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hie (dy) chirtagh; (dy) hiyraghey

hie (=Ir. chuaidh, Sc. chaidh) went: hie dagh fer jeu jeeragh er e hoshiaght Bible

Inexact matches:

cooid hie (f.) furnishings, furniture

hie ee she went: As hie ee roee, as haink ee, as ren ee jeeassyragh 'sy vagher lurg ny beayneeyn Bible

obbyr hie (f.) homework

ogher hie (f.) latchkey

Pompee hie House Bunting

quaillag hie (f.) house fly

shapp cooid-hie furniture shop

van chooid-hie (f.) furniture van, pantechnicon

cur cooid-hie ayn furnish

cur cooid-hie stiagh furnishing

gyn cooid hie unfurnished

hie noon as noal wandered

Hie ny mucyn ny hrooid It went by the board; (the) pigs went through it

mooinjey hie roin (f.) forebears

traa hie shaghey elapsed time, past time: Dooyrt eh dy vel yn Cheshaght Obbree ayns Nalbin yn cheshaght jeh'n traa hie shaghey. Carn

ro-lajer over-powered, over-powering: As hie cloan Dan er nyn raad: as tra honnick Micah dy row ad ro-lajer er e hon, hyndaa eh as hie eh reesht gys e hie hene. Bible

signit signed: tra hoig Daniel dy row ny screeuyn signit, hie eh stiagh gys e hie Bible

forebears (npl.) mooinjey hie roin

furnishings (n.) cooid hie

House Bunting (n.) Pompee hie

house fly (n.) quaillag hie

latchkey (n.) ogher hie

semi (house) lieh-hie: He lives in a semi - T'eh cummal ayns lieh-hie. DF idiom

she went hiee; hie ee: She went to bed very late, and she says she's very tired - Hie ee dy lhie feer anmagh, as t'ee gra dy vel ee feer skee. JJK idiom

wandered cailjey; hie noon as noal: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins - hie ad noon as noal ayns craitnyn keyrragh, as craitnyn goair Bible

went1 (v.) hie: He went there by the shortest way - Hie eh dys shen liorish aagherrid. JJK idiom; jimmee; huill; jagh

chirtagh (dy); (to) hie

derrey raad nyn raad elley (yn) this way or that way: hie jaagh yn ard-valley seosesyn aer, as hie nyn dappee voue dy chosney roue, yn derrey raad nyn raad elley Bible

gour nyn mullee headlong: Eisht hie ny drogh-spyrrydyn ass y dooinney, as hie ad stiagh ayns ny muckyn: as roie yn ghriagh gour nyn mullee lesh yn eaynee gys y cheayn, as v'ad plooghit. Bible

raad elley elsewhere: hie jaagh yn ard-valley seose 'syn aer, as hie nyn dappee voue dy chosney roue, yn derrey raad n'yn raad elley Bible

theiley lime: Hie ynnydyn elley er ronsaghey, ec Thalloo Souree as ec Keyll Theiley ayns Doolish, hie er ymmydey myr ynnyd shallidagh. BS

depot (n.) ard-hie, stoyr

elapsed time (n.) traa hie shaghey

furniture shop (n.) shapp cooid-hie

furniture van (n.) van chooid-hie

homepage (n.) duillag-thie, duillag-hie

hothouse (n.) blah-hie, thie gless

pantechnicon (n.) van chooid-hie

past time (n.) traa hie shaghey

ard-hie depot

blah-hie hothouse

duillag-hie (f.) homepage

fir-hie husbands

lieh-hie semi-detached; (house) semi

furnishing (v.) cur cooid-hie stiagh, greighey

homeless (adj.) gyn thie; fegooish fastee-hie

homework (n.) arnane, obbyr hie, obbyr hiollee, roortys

semi-detached lieh-hie; lieh-scarrit; thie lieh scarrit

unfurnished (adj.) gyn cooid hie, gyn stoo thie, neughreit

arranee singers: hie ny arranee lesh nyn giaull

craidey (=Ir. cráigh) jeering: hie ad son craidey mysh.

jelliu (wood) warp: Hie ny lurgaghyn echey jelliu. DF

merre (f.) frenzy: Hie eh er-merre. DF

tholtanys dilapidation: Hie yn thie gys tholtanys. DF

furnish (v.) cur cooid-hie ayn, greighey, soiaghey magh

It went by the board Hie ny mucyn ny hrooid

pigs went through it (the) Hie ny mucyn ny hrooid

ass my hilley out of sight: Hie eh ass my hilley. DF

baagh oaldey brute, wild animal: hie baagh oaldey v'ayns Lebanon shaghey Bible

boglagh (n.) marsh, morass, quagmire, swamp: Hie mee ayns boglagh. DF; (adj.) boggy, oozy

bolt pl. boltyn bolt, bar: Hie y bolt 'sy ghlass. DF

bullad pl. bulladyn bullet: Hie yn bullad stiagh 'sy chree echey. DF

chionn cooidjagh close together: Ta'n daa hie chionn cooidjagh. JJK

cosaayl (f.) back-heel, hunkers: Hie ee sheese er e cosaayl. DF

Creesteenyn disciples: Hie mârin myrgeddin paart jeh Creesteenyn Cesarea Bible

curneein (f.) huff: Hie ee ersooyl as curneein er. DF

dagh ooilley red everything: Hie dagh ooilley red dy mie DF

Dalby Glen Farm: Hie ad gys y vrastyl ec Caesar Cashen (va ruggit as troggit ayns Dalby). Dhoor [Scand]

dy cooishagh artfully: Hie ad gys obbyr dy cooishagh Bible

er-lheh (specified) certain: hie eh gys boayl er-lheh. Bible; particular

er y vunlaa at noon: As hie ad magh er y vunlaa Bible

fainee chariots: As hie seose mârish, chammah fainee as markee Bible

geuree (gen.) of winter: Nish va'n ree ny hoie ayns e hie geuree Bible

guin (f.) pain: hie guin y yiarn stiagh gys e chree Bible; stitch; pang

hilgagh would cast: hie eh voue, mysh choud as hilgagh fer clagh Bible

hilt hilt: As hie yn hilt myrgeddin stiagh marish y vlod Bible; haft

hiyraghey (dy); (to) hie: Dy hiyraghey dys boayl. DF; (to) move quickly

huic See huick to her: hie cloan Israel seose huic son briwnys Bible

lesh y twoaie northward: hie ad lesh y twoaie Bible

lhommyrt shear: As hie Laban dy lhommyrt e chirree Bible

lommyrtee shearers: hie eh seose gys lommyrtee ny geyrragh Bible

manishter abbey: Hie eshyn er oanluckey ayns Manishter Vangor. Chron

markee horsemen, riders: As hie seose mârish, chammah fainee as markee Bible

mooarrane much: hie ymmodee jeh e ynseydee marish, as mooarrane sleih. Bible

oo hene thyself, yourself: bee oo hene, as dty hie, ayns sauchys Bible

prindeys apprentice: 'Sy toshiaght hie Juan Comish myr prindeys da fuinneyder Coraa

rhymbee before her: hie ee rhymbee gys y valley Bible

roee before her: As hie ee roee, as haink ee Bible

roiee before her: hrog ee urree as hie ee roiee Bible

saualtys salvation, redemption: Hie oo magh son saualtys dty phobble Bible

shenn dooinney old man: Hie yn shenn dooinney dy lhie. DF

Skylley Vreeshey (f.) Bride: Hie eh fo laue yn aspick ayns Skylley Vreeshey. DF

slennooit surnamed: hie yn drogh-spyrryd stiagh ayns Yuaase va slennooit Iscariot Bible

synagogue (pl -yn) synagogue: hie eh stiagh ayns nyn synagogue Bible

abroad (adv.) ass y cheer: He went abroad - Hie eh ass y cheer. DF idiom; gy lhean, dy lhean; mooie; er lheead

adrift (adj., adv.) er shaghryn: I went adrift there - Hie mee er-shaghryn ayns shen. DF idiom; gimmee lesh yn troa, lesh y gheay, rouaillagh

answer1 (n., v.) freggyrt: You ought to answer at once - Lhisagh shiu freggyrt er-y-chooyl. JJK idiom; (v.) cur ansoor da, gansoor; (n.) ansoor: The servant went away without waiting for an answer - Hie yn sharvaant roish dyn fuirragh rish ansoor. JJK idiom

Athens (n.) (Yn) Atheen; Athens: And they that conducted Paul brought him unto Athens - As hug y cheshaght hie marish Paul lhieu eh gys Athens Bible

Atlantic (n., adj.) Atlantagh; (n.) (Yn) Eearvooir: I flew the Atlantic - Hie mee tessen yn Eearvooir ayns etlan. DF idiom

bay1 baie, baïe: The ship went down in Douglas Bay - Hie y lhong fo ayns Baie Ghoolish. DF idiom; (n.) cooan, poyll; bay; co-hamyryn; (adj.) dhone-ruy, doyn; (v.) gullal, gullarnee

bloody (adj.) fuilltagh; folley: It is for Saul, and for his bloody house, because he slew the Gibeonites - Te kyndagh rish Saul, as kyndagh rish e hie folley, er-yn-oyr dy dug eh gy-baase ny Gibeoniteyn. Bible

bolt1 (v.) barrey, creearrey, boltal, boltey; (n.) boult, bout; (v.) orraghey; (v.) roie; (n.) side; bolt: The bolt slipped home - Hie y bolt 'sy ghlass. DF idiom

Bride (n.) Breeshey; Skeerey Vreeshey, Skyll Vreeshey; Skylley Vreeshey: He was confirmed in Kirk Bride - Hie eh fo laue yn aspick ayns Skylley Vreeshey. DF idiom; (voc.) Vreeshey

bullet (n.) bullad: The bullet penetrated his heart - Hie yn bullad stiagh 'sy chree echey. DF idiom

but for all this agh son shoh as ooilley: But for all this they sinned yet more - Agh son shoh as ooilley, hie ad ny sodjey er nyn doshiaght ayns peccah Bible

charring (cleaning) spincheraght: She went out charring - Hie ee er y spincheraght. DF idiom

city (n.) ardvalley, ard-valley: The enemy went into the fated city - Hie y noid stiagh 'syn ard valley va briwnys vaaish er. DF idiom; caayr

clink bwoalley cling ass; cling; clingeragh; glig; carchar; pryssoon: He went to clink - Hie eh stiagh ayns pryssoon. DF idiom

close together (adj.) faggys dy-cheilley; chionn cooidjagh: The two houses are close together - Ta'n daa hie chionn cooidjagh. JJK idiom; chionn er y cheilley: Lying close together - Nyn lhie chionn er y cheilley. DF idiom

confirmed er ve fo laue yn aspick: He was confirmed in Kirk Bride - Hie eh fo laue yn aspick ayns Skylley Vreeshey. DF idiom; feerit, firrinit, niartit, confirmit; hickyree

couch (n.) aashag; bainc, baink; lhiabbee: he went up to my couch - hie eh seose gys my lhiabbee Bible; lhiaght: my couch shall ease my complaints - nee my lhiaght my accan y veeinaghey Bible; soiag

crown1 (n.) attan, attey; crooin: After having resigned the crown, he retired into a monastery - Erreish cur seose yn chrooin, hie eh stiagh ayns manishter. JJK idiom; crown; rimmey; (v.) crooinaghey, cur crooin er; karraghey; pen

dad (n.) jeyd; jishag: Why did dad go to Douglas today, mum? - Cre'n fa hie jishag dy Ghoolish jiu, vummig? Bunnydys

dotty (adj.) breck, breckit, harrish ny sleityn; ass e cheeayl: He went dotty - Hie eh ass e cheeayl. DF idiom

empire (n.) impiraght: The empire was dismembered - Hie yn impiraght er rheynn. DF idiom; mainshtyraght; smaght

emptied folmit, teaumit; dolmee: And she hasted, and emptied her pitcher into the trough - As hie ee dy tappee, as dolmee ee e saagh ayns y trogh-ushtey Bible

encamp (v.) campal: And I will encamp about mine house because of the army - As neem campal mygeayrt my hie lesh sheshaght-caggee Bible; cur ayns camp; soiaghey seose cabbaneyn

evangelist (n.) sushtallagh: we entered into the house of Philip the evangelist - hie shin stiagh ayns thie Philip yn sushtallagh Bible

foreigners (npl.) deiney quaagh: and foreigners entered into his gates - as hie deiney quaagh stiagh er e yiattyn Bible; joarreeyn; fir-shaghryn

forerunner (n.) chiaghter: Whither the forerunner is for us entered - Raad tan chiaghter hie roïn er ngholl stiagh er nyn son Bible; roie-haghter, roie-roieder

furniture (n.) cooid hie; stoo thie: Room crowded with furniture - Shamyr lung lane jeh sthoo-thie. DF idiom

garage (v.) cur stiagh 'sy gharreish; (n.) garreish; gareish: The car backed into the garage - Hie yn gleashtan ergooyl stiagh 'sy ghareish. DF idiom; garaashtey: Run the car into the garage - Cur y gleashtan 'sy gharaashtey. DF idiom

garner (v.) stoyral; (n.) thie tashtee: and will gather the wheat into his garner - as gowee eh yn churnaght stiagh ayns e hie tashtee Bible

haft (n.) (v.) cur cass ayn, cur doarnane ayn; (n.) dhornane, doarnane; hilt: And the haft also went in after the blade - As hie yn hilt myrgeddin stiagh marish y vlod Bible

have been (v.) er ve: I have been at his house - Ta mee er ve ec e hie. JJK idiom

herd of swine (n.) griaght muickey; griagh dy vuckyn: they went into the herd of swine - hie ad stiagh ayns y ghriagh dy vuckyn Bible; shioltane muck

holiness (n.) casherickys: holiness becometh thine house for ever - ta casherickys cooie da dty hie son dy bragh Bible

huff curneein: She went away in a huff - Hie ee ersooyl as curneein er. DF idiom; smorig; smull

inside (n.) cheu asstan, cheu sthie, cheu-astan; (prep.) sthie, stiagh; cheusthie: His house is very fine inside - Ta e hie feer stoamey cheusthie. JJK idiom

James (n.) Jamys: they entered into the house of Simon and Andrew, with James and John - hie ad stiagh ayns thie Simon as Andreays, marish Jamys as Ean Bible

Jordan (n.) (Y) Jordaan; Jordan: I passed over this Jordan - hie mee harrish yn Jordan shoh Bible

ladder1 (n.) aarey: The ladder gave way - Hie yn aarey voym. DF idiom; (v.) roie

monastery (n.) mannishter: After having resigned the crown, he retired into a monastery - Erreish cur seose yn chrooin, hie eh stiagh ayns manishter. JJK idiom

mortgaged (adj.) er gioaldeeaght: The house was mortgaged - Hie yn thie er gioaldeeaght. DF idiom; fo gioaldeeaght; gioaltit

mouldy (adj.) er lheeah: It went mouldy - Hie eh er lheeah. DF idiom; ooiragh

mud laaee; laagh: He sank to his knees in mud - Hie eh sheese dys e ghlioonyn ayns laagh. DF idiom; laaghey

nail (v.) gow greim er, treinaghey; (n.) ingin; treiney: A nail caught my hand - Hie treiney stiagh ayns my laue. DF idiom; croan

neighbour (n.) naboo: When thy neighbour's house is on fire, take care of thy own house - Tra ta thie dty naboo er aile, gow kiarail jeh dty hie hene. JJK idiom

nephew (n.) mac braarey: The priest whose nephew went to Ramsey last month - Yn saggyrt ta'n mac braarey echey hie gys Rhumsaa. DF idiom; mac shayrey; neear

of them jeu, jeusyn: Each of them - Dagh fer jeu. DF idiom; oc, ocsyn: I got in between the two of them - Hie mee stiagh eddyr yn jees oc. DF idiom; rouesyn

on the south er y cheu yiass; er y cheu jiass: and ascended up on the south side - as hie eh seose er y cheu jiass Bible

overseer (n.) curmeyder; oaseir: and he made him overseer over his house - as ren eh ny oaseir eh harrish e hie Bible

pale banaghey, eiglaghey; banee, treih; glassaghey; neealagh; paal, peeley; glass: He turned pale at the sight of the gun - Hie eh glass tra honnick eh yn gunn. JJK idiom

plenteousness (n.) palchid, palchys, sooghid; palchey: Riches and plenteousness shall be in his house - Bee berchys as palchey ayns e hie Bible; sonnys: and plenteousness within thy palaces - as sonnys cheu-sthie jeh dty chooyrtyn Bible

roundabout chymbyl, chymbyllagh, cruinnag; mygeayrt: She went all round the garden - Hie ee ooilley mygeayrt y gharey. JJK idiom; markiaght-chyndaa

Russians (npl.) Rooshee: He went over to the Russians - Hie eh marish ny Rooshee. DF idiom

sealing (adj.) sealagh; (v.) sealal: So they went, and made the sepulchre sure, sealing the stone - Myr shen hie ad, as ren ad yn oaie shickyr, sealal y chlagh Bible; (v.) shelg raunyn

seeing fakinagh; jeeaghyn: She went away without seeing anybody - Hie ee roee dyn jeeaghyn pagh erbee. JJK idiom

sitting1 (ny) hoie, soie: Your father was sitting before his house when I saw him - Va dt'ayr ny hoie kiongoyrt rish e hie tra honnick mee eh. JJK idiom; nyn soie

slope bai; battyrail; cammey; lhargagh: They descended the slope - Hie ad sheese y lhargagh. DF idiom; liargagh; scoidey; ughtagh: Steep slope - Ughtagh gheyre. DF idiom

stern arbyl, lieh jerree; groamagh; loghtal; jerrey: She sank by the stern - Hie ee fo lurg e jerrey. DF idiom; jerree: Stern oar - Maidjey jerree. DF idiom

success (n.) aighar; rah: He met with success - Va rah ayn. DF idiom; speeideilys: Success turned his head - Hie yn speeideilys da'n chione echey. DF idiom

tailor (v.) jannoo cullee; (n.) thalhear: I went to the tailor - Hie mee hug yn thalhear. DF idiom

together (adj., adv.) cooidjagh: The two houses are close together - Ta'n daa hie chionn cooidjagh. JJK idiom; dy cheilley, kione y cheilley, lesh y cheilley, my cheilley; ry-cheilley: Colours blending together - Daaghyn goll stiagh ry-cheilley. DF idiom; noi-ry-hoi

very tired feer skee: She went to bed very late, and she says she's very tired - Hie ee dy lhie feer anmagh, as t'ee gra dy vel ee feer skee. JJK idiom

wares (n.) cooid crayee, myn-chooid; (v.) cur arrey da; cooid: When thy wares went forth out of the seas - Tra hie dty chooid varchan magh er yn aarkey Bible

whereinto (adv.) ayns shen; raad: him will I bring into the land whereinto he went - eshyn ver-ym lhiam gys y cheer, raad hie eh Bible

aagherrid abbreviation, brief abstract, epitome; short cut: Hie eh dys shen liorish aagherrid. JJK

aaghyn fords: As ad sheese geiyrt er, as hie ad harrish aaghyn Yordan ta leeideil gys Moab Bible

aahley fishery, fishing ground, marine habitat: As laa-ny-vairagh hie Juan gys yn eeastagh ayns y baatey beg echey, as tra v'eh er- jeet dys yn aahley-eeastee, cheau eh yn aker magh as ren eh yn chord shickyr Dhoor; (at sea) location

aggle er afraid, windy: Dooinney erbee ta aggle er, as lhagchreeagh, lhig da goll roish gys e hie Bible

amylt swim: lurg oie gharroo gyn monney cadley ain, hie y cooinseilagh son amylt 'syn aarkey bunnys! GK; swimming

Anglo-Yernagh Anglo-Irish: Hie mee gys leaght mysh y Coardail Anglo-Yernagh va currit ec leaghteyr veih'n Rheynn jeh Politickaght syn ollooscoill Carn

Ard-Hirveishagh Chief Minister: Nee ad feeraghey ny s'anmagh quoi hie er enmyssey myr yeearreyderyn son y kiartey jeh Ard-Hirveishagh. BS

ard-phleadeyr orator: hie Ananias yn ard-saggyrt sheese marish y chanstyr, as ard-phleadeyr dy row enmyssit Tertullus, dy chur stiagh nyn blaiynt gys y chiannoort noi Paul. Bible

Ard-whaiyl High Court: hie y slattys tranlaasagh shoh trooid Ardwhaiyl Hostyn gyn boirey erbee Carn

ard-ynnyd high place: As tra van chirveish shoh harrish, hie eh gys yn ard-ynnyd Bible

argane pl. arganeyn altercation, argument, debate, dispute: Eisht hie ad son argane ry-cheilley Bible; (impv) argue

arran corkey oat bread: Hie shin roish dys Ball-ny henshy, Hooar shin palchey arran corkey GB

arrane-moyllee hymn: As tra v'ad er ghoaill arrane-moyllee hie ad magh gys cronk ny Oliveyn. PB1765

as (=Ir. agus) 1 and a: As haink eh gy-kione Bible; 2 as a: As hie eh magh ass e enish ny lourane cha giall as sniaghtey Bible; 3 interjected, quoth [O.Ir. ocus]

as ny yei shen1 whereafter: As ny yei shen, erreish da v'er n'ghoaill e phadjeryn, hie Ninian as ny caarjyn echey dy chadley. Dhoor

baie (f.) 1 pl. baiaghyn bay, haven a: Hie y lhong fo ayns Baie Ghoolish. DF; 2 first furrow

bayryn roads: V'eh loayrt Gaelg rhyms ooilley'n traa, ayns y hie, er ny bayryn, er ny cassanyn as ayns ny magheryn. MB

bink (f.) pl. binkyn COMPARE beck bench, base: Eisht hie eh cheu-mooie gys y bink, as hrog eh yn clagh va ny choodey. Coraa

bishagh pl. bishaghyn betterment, interest payer, rally, supplement, thriving: Nee bishagh e hie lheïe ersooyl Bible; fruitful

Boaldyn (f.) (pl -yn) Baldwin: Hie yn nah "Kione Shiaghtin Gaelgagh" er cummal er y Cholloo ayns Mee Boaldyn. Carn; May

bodjal pl. bodjallyn cloud, film on the eye, fog: As hie ad seose gys niau ayns bodjal Bible

boltyn bars: ghow eh dorryssyn giat yn ard-valley, as y daa essyn, as hie eh ersooyl lhieu, boltyn as ooilley Bible

Braaid (Yn) Braid: Mysh shiaghtin er dy henney ec Thie Chibbanagh, y Braaid, hie chaglym er cummal ry-hoi loayrt mychione crooaght startey noa son Oaseir Lhiasee. Dhoor

brialtagh enquirer, examiner, searcher: Coardail rish skeeal ayns Brialtagh Ellan Vannin y çhiaghtin shoh, hie Patricia Kneen er feyshtey lurg jee v'er jebbal da'n phabyr-naight screeuyn mychione laghyn s'jerree e dooinney. BS; catechist

butleryn cupbearers: as myr va ny fir-oik echey nyn soie, as stayd e hirveishee, as nyn goamrey, as ny butleryn, as ny greeshyn, orroo hie eh seose gys thie'n Chiarn

bwid See buid penes: Ansherbee hie eh roish gys y chashtal as tra v'eh ny hoie ec y voayrd vooar mârish deiney-ooasle as y lheid as adsyn er nyn goamragh gollrish bwid ghonnagh GB; (adj.) phallic

bwoirrynagh she: Hie stiagh gys Noah ayns yn arg, jees as jees, fyrrynagh as bwoirrynagh Bible; womanish

cabbal (f.) pl. cabbalyn chapel: As va ec Micah cabbal ayns e hie Bible; bethel [L. cappella]

cagleeyn confines, bounds: Veih shen hie eh lesh Azmon, roshtyn gys awin Egypt; cagleeyn y cheer cheddin va ec yn aarkey. Bible; landmarks: Ta paart scughey ny cagleeyn; tad liorish laue lajer goaill ersooyl shioltaneyn, as beaghey orroo Bible

caisht ny hewnyn (f.) Passover: As va Caisht ny Hewnyn er-gerrey, as hie Yeesey seose gys Jerusalem Bible

camp pl. campyn camp, encampment: hie champion magh ass camp ny Philistinee, enmyssit Goliath Bible

cheer sleitagh (f.) hill country, wold: As huitt aggle (arrymagh) er ooilley nyn naboonyn: as hie goo jeh ooilley ny reddyn shoh magh trooid ooilley cheer sleitagh Yudea. Bible

cheird (f.) (yn) know-how: 'Sy toshiaght hie Juan Comish myr prindeys da fuinneyder, as lurg va'n cheird ynsit echey, hiaull eh er ny lhongyn "Blue Funnel" er feiy ny cruinney Coraa

cheu chiare (f.) 1 larboard, port side; 2 left hand, left side a: hie ad er nyn eiyrts gys Hoba er cheu chiare jeh Damascus Bible

cheu elley (f.) obverse: hie yn cheshaght elley va dy choyrt booise er y cheu elley Bible

chionney stiagh er beleaguer, besiege, beset, mob: As hie Yeesey marish, as deiyr ymmodee dy leih, as ren ad chionney stiagh er. Bible; thronged

choamree 1 clothed, arrayed a: choamree eh eh ayns garmadyn sheeidey Bible; 2 repaired: choamree Zadok mac Immer jeeragh er e hie Bible

choodee covered: hie ad gour nyn drommey, as choodee ad nearey nyn ayrey Bible

chur shilley er (dy); (to) visit: Hie mee sheese gys garey ny croyn, dy chur shilley er troar ny glionney Bible

clagh-snapperal stumbling stone: As bee eh diuish son coadey casherick; agh son clagh-snapperal, as son creg vees oyr tuittym, gys daa hie Israel Bible

clea (f.) 1 roof, roofing a: Cha jig-yms fo clea my hie Bible; 2 palate; 3 pl. cleinyn harrow; 4 concealment


This is a mirror of Phil Kelly's Manx vocabulary (Fockleyreen). It contains over 130,000 entries. This mirror was created 2 December 2014.

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