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Hewnyn (Ny); (The) Hebrews; Jewry, Jews: Vel eshyn Jee ny Hewnyn ny-lomarcan? Bible

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caisht ny hewnyn (f.) Passover: As va Caisht ny Hewnyn er-gerrey, as hie Yeesey seose gys Jerusalem Bible

ebbyrtys ny Hewnyn Diaspora

scaalheaney ny Hewnyn Diaspora

Diaspora (n.) ebbyrtys ny Hewnyn, scaalheaney ny Hewnyn

Jews (npl.) (Ny) Hewnyn: Where is he that is born King of the Jews? - Cre vel ree ny Hewnyn ter jeet er y theihll? Bible; Ewnyn: for we have before proved both Jews and Gentiles, that they are all under sin - son ta shin roïe er phrowal dy vel chammah Ewnyn as Ashoonee, ooilley fo peccah Bible

Passover (n.) caisht, caisht ny hewnyn, eayn-chaisht, feailley yn eaynchaisht

Asia (n.) (Yn) Aishey; Asia: Whereupon certain Jews from Asia found me purified in the temple - Er shoh hooar shiartanse dy Hewnyn veih Asia mee glen ayns y chiamble Bible

commonly (adv.) cadjinagh; dy cadjin: and this saying is commonly reported among the Jews - as tan raa shoh dy cadjin er ny insh magh mastey ny Hewnyn Bible

Hebrews (npl.) (The); (Ny) Hewnyn; Hebrewnee: For indeed I was stolen away out of the land of the Hebrews - Son dy jarroo, va mee er my gheid ersooyl ass cheer ny Hebrewnee Bible; Hebrewnyn

Jewry (n.) (Ny) Hewnyn; Jewry: whom the king my father brought out of Jewry - hug y ree my ayr lesh veih Jewry Bible

aanrityn linen clothes: Eisht ghow ad corp Yeesey, as hoill ad eh ayns aanrityn, lesh spiceyn, myr va cliaghtey ny Hewnyn dy oanluckey Bible

chaggil cooidjagh gather together: Immee as chaggil cooidjagh ooilley ny Hewnyn t'ayns Shushan Bible

cheeraghtyn provinces: as ve scruit (cordail rish ooilley ny va Mordecai er harey) gys ny Hewnyn, as gys ny kiannoortyn, as ny briwnyn, as fir reill ny cheeraghtyn, voish India gys Ethiopia Bible

eeck stiagh pay in: As dinsh Mordecai dasyn ooilley ny v'er daghyrt da, as mychione yn sym dy argid yiall Haman dy eeck stiagh gys tashtaghyn y ree, son kied dy stroie ny Hewnyn. Bible

Ewdish (f.) Yiddish: Sy vlein 1939 va Ewdish ec un villioon jeig dy hEwnyn feiy ny cruinney. Carn

fallsoonys philosophy: Ayns y lhing shoh, va lioaryn ayns Arabish mychione fallsoonys, lheihys as sheanse goll er çhyndaa gys Ewnish ec ny hEwnyn ayns y Spaainey. Dhoor

firkinyn firkins: As va soit ayns shen shey siyn cloaie ry-hoi ushtey, lurg cliaghtey ny Hewnyn son glenney, cummal ghaa ny three dy firkinyn y pheesh. Bible

hannaghtyn (dy); (to) abide, continue, remain, rest: deiyr ymmodee jeh ny Hewnyn, as jeh ny proselyteyn crauee er Paul as Barnabas; as loayr ad roo, as choyrlee ad ad dy hannaghtyn ayns grayse Yee. Bible

keeill (=Ir. cill) (f.) pl. kialteenyn 1 church, kirk, place of worship; 2 cell, oratory; 3 synagogue a: haink ad gys Thessalonica, raad va keeill ec ny Hewnyn Bible; 4 temple

kercheenagh 1 abject, cringing, cullionly, dependent, down-and-out, impoverished, impoverishing, low, miserable, rotten, servile, shabby, slavish a: Cre ta ny Hewnyn kercheenagh shoh kiarail dy yannoo? Bible; 2 (morally) vile

letteryn letters: As va'n scrieu shoh myrgeddin soit erskyn e chione, ayns letteryn dy Ghreek as dy Latin, as dy Hebrew, SHOH REE NY HEWNYN. Bible

Libya (f.) (Y) Libya: Phrygia as Pamphylia ayns Egypt, as ardjyn Libya mygeayrt Cyrene, as joarreeyn veih yn Raue, Hewnyn as Proselyteyn, Creteyn as Arabianee, ta shin clasht yn ad loayrt ayns ny chengaghyn ain hene, PB1765

mee-ourys (f.) doubt: Eisht haink ny Hewnyn mygeayrt-y-mysh, as dooyrt ad rish, Caid t'ou freayll shin fo mee-ourys? Bible; misgiving

mychione echey about him: Agh cha ren ny Hewnyn credjal mychione echey, dy row eh er ve doal Bible

nailliu will you, wish you: Nailliu mee dy eaysley diu ree ny Hewnyn? Bible

proselyteyn proselytes: deiyr ymmodee jeh ny Hewnyn, as jeh ny proselyteyn crauee er Paul as Barnabas Bible

shaghrynys credjue heresy; sect: Ta shin er gheddyn yn dooinney shoh fer erskyn towse boiragh, as doostey anvea mastey ooilley ny Hewnyn er feaï-ny-cruinney, as ny ard-leeideilagh ayns shaghrynys credjue ny Nazarenee Bible

tromey heavy; grievous: As tra v'eh er jeet, hass ny Hewnyn haink veih Jerusalem mygeayrt, as hug ad stiagh ymmodee foiljyn tromey gys lieh Phaul, nagh voddagh ad prowal Bible

gather together (v.) cooidjaghey; chaglym cooidjagh: and gather together the out-casts of Israel - as chaglym cooidjagh kynneeyn skeaylt Israel Bible; chaggil cooidjagh: Go, gather together all the Jews - Immee as chaggil cooidjagh ooilley ny Hewnyn Bible; tayrn dy cheilley: If he cut off, and shut up, or gather together - My teh giarey jeh, as jeigh seose deiney, ny tayrn dy cheilley Bible

likewise (adv.) lheid elley; myrgeddin: And likewise did he for all his strange wives - As myrgeddin hrog eh son ooilley e vraane joarree Bible; neesht: in his course likewise were twenty and four thousand - ayns y choorse echeysyn neesht va kiare thousaneyn as feed Bible; myrchaagh, myr-chaagh: Likewise when all the Jews that were in Moab - Myr-chaagh, tra va ooilley ny Hewnyn y ayns Moab Bible; er yn aght cheddin: he went out about the sixth and ninth hour, and did likewise - hie eh magh mysh y cheyoo as yn nuyoo oor, as ren eh er yn aght cheddin Bible

of the seed jeh cloan: What man soever of the seed of Aaron is a leper - Dooinney erbee jeh cloan Aaron ta ny lourane Bible; jeh sluight: If Mordecai be of the seed of the Jews - My ta Mordecai jeh sluight ny Hewnyn Bible; jeh troar: whether of the seed of the land, or of the fruit of the tree - lhig eh ve jeh troar y vagheragh, ny jeh mess ny biljyn Bible


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