll er ynsaghey ayns ny scoillyn, ren eh guee nagh beagh Mannin cheet dy ve goll rish Bosnia Carn


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