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his (pron) da; echey, echeysyn: His father was a nobleman - She dooinney-ooasle va'n ayr echey. JJK idiom; e: His house is very fine inside - Ta e hie feer stoamey cheusthie. JJK idiom; lesh: It's mine, yours, his, hers, ours, yours, theirs - T'ee lhiams, lhiats, leshyn, lheeish, lhienyn, lhiuish, lhieusyn. JJK idiom

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His Excellency (n.) (n.) E Ard Ooashlys

His Lordship (n.) E Hiarnys

His Honour the Deemster (n.) (Yn) Ard-Vriw Onnoroil

His Worship the Mayor (n.) E Onnor y Meoir

in his presence (ny) choar

of his own volition jeh e yoin hene

on his head er e chione: The chicken is like his kind if there is down on his head - Ta'n eean myr e ghooie my vees clooie er e chione. DF idiom

on his mind er e cheeayll; er yn aigney echey: Something is preying on his mind - Ta red ennagh jannoo er yn aigney echey. DF idiom

top of his head (n.) mullagh e ching

books (n.) (collection of) lioarlagh; (npl.) lioaryn: He has lost his money, his watch and his books - T'eh er choayl e argid, e ooreyder as e lioaryn. JJK idiom

household (n.) chaaghlagh, mooinjer thielagh, thieys; lught thie: And Joseph nourished his father, and his brethren, and all his father's household - As ren Joseph magh e ayr, as e vraaraghyn, as ooilley lught-thie e ayrey Bible

richer (adj.) berchee: His young brother is rich, his elder brother is richer, but his sister is the richest - Ta e vraar saa berchagh, ta e vraar shinney ny s'berchee, agh ta e huyr y nane s'berchee JJK idiom

elder (n.) fer reill; (adj.) mooarey; shinney: His young brother is rich, his elder brother is richer, but his sister is the richest of the whole family - Ta e vraar saa berchagh, ta e vraar shinney ny s'berchee, agh ta e huyr y nane JJK idiom; (n.) tramman

greatness (n.) ardys, mooarid; modiyght; mooadys: For the greatness of thy mercy reacheth unto the heavens; mooads: according unto the greatness of thy mercy - cordail rish mooads dty vyghin Bible; pooar: his greatness, his mighty hand, and his stretched out arm - e phooar, e laue niartal, as e roih sheeynt magh Bible

comely (adj.) aalin: For our comely parts have no need - Son cha vel ny oltyn aalin ain feme er shoh Bible; bwaagh: Thy cheeks are comely with rows of jewels - Ta dty cheeillyn bwaagh soit magh lesh roaghyn dy yewellyn Bible; bwoyagh; cooie: but for that which is comely - agh son shen ny ta cooie Bible; feudagh: it is good and comely for one to eat and to drink - te mie as feudagh son peccagh dy ee as dy iu Bible; fakinagh, graysoil; jesh: is it comely that a woman pray unto God uncovered? - vel eh jesh da ben dy yannoo padjer gys Jee as y kione eck gyn coodagh? Bible; stoamey: There be three things which go well, yea, four are comely in going - Ta ayn three cretooryn ta shooyl dy mie; as eer yn chiarroo ta stoamey ayns gimmeeaght Bible; stoamid: I will not conceal his parts, nor his power, nor his comely proportion - Cha jean-ym keiltyn e oltyn, ny e hroshid, ny stoamid cummey e niart. Bible

bark2 (of dog) gounsternee: His bark is worse than his bite - Ta e ghounstyrnee ny smessey na'n ghreim echey. JJK idiom

shoulders (npl.) geayltyn: His hair fell over his shoulders - Va'n folt echey tuittym neose harrish e gheayltyn. DF idiom

acts (npl.) daltyn; obbraghyn: And his miracles, and his acts, which he did in the midst of Egypt - As e virrillyn, as ny obbraghyn ren eh ayns mean Egypt Bible

bite1 (n.) greim: His bark is worse than his bite - Ta e ghounstyrnee ny smessey na'n ghreim echey. JJK idiom; (v.) greimmey

bond boandey, bonney, geuley, kiangley, chiangley; (v.) cur ayns thie custam, cur fo ghlass; gioal, nastey; glass; boand; raane: His word is his bond - Ta e ghoo e raane. DF idiom

burned losht: Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned? - Vod dooinney aile y ghoaill ayns e oghrish, as gyn e eaddagh ve losht? Bible; lostit; scoaldit

cousin1 (n.) dooinney mooinjerey: His cousin is still far from his native country - Ta e ghooinney-mooinjerey (ben-vooinjerey) foddey veih cheer e ghooie (cheer e dooie) foast. JJK idiom; cosan; cussan

fan2 (n.) (winnowing) cleayst: Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor - Tan cleayst echey ayns e laue, as nee eh dy bollagh e laare-vooie y ghlenney

I will smite bwoaill-ym: I will smite down his foes before his face - Bwoaill-ym sheese e noidyn kiongoyrt rish yn eddin echey Bible

Lord God2 (n.) (The); (Yn) Chiarn Jee: the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David - ver y Chiarn Jee dasyn stoyl-reeoil throne of his father David Bible

pans (npl.) pannaghyn: And thou shalt make his pans to receive his ashes - As nee oo pannaghyn dy ghoaill y leoie Bible; pannyn: and baked it in pans - as vroie ad eh ayns pannyn Bible

pulled tayrnit; hayrn: He pulled his hat over his eyes - Hayrn eh e edd neose er e hooillyn. DF idiom

spittle (n.) shelley: and let his spittle fall down upon his beard - as lhiggey dan shelley echey shilley sheese er e aasaag Bible; smug

subjects (npl.) biallee: His kindness to his subjects knew no bounds - Va e chenjallys gys e viallee gyn cagliagh. JJK idiom; geliy; theay

to1 (prep.) da; rish, rishyn: Give everyone his due - Cur da ooilley nyn gair. JJK idiom Treat a fool according to his folly - Dell rish ommidan coardail rish e ommijys. JJK idiom; raad; dy

trimmed baarey: had neither dressed his feet, nor trimmed his beard - chamoo er niee e chassyn, ny er vaarey e aasaag Bible; giarrit; skeoighit

with (prep.) lesh: With much pleasure - Lesh mooarane taitnys. JJK idiom; marish, mârish: His brother has just arrived with his sister - Ta e vraar er roshtyn marish e huyr. JJK idiom

choar (ny) in his presence

E Hiarnys His Lordship

according (prep.) (to) coardail; coardail rish: He'll doubtless be punished according to he law of the land - Gyn dooyt bee eh kerrit coardail rish leigh ny cheerey. JJK idiom; reir: According to his wishes - Reir e yeearreeyn. DF idiom; rere: According to his version - Rere yn skeeal echeysyn. DF idiom

authority (n.) lught-reill; torrity, currym; eaghtyrys: I am under his authority - Ta mee fo'n eaghtyrys echey. DF idiom; pooar: He went beyond his authority - Hie eh erskyn y pooar echey. DF idiom; ard-ynseyder: He is an authority on Manx - She ard-ynseyder ny Gaelgey eh. DF idiom; ard-reill

birthright (n.) cairys dooghys; cairys eiraght: his birthright was given unto the sons of Joseph - his birthright was given unto the sons of Joseph Bible; eiraght, kiartys eiraght; eiraght: And Jacob said, Sell me this day thy birthright. - As dooyrt Jacob, Creck rhym jiu dty eiraght Bible

dainty (n.) bee naightee; (adj.) dendeays, dendeaysagh, naightee; blaystal: So that his life abhorreth bread, and his soul dainty meat - Myr shen dy vel e vea jiooldey rish arran, as e annym rish bee blaystal Bible; mettey; millish: and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee - as dy chooilley nhee va millish as mie, er nimmeeaght voïd Bible

dominion (n.) ard-chioneys, ard-rheam, chiarnys; reilltys: despise dominion - soiaghey beg jeh reilltys Bible; ard-reill: or shalt thou indeed have dominion over us? - nee ayds vees yn ard reill harrin? Bible; chiarnaght; reill: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea - as lhig da reill ve oc harrish eeastyn ny marrey Bible; barriaght: it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion - hig eh gy-kione, tra vees oo er chosneyn varriaght Bible; rheam: and in all the land of his dominion - as ayns ooilley cheer e rheam Bible; reeriaght: nor in all his dominion - ny ayns ooilley y reeriaght echey Bible

fastened (v.) chrogh; sniemmey: And the two ends of the two wreathen chains they fastened in the two ouches - As daa chione y daa link feeit ren ad sniemmeysy daa socket Bible; kianlt: a sword fastened upon his loins - fine kianlt er e veeghyn Bible; jeant shickyr: with a footstool of gold, which were fastened to the throne lesh stoyl-coshey dy airh, va jeant shickyr gys y stoyl-reeoil Bible; shickyraghey: Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? - Cre er ta ny undinyn echey er ny hickyraghey? Bible; eiyrit shickyr: and as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies - as myr treinaghyn eiyrit shickyr liorish mainshtyryn y cho-chruinnaght Bible; lhian: there came a viper out of the heat, and fastened on his hand - haink ard-nieu ass y chiass, as lhian eh rish e laue. Bible

fatness1 (n.) keishid, meeaynlys, thummyd; reurid: Because he covereth his face with his fatness - Er-yn-oyr dy vel eh coodaghey e eddin lesh riurid Bible; roauyragh; riurid; meeaylys: fatness of the earth, - meeaylys y thallooin Bible; saill: thou art covered with fatness - tou coodit lesh saill Bible; soo: my flesh is dried up for want of fatness - ta my eill shymlit son laccal soo Bible

lifted (v.) troggit: It was lifted up - V'eh troggit. DF idiom; hrog: He lifted the child on his back - Hrog eh er e vooin y lhiannoo. DF idiom; dardjee: He lifted up his voice - Dardjee eh e choraa. DF idiom

likewise (adv.) lheid elley; myrgeddin: And likewise did he for all his strange wives - As myrgeddin hrog eh son ooilley e vraane joarree Bible; neesht: in his course likewise were twenty and four thousand - ayns y choorse echeysyn neesht va kiare thousaneyn as feed Bible; myrchaagh, myr-chaagh: Likewise when all the Jews that were in Moab - Myr-chaagh, tra va ooilley ny Hewnyn y ayns Moab Bible; er yn aght cheddin: he went out about the sixth and ninth hour, and did likewise - hie eh magh mysh y cheyoo as yn nuyoo oor, as ren eh er yn aght cheddin Bible

of us jin; j'in: We will not any of us go to his tent - Cha jed dooinney jin gys e chabbane Bible; (emph.) jinyn; jinyn: There shall not any of us give his daughter unto Benjamin to wife - Cha jean fer jinyn cur yn inneen echey da Benjamin son ben Bible

rooted astyrit: His confidence shall be rooted out of his tabernacle - Bee yn shickyrys echey astyrit ass e chabbane Bible; astyrt; dastyr: And the Lord rooted them out of their land in anger - As dastyr y Chiarn ad ass y cheer oc ayns e arg Bible; fraueit: Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith - Fraueit as troggit seose aynsyn, as er nyn niartaghey ayns y chredjue Bible

sacrifices (npl.) ourallyn: Never did a citizen make greater sacrifices for his country - Cha ren rieau ardvaljagh ourallyn ny smoo son e heer. JJK idiom; ouralyn: The citizen must make sacrifices for his country's welfare - Shegin da'n ardvaljagh jannoo ouralyn son speedeilys e heerey. JJK idiom; chebbalyn

shall stretch sheeynee: He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries - Sheeynee eh magh myrgeddin e laue er ny cheeraghyn Bible; heeynys: When the Lord shall stretch out his hand - Tra heeynys y Chiarn magh e laue Bible

species (n.) dooghys, kynney, sorch; dooie: The bird is like his species if there's down on his head - Ta'n eean myr e ghooie my vees clooie er e chione. DF idiom; keint: Two trees of like species - Daa villey jeh keint cosoylagh. DF idiom

thicket (n.) croanane, garee; thammag: a ram caught in a thicket by his horns - rea goit ayns thammag er e eairkyn Bible; keyll: The lion is come up from his thicket - Tan lion er jeet seose veih e cheyll Bible

wickedly (adv.) dy drogh; dy holk; dy aggairagh: Will ye speak wickedly for God? - Jean shiuish loayrt dy aggairagh ayns lieh Yee? Bible; dy mee-chrauee: I have kept the ways of the Lord, and have not wickedly departed from my God - ta mee er vreayll raaidyn y Chiarn, as cha vel mee dy mee-chrauee er hreigeil my Yee. Bible; mee-chairys: God will not do wickedly - cha jean Jee meechairys Bible; dy neuchairagh: thou hast done right, but we have done wickedly - tou uss er nyannoo dy cairagh, agh shinyn dy neuchairagh Bible; dy olk: for his mother was his counsellor to do wickedly - son er drogh choyrle e voir ren eh dy olk Bible; dy olkyssagh: thou thoughtest wickedly - heill oo dy olkyssagh Bible; dy peccoil: and have done wickedly - as er nyannoo dy peccoil Bible

E Ard Ooashlys His Excellency

obbree pl. obbreeyn agent, artisan, employee, factory hand, proletarian; labourer: for the labourer is worthy of his hire - son tan labree toilliu e aill Bible; worker: and his father was a man of Tyre, a worker in brass - va e ayr dooinney jeh Tyre, ny obbree ayns prash Bible; workman, working man: the workman made it - yn obbree ren eh, Bible; performer; potter: ta shinyn y chray, as uss yn obbree Bible; (adj.) practical; (v.) working; worked: as obbree ad seose nyn gliwenyn gys yiarnyn-shesheree, as nyn shleiyghyn gys yiarnyn-foldyragh Bible

Ard-Vriw Onnoroil (Yn) His Honour the Deemster

E Onnor y Meoir His Worship the Mayor

commanding (adj.) kioneysagh; sareydagh: His commanding figure - E chummey sareydagh. DF idiom

fatherly (adj.) ayroil: His fatherly chastisement - E smaghtagh ayroil DF idiom

stamps (npl.) clouagyn: Trading his stamps - Truckal ny clouagyn echey. DF idiom

uncle (n.) naim: His uncle is prudent - Ta'n naim echey creeney. JJK idiom

echey (=Ir. aice) 1 at him, his, its a: as bee yn ennym echey Ishmael Bible; 2 have

echeysyn (emph.) his, its: as nee uss broo yn voyn echeysyn. Bible

accord aigney: Of his own free will and accord - Jeh e yioin as e aigney hene. DF idiom; coardail; jannoo cordail; join: Of your own accord - Jeh dty yoin hene. DF idiom

advice (n.) coyrle: His advice pleased the king, the ministers, and parliament - By haittin lesh yn ree, ny hirveishee as yn ardwhaiyl, yn choyrle echey. JJK idiom; fys; skeeal; imbi

afraid (adj.) aggle er: I'm afraid his mother will be very uneasy - Ta aggle orrym dy bee e voir feer neuaashagh. JJK idiom; agglit; fo atchim

ambition (n.) gloyrvian: My soul, your ambition, his humour - M'annym, dty ghloyr-vian, e aittys. JJK idiom; mooaralys, sonaase

amusing taitnyssagh; goaill soylley: He was amusing himself with his children - V'eh goaill soylley marish e phaitchyn. JJK idiom

ankle (n.) abane: He gave his ankle a wrench - Cass eh yn abane echey. DF idiom; abbane, abaneagh, mwannal ny cass

ankles (npl.) abbaneyn: He was over his ankles in water - Va'n ushtey harrish ny abbaneyn echey. DF idiom

apparel1 (n.) coamrey: and changed his apparel - as hug eh caghlaa coamrey er Bible; eaddagh: and all such as are clothed with strange apparel - as adsyn ooilley ta coamrit lesh eaddagh joarree Bible; (v.) coamraghey, cur eaddagh er

appetite (n.) jollys, mian; mian-bee: He has lost his appetite - T'eh er choayl y mian-bee echey. DF idiom; gailley: I haven't much appetite - Cha nel monney gailley aym. DF idiom

applaud (v.) bwoalley bassyn, cur molley da; moylley: I applaud his work - Ta mee moylley yn obbyr echey. DF idiom

apprenticeship (n.) prindeysaght: He is serving his apprenticeship - T'eh cur stiagh yn prindeisaght echey. DF idiom

astrologers (npl.) rollaageydee: better than all the magicians and astrologers that were in all his realm - share na ooilley ny deiney-creeney as rollaageydee vayns ooilley e reeriaght Bible; rollageydee

attitude (n.) shassoo; ymmyrkey: That's his attitude - Ta shen yn ymmyrkey echey. DF idiom; aght smooinaghtyn

avenge (v.) cooilleeney; goaill cooilleen er: He shall avenge himself of his enemies - Yiow eh cooilleen er e noidyn. DF idiom

axe (v.) giarrey; (n.) teigh: and his hand fetcheth a stroke with the axe to cut down the tree - as tra ta e laue coyrt builley lesh y teigh dy lhieggal y bil Bible

bail1 kit; (n.) raane: He jumped his bail - Vrish eh e raane. DF idiom

beat1 (v.) bwoalley; yeelt, custey; custhey; geddyn laue yn eaghtyr er: We beat them! - Hooar shin laue yn eaghtyr orroo! DF idiom; yeealley; (n.) ronney: Policeman on his beat - Meoir shee er yn ronney echey. DF idiom

beauty (n.) aalid: Her beauty arrested his eyes - Hayrn e haalid ny sooillyn echey huc. DF idiom; aalinid; bwoyid; stoamid

bedstead1 (n.) sthoc-lhiabbagh: behold his bedstead was a bedstead of iron - cur-my-ner va e sthoc-lhiabbagh, sthoc-lhiabbagh yiarn Bible; sthock lhiabbagh

began hoshee; ghow toshiaght: he began to say unto his disciples - ghow eh toshiaght dy ghra rish e ostyllyn Bible

belly (n.) gailley, kewyl, prinjeig; bolg: He would fain have filled his belly - By vian lesh e volg y lhieeney. DF idiom; bruigh

bending croymm; crommey: Bending over his work - Croymmey er yn obbyr echey. DF idiom; lhoobagh

beneath (adv., prep.) heese; wass; fo: He considers that beneath his dignity - T'eh smooinaghtyn shen dy ve fo e eeuid. JJK idiom

best brod-; fare; fow laue yn eaghtyr er; geddyn barriaght harrish; geddyn y kione share jeh; share: He is dressed in his best clothes - T'eh ceau e chullee eaddee share. DF idiom

betray1 (v.) brah: He'd rather die than betray his king - Bare lesh geddyn baase na brah e ree. JJK idiom; treigeil

blast1 bleastey; bleaystey; blestal; osney; dorrin, readan, sheeb, sheebane; blest: at the blast of the breath of his nostrils - ec blest ennal e yymmoose Bible

bleeding coyrt folley; fuiltagh; lhiggey fuill: His nose is bleeding - Ta'n stroin echey lhiggey fuill. DF idiom; roie folley; tayrn fuill

blind1 dallaghey, doallaghey; doal: Is his son quite blind? - Vel e vac dy-slane doal? JJK idiom; doalley, dolley; kyragh

bloody (adj.) fuilltagh; folley: It is for Saul, and for his bloody house, because he slew the Gibeonites - Te kyndagh rish Saul, as kyndagh rish e hie folley, er-yn-oyr dy dug eh gy-baase ny Gibeoniteyn. Bible

blued2 (v.) (as money) jummit; yumm: He blued all his money on the horses - Yumm eh ooilley'n argid echey er ny cabbil. DF idiom

bluff1 baggyrtys: Call his bluff - Cur ersyn dy chooilleeney e vaggyrtys. DF idiom; baggyrtys follym; lhean 'sy toshiaght, rinn ughtee; (v.) molley, baggyrt

bomb bleaystan: The bomb tore off his arm - Ren y bleaystan raipey yn roih echey jeh. DF idiom; (n.) shliggan; (v.) bleaystaney, shligganaghey, skeayley bleastanyn

bravery (n.) creeaght; dunnalid; dunnallid; dunnalys; dunnallys; gastoilid; loan; roort: In recognition of his bravery - Er son e roort. DF idiom; treanys

bruise (n.) boayl gorrym; (v.) broojey; (n., v.) broo: it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. - nee eshyn y kione ayds y vroo, as nee uss broo yn voyn echeysyn Bible

bullet (n.) bullad: The bullet penetrated his heart - Hie yn bullad stiagh 'sy chree echey. DF idiom

bump att: There is a bump on his head - Ta att er e chione. DF idiom; builley; cramman: It raised a bump - Hrog eh cramman. DF idiom; donk; donkal; donkey; labb; tomman

burst1 bleastey; brishey; fosley; raght; roie; sceilt; scelt; scoltey: Ready to burst - Er chee scoltey. DF idiom; scoltey piob; scoltit; skioot; (impv) bleayst; vrish: He burst his bonds - Vrish eh ny geulaghyn v'er. DF idiom

but for agh son: but for his iniquity that he hath committed, he shall die for it - agh son e ghrogh-yannoo teh er chur-rish, yiow eh baase. Bible; agh er son

but she agh ish: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones - agh ish ta tayrn nearey er, tee myr loauid ayns e chraueyn Bible

cancelled currit ass: His licence was cancelled - Va e chiedoonys currit ass. DF idiom; dollit magh: Cancelled stamps - Clouagyn dollit. DF idiom; rast; scryssit

cap (n.) baare, cap, capeen, farkyl; edd: Take off thy cap - Gow jeed dty edd. JJK idiom; bayrn: He won his cap - Hooar eh e vayrn. DF idiom; (v.) crooiney, cur bayrn er, keim er stowal er

career coorse: At beginning of his career - Ec toshiaght e choorse. DF idiom; coorse-bea; imneeaght roish

carriage1 (n.) carriads: David left his carriage in the hand of the keeper of the carriage - daag David e charriads fo laue fer dy ghoaill kiarail jeh Bible; fainagh

carried away (v.) currit lesh ersooyl: And he carried away all his cattle - As hug eh lesh ersooyl ooilley e vaase Bible

changed caghlaait: The character of Langness has been changed - Ta cowrey Langlish er ve caghlaait. DF idiom; ceaghlit; cheaghil: He changed his ground - Cheaghil eh y skeeal echey. DF idiom; choonree

charge7 (imputation) lhiassaghey: That was laid to his charge - Va shen er ny lhiassaghey da. DF idiom

chariots (npl.) fainee: captain of half his chariots - captan er lieh jeh ny fainee echey Bible

chastisement (n.) custhym, smaght; smaghtagh: His fatherly chastisement - E smaghtagh ayroil. DF idiom; smaghtaghey

cheek1 (v.) cur baaish da, cur eddin da; (n.) daanys; eddin; gaailley; gruaie; lieckan: The blow slit his cheek - Doshil y builley y lhieckan echey. DF idiom; puiss

chest1 (n.) cleeau: He threw out his chest - Hug eh cleeau er hene. DF idiom; coyr, kishtey

childhood (n.) lambaanid: He is in his second childhood - T'eh 'sy nah lambaanid echey. DF idiom; lambaanys

children's children (n.) cloan chlienney: and his righteousness upon children's children - as e chairys er cloan chlienney Bible; cloan ny clienney: and thy children, and thy children's children - as dty chloan, as cloan dty chlienney Bible; sluight

chosen (pref.) jeih-: Then he said again to his chosen wife - Eisht dooyrt eh reesht rish e yeih heshey hene. DF idiom; reiht: Chosen place - Ynnyd reiht. DF idiom

cigarette (n.) jaaghag, toghteen; tudjeen: Cigarette between his lips - Tudjeen 'sy veeal echey. DF idiom

citizen (n.) ardvaljagh: Never did a citizen make greater sacrifices for his country - Cha ren rieau ardvaljagh ourallyn ny smoo son e heer. JJK idiom; fer baghee, fer-vaghee; seyranagh; seyraanagh

cloth1 (n.) eaddagh; brat: That cloth is very good, but I prefer his - Ta'n eaddagh shen feer vie, agh share lhiam eh shoh. JJK idiom; clout

concubine (n.) colhiabbagh; co-lhiabbagh: And his concubine, whose name was Reumah - As y co-lhiabbagh echey, va enmyssit Reumah Bible

conduct1 aghtey; gurneiley; leeideil; imbea; ymmyrkey: This man's conduct is bad, but that of his companions is worse - Ta ymmyrkey yn dooinney shoh olk, agh ta e heshaghyn ny smessey JJK idiom

craft2 (n.) (slyness) cluge; kialg; crout: he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand - ver eh er croutyn bishaghey ny laue Bible

created (v.) crooit; chroo: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. - Ayns y toshiaght chroo Jee niau as thalloo. Bible; kiaddit: Created by his genius - Kiaddit trooid yn ardcheeayll echey. DF idiom

creeping (v.) snaue; snauee: cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind - maase as cretooryn snauee as beishtyn y thallooin lurg nyn ghooghys Bible

cupbearers (npl.) butleryn: his cupbearers also, and their apparel - e vutleryn myrgeddin, as nyn goamraghyn Bible

curve cruill: There is a curve on his back - Ta cruill er e ghreeym. DF idiom; lhoob; lhoobey

delicately (adv.) dy keiyn: He that delicately bringeth up his servant from a child - Eshyn ta dy keiyn troggal e harvaant veih e aegid Bible

demolish (v.) lhieggey; rassey; cur mow: The enemy had demolished his castle - Va'n noid er chur mow e chashtal. JJK idiom

detested (v.) feoh currit da: This man is detested on account of his perfidy - Ta feoh currit da'n dooinney shoh kyndagh rish e oalsaght. JJK idiom

devoted casherickit da: Devoted to the Virgin Mary - Casherickit da'n Voidyn Moirrey. DF idiom; jeelys; slane currit da: Devoted to his job - Slane currit da'n staartey echey. DF idiom

die1 cab, kiarroo; (v.) fow baase, paartail, goaill eig, fuillaghtyn baase; geddyn baase: He'd rather die than betray his king - Bare lesh geddyn baase na brah e ree. JJK idiom; surranse baase; (to); (dy) gheddyn baase

digestion (n.) gailley: He has wrecked his digestion - Ta'n gailley millt echey. DF idiom; lheie

dig out (v.) astyral, astyrt, astyrtal, cleiy; feddyn magh: I will dig out his secrets - Fowym magh ny folliaghtyn echey. DF idiom; geddyn magh

diminished charbaait: They diminished the supply of his milk - Ren ad eh y harbaa. DF idiom; leodit; leodee: It diminished - Leodee eh. DF idiom; parail: It diminished - Ren eh parail. DF idiom

dipped hum, humm: He dipped the point of his finger in the water - Humm eh baare e vair 'syn ushtey. DF idiom; tummit; seiy

dirt breban; broid, broïd: His hands are ingrained with dirt - Ta broid grainnit ayns ny laueyn echey. DF idiom; brouteraght; sollaghar; trustyr; cugh

document (n.) screeuyn; docamad, documad: He set his hand to the document - Screeu eh e ennym rish y docamad. DF idiom; (v.) screeu, niartaghey lesh docamad

done away (v.) callit: Why should the name of our father be done away from among his family - Cren faveagh ennym yn ayr ain callit mastey e chynney Bible; lheie ersooyl; coyrt naardey

dropped lhieggit; chroymm: He dropped his head - Chroymm eh e chione. DF idiom; huitt: He dropped down dead - Huitt eh marroo. DF idiom

dwelling (n.) chagh, thie baghee, ynnyd-cummal, thie mooar; cummal: He's ashamed of his wretched dwelling - T'eh goaill nearey jeh e chummal treih. JJK idiom

effort (n.) chaglym; eab: Have you seen his last effort? - Vel oo er n'akin yn eab s'jerree echey? DF idiom; eabbey: I made an effort - Ren mee geabbey. DF idiom

eleven (n., adj.) 'nane-jeig: His arrival was timed for eleven - V'eh son cheet ec nane jeig er y chlag. DF idiom; unnane-jeig: It's eleven o'clock at the latest - Te unnane-jeig er y chlag ec y chooid s'anmee. JJK idiom

employ failley: I am in his employ - Ta mee faillit echey. DF idiom; jannoo ymmyd jeh; shirveish

enemy (n.) noid: A wise man often makes a friend of his enemy - Ta'n dooinney creeney mennick jannoo carrey jeh e noid. JJK idiom; rueg

escape (v.) scapail; shaghney; cosney roish: I still had hopes of his escape - Va foast jerkallys aym dy gosnagh eh roish. JJK idiom

everlasting dominion (n.) reiltys dy bragh farraghtyn: his dominion is an everlasting dominion - ta e reiltys reiltys dy bragh farraghtyn Bible

everyone (pron) cagh; dagh ooilley pheiagh; ooilley: Give everyone his due - Cur da ooilley nyn gair. JJK idiom

example (n.) sambyl, sampyl; sampleyr: He sets his younger brother a bad example - T'eh soiagh sampleyr olk roish e vraar s'aa. JJK idiom

extensive (adj.) feayn; lhean; mooar: There was extensive damage to his car - Va jeeyl mooar jeant er y ghleashtan echey. DF idiom; rheamyssagh

fall backward (v.) tuittym gour e ghrommey: so that his rider shall fall backward - dy jean y markiagh echey tuittym gour e ghrommey Bible

fall by the sword (v.) a: and I will cause him to fall by the sword in his own land - as ver-yms er tuittym liorish y chliwe ayns e heer hene Bible

fall out (v.) tuittym; tuittym ass: and I will cause the sword to fall out of his hand - as ver-ym er y chliwe dy huittym ass e laue Bible

fall to the ground (v.) tuittym gys y thalloo: and did let none of his words fall to the ground - as cha lhig eh da veg jeh e ghoan dy huittym gys y thalloo Bible

fastened upon kianlt er: and upon it a girdle with a sword fastened upon his loins in the sheath thereof - as er e chryss va cliwe ayns fine kianlt er e veeghyn Bible

fate (n.) beoyn; cronney: That's my fate - Ta shen y cronney aym. DF idiom; erree: He was railing at his fate - V'eh goltooaney yn erree echey. DF idiom; kynoauin

feeble (adj.) anlheiltagh: His mother is very feeble - Ta'n voir echey feer anlheiltagh. JJK idiom; annoon, faase, gyn vree, lhag, moal, treih

feet (npl.) cassyn: She fell down at his feet - Huitt ee sheese ec ny cassyn echey. JJK idiom; trieyn: He is six feet tall - T'eh shey trieyn er lhiurid. JJK idiom; trieghyn

fits freggyrtagh: It fits in with his story - T'eh freggyrt rish e skeeal. DF idiom; gaarlaghey: It fits him for the work - T'eh gaarlaghey eh da'n obbyr. DF idiom; kinkyn

floating er snaue: Floating mine - Meainagh er snaue. DF idiom; seyr; shiaulley: Floating his yacht on the pond - Shiaulley e vurling er y dubbey. DF idiom; skeaylt; snaue; so-ghleashagh

fool (n.) bleb, kymmagh, moal-hushtagh, ommidan; ommydan: The fool hath said in his heart: There is no God - Tan ommydan er ghra ayns e chree: Cha vel Jee ayn Bible; spoagee; (v.) cloie yn ommidan, molley

forehead (n.) baaish, baaish eddin; glaare eddin: and it shall be always upon his forehead - As bee eh kinjagh er glaare e eddin Bible

foreign (adj.) frangagh, gyn-oayl, quaagh; joarree: Foreign Office - Rheynn Chooishyn Joarree. DF idiom; neughooghyssagh: Foreign to his nature - Neughooghyssagh da. DF idiom

foreigners (npl.) deiney quaagh: and foreigners entered into his gates - as hie deiney quaagh stiagh er e yiattyn Bible; joarreeyn; fir-shaghryn

formerly (adv.) roie-: He was famous formerly, but now nobody mentions his name - V'eh ennymoil roie nish, agh nish cha vel pagh erbee g'imraa yn ennym echey. JJK idiom

for my part er my hons: For my part, I don't think he'll succeed, in spite of all his endeavours - Er my hons, cha nel mee credjal dy jig reddyn lesh, dyn wooise da ooilley e eabyn. JJK idiom

fritter (n.) freeghtag; (v.) jummal: To fritter all his money away - Dy yummal ooilley e argid. DF idiom

furrowed (adj.) clashagh; creaghagh; craplit: Age has furrowed his face - Ta'n eash er chur craplagyn er yn eddin echey. DF idiom

game1 (v.) cloie: The game is up - Sheer-charrooagh. DF idiom; (n.) gamman: They were on to his little game - Va enney oc er yn gamman beg echey. DF idiom

garner (v.) stoyral; (n.) thie tashtee: and will gather the wheat into his garner - as gowee eh yn churnaght stiagh ayns e hie tashtee Bible

general (n.) kionfenee: A good general knows how to reward his soldiers' valour - Ta fys ec kione-fenee mie kys dy chur leagh da treanid e hidooryn. JJK idiom; general; cadjinys; (adj.) cadjin

gentle (n.) crooag; koynrit; (adj.) meein; meen: His words are gentle and insinuating - Ta e ghoan meen as brynnyragh. JJK idiom; mial; meeley: A gentle fire makes sweet malt - Ta aile meeley jannoo braih millish. JJK idiom

gnash (v.) snaggeragh: they hiss and gnash the teeth - t'ad gannidys as snaggeragh lesh nyn veeacklyn Bible; snaggeraght: he shall gnash with his teeth - nee eh snaggeraght lesh e eeacklyn Bible; snaggeral

godmother (n.) mimmey: I am his godmother - Ta mee my vimmey da. DF idiom; moir vashtee

goodly images (npl.) jallooyn stoamey: according to the goodness of his land they have made goodly images - rere foays e halloo, tad er nyannoo jallooyn stoamey Bible

grasp1 greim: I freed myself from his grasp - Deayshil mee mee hene ass y ghreim echey. DF idiom; greimmey

gravestone (n.) clagh oaie: It will be written on his gravestone - Bee eh grainnit er y chlag oaie echey. DF idiom; leac oaie

grinding cranshal; scranshal; shleeu; snaggeral: He is grinding his teeth - T'eh snaggeral. DF idiom; blieh

harlots (npl.) oainjyryn; streebee: but he that keepeth company with harlots spendeth his substance - agh eh ta freayll sheshaght streebee, teh jummal e chooid. Bible; streebeeyn

hat (n.) edd: He took my hat instead of his own - Ghow eh my edd ayns ynnyd jeh'n fer echey hene. JJK idiom

have been (v.) er ve: I have been at his house - Ta mee er ve ec e hie. JJK idiom

heirs (npl.) eiraghyn: then shall Israel be heir unto them that were his heirs - eisht bee Israel ny eirey dauesyn, va ny eiraghyn echeysyn Bible

hence (adv.) hoal, noal, noon, veih shoh, veih shoh magh, veih'n traa shoh; shen y fa: Hence his anger - Shen y fa e chorree. DF idiom

Henry (n.) Inry: Henry has lost mine, but he'll lend you his - Ta Inry er choayl y penn ayms agh eeasee eh y penn echeysyn dhyt. JJK idiom

hero (n.) feniagh: The hero whom you admire, had also his faults - Yn feniagh t'ou cur yindys er, va e oiljyn echey neesht. JJK idiom; gastagh, treanagh

hobby (n.) cabbyl beg, cabbyleen, shirragh corranagh; ceau traa: It was his hobby - V'eh yn ceau traa echey. DF idiom

hole1 (n.) dhull; poyll; towl: Money burns a hole in his pocket - Ta argid lostey towl ny phoagey. JJK idiom; (v.) towley

holy hills (npl.) croink chasherick: His foundation is upon the holy hills - Ta ny undinyn eck er ny croink chasherick Bible

Holy Land (n.) (The); (Yn) Cheer Vannee; thalloo sheaynt: And the Lord shall inherit Judah his portion in the holy land - As nee yn Chiarn goaill huggey hene myr eiraght Judah e chronney ayns y thalloo sheaynt, Bible

hung (v.) croghit; chroymm: He hung his head - Chroymm eh e chione. DF idiom

husband1 (n.) dooinney; dooinney poost; dooinney sheshey; sheshey: Her husband is young; his wife is happy - Ta e sheshey aeg; ta e ven maynrey. JJK idiom; sheshey poost; fer-poost

husks (npl.) bleaystyn: And he would fain have filled his belly with the husks - As by-vian lesh e volg y lhieeney lesh ny bleaystyn Bible

ill health (n.) drogh-laynt; lag-laynt: He set his poverty down to ill health - Hug eh foill er lag-laynt son y voghtynid echey. DF idiom

importunity (n.) sheer-yeearreeaght; jeeanid: yet because of his importunity he will rise - ny-yeih kyndagh rish yn jeeanid echey, irree eh Bible

impute (v.) aggyrt, cur sheese da, gaggyrts; cur ny lhie; cur gys lieh: let not the king impute any thing unto his servant - Ny lhig dan ree cur nhee erbee gys lieh e harvaant Bible

increased vishee: And he increased his people exceedingly - As vishee eh yn pobble echey dy yindyssagh Bible

in order to dys; gys; dy voddagh: In order to procure repose for others, he sacrificed his own - Dy voddagh eh geddyn fea da feallagh elley, ren eh cur seose yn fea echey hene. JJK idiom

inside (n.) cheu asstan, cheu sthie, cheu-astan; (prep.) sthie, stiagh; cheusthie: His house is very fine inside - Ta e hie feer stoamey cheusthie. JJK idiom

islands (npl.) ellanyn: declare his praise in the islands - soilshaghey e voylley ayns ny ellanyn Bible; inshyn

I will remember cooin-yms er: I will remember his deeds which he doeth - cooin-ym er e obbraghyn teh dy yannoo Bible; nee'm cooinaghtyn er: I will remember the land - nee'm cooinaghtyn er y cheer

jealous (adj.) eadagh, eadoil, eadoilagh, eadolagh; eadolys: There's a great deal of jealousy among authors - Ta mooarane eadolys mastey ughtaryn. JJK idiom; eadaghey, geadaghey: He's jealous of his cousin - T'eh g'eadaghey e ghooinney-mooinjerey. JJK idiom

John (n.) Ean, Eoin; Juan: He's going to call his son John - T'eh kiarail cur Juan er y vac. JJK idiom

Joseph (n.) Josee; Joseph: And she called his name Joseph - As denmys ee eh Joseph Bible


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