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heese (=Ir. thíos) 1 (static) beneath, down, downhill, hereafter, lower end, under a: v'ad juntit cooidjagh veih heese dy heose Bible; 2 (prices) knock-down

Inexact matches:

cheu heese underneath: hass ad er cheu heese jeh'n clieau Bible

Close Heese Lower Enclosure

Croit Heese Lower Croft

Faaie Heese Lower Flat

Grettest Heese Gretti's Lower Farm [Scand]

imraait heese undermentioned

kione heese lower end: Hie Fenella gys cooyl dorraghey va kione heese yn thie as ghow ee toshiaght er na guessaghyn as ny obbeeyssyn. GB

Lheannee Heese Lower Meadow

Magher Heese Lower Field

oirr heese lower edge

Reeast Heese Lower Waste

roih heese forearm

tannaghtyn heese keep down

Balley Tessyn Heese Lower Cross Farm

Bwoaillee Carnane Heese Lower Cairn Fold

Cronk Vally Heese Mally's Lower Hill

Garroo Lheannagh Heese Lower Rough Meadow

Lhaggan Veg Heese Lower Little Hollow

myr ta heese as under

Pairk y Doctor Heese Doctor's Lower Pasture

Thalloo Looney Heese Looney's Lower Ground

lower end (n.) eeghtyragh, heese, kione heese

forearm (n.) roih, roih heese

knock-down (adj.) (prices) heese

Lower Croft (n.) Croit Heese

lower edge (n.) oirr heese

Lower Enclosure (n.) Close Heese

Lower Field (n.) Magher Heese

Lower Flat (n.) Faaie Heese

Lower Meadow (n.) Lheannee Heese

Lower Waste (n.) Reeast Heese

undermentioned (adj.) imraait heese

down (n.) clooie: The chicken is like its kind before there is down on its head - Ta'n eean myr e ghooie my vel clooie er e chione. JJK idiom; branchlooie, clooie chayt, fynney; cloonagh; dreeym; dooagh; (adj.) neose: Down to recent times - Neose gys y traa t'ayn jiu. DF idiom; sheese: Down the river - Sheese yn awin. DF idiom; (static) heese: Her hair is down - Ta'n folt eck heese. DF idiom

Gretti's Lower Farm (n.) Grettest Heese

underneath bun, cheu heese; s'inshley

undersigned (v.) heese-screeuit

heese-greeishyn downstairs

heese-screeuit undersigned

Doctor's Lower Pasture (n.) Pairk y Doctor Heese

downhill heese; neose yn ughtagh; sheese ny lhiargagh

keep down (v.) freayll sheese, tannaghtyn heese

Looney's Lower Ground (n.) Thalloo Looney Heese

Lower Cairn Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Carnane Heese

Lower Cross Farm (n.) Balley Tessyn Heese

Lower Little Hollow (n.) Lhaggan Veg Heese

Lower Rough Meadow (n.) Garroo Lheannagh Heese

Mally's Lower Hill (n.) Cronk Vally Heese

juntit articulated, seamed; coupled: v'ad juntit cooidjagh veih heese dy heose Bible

phostyr (dy); (to) bully: T'eh gra dy phostyr ad eh tra v'eh lane heese BS

ronsit ransacked, rifled, searched: as undinyn y thallooin heese ve ronsit magh Bible

seam seam: veih heose dy heese, fegooish seam. Bible

shayllyn turns: Ta shayllyn heose as shayllyn heese echey. DF

as under myr fo: as under the law - myr fon leigh Bible; myr ta heese

beneath (adv., prep.) heese; wass; fo: He considers that beneath his dignity - T'eh smooinaghtyn shen dy ve fo e eeuid. JJK idiom

coupled cubblit, cupplit, piyrit, loopit, kianglit; lannoonit; loop, loopey; juntit: And they were coupled beneath, and coupled together at the head thereof - As vad juntit cooidjagh veih heese dy heose Bible

hereafter (adv.) foast; heese; lurg shoh; 'sy traa ry-heet; (ny) yei shoh; veih shoh magh: No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever - Nar ee dooinney erbee mess jeeds veih shoh magh er son dy bragh Bible; (n.) seihll ry-heet

seam (n.) junt, whomm, sheeg; seam: now the coat was without now the coat was without seam, woven from the top throughout - nish van cooat ooilley feeit, veih heose dy heese, fegooish seam Bible; co-haah; (v.) juntal, whaaley

under (prep.) fo: You'll find your handkerchief either on or under the chair - Yiow dty vussal er ny fo yn stoyl-drommey. JJK idiom; (pref.) lhiass-; heese; cosh

ass reayrt out of sight: Ta lane sooill-vie ry-gheddyn ass reayrt y lhag heese ayns shen. LTQ

balley cheerey country town: Haghyr mee orroo reeshtagh ec Los Sauces (Ny Shellee), balley cheerey rish y raad mooar heese fo'n voayl fakin. Dhoor

cabbyl ruy bay horse: Honnick mee 'syn oie, as cur-my-ner, va dooinney markiaght er cabbyl ruy Bible as hass eh mastey ny biljyn-myrtle va heese 'sy choan, as cheu chooylloo va cabbil ray, brack as bane. Bible

coonid incommodiousness, narrowness, stricture: Agh va'n coonid shen rieau ry akin ayns Sostyn, tra v'ee heose ny heese. Carn

deanyn targets: Shoh heese deanyn t'er ve reaghit eddyr paart jin ta gobbragh da'n Ghaelg Dhoor

foain green, sward, turf: Mysh jerrey fouyir my hug shiu tastey da biljyn ny keyllagh strippit jeh nyn mlaa, yn foain ta heese foue as mygeayrt-y-moo scart lesh y duilley chreen ta sheebit voue PC

gyn grunt bottomless, characterless, fathomless, unfathomable: ta'n Goo ginsh dooin jeh'n dor'ghys sodjey magh, jeh ooig gyn grunt, as pian gyn aash dy bragh, jeh aile gyn vooghey, beishteig kinjagh bio, jeh ster'm, dorrin as brimstone lheit heese fo. CS

jannoo jerrey end, terminate: As goll sheese sheear gys coast Japhleti, gys coast yn Veth-horon heese, as gys Gezer; as jannoo jerrey ec yn aarkey. Bible; (debate) wind up

lake (f.) lake: eisht shassoo ard er beinn y vooiragh chreoi, yn lake heese fo tilgey seose aile ny oi PC

loghan (f.) pl. loghanyn dam, dock, lakelet, pond, pool, small lake, tank: ren shiu chaglym cooidjagh ushtaghyn yn loghan heese Bible

pomegranateyn pomergranates: As cheu heese, er y chemmal, ver oo pomegranateyn, gorrym, as purple, as scarleod, mygeayrt y chemmal echey Bible

rouailtagh itinerant, nomad, ranger, roamer, rover, stroller, wanderer: As hooar yn chenn rouailtagh, ny-cheayrtyn, oaie ny s'cooie: Cha nee ayns lhiaght fo-halloo ve, agh heese 'syn aarkey mooie. Coraa; roaming, wandering, roving; nomadic

sheese (=Ir. síos) COMPARE heese (in motion) below; down, downward, downwards: huit ad sheese 'syn enish echey Bible

shiaghtad seventy: Ren shin aa-yeeaghyn er ny earrooyn heese as v'ad caghlaait myr shoh: 30 - treead 70 - shiaghtad 40 - kiare-ad 80 - hoghtad 50 - queigad 90 - nuyad 60 - sheyad Dhoor

stitt bullocks: Va Fyn as e lught-thie 'syn ayrn heose, as nyn ollagh (daa vooa as troor sy stitt) 'syn ayrn heese. LTQ

Vooiragh (f.) See mooiragh (Yn); (The) Mooiragh: eisht shassoo ard er beinn y vooiragh chreoi, yn lake heese fo tilgey seose aile ny oi PC

downstairs (adj., adv.) heese-greeishyn; neose ny greeishyn: To come downstairs - Dy heet neose ny greeishyn. DF idiom; sheese ny greeishyn: To go downstairs - Dy gholl sheese ny greeishyn. DF idiom

on the south side er y cheu my-yiass; er y cheu-jiass: near the hill that lieth on the south side of the nether Bethhoron - er-gerrey dan chronk ta lhie er cheu-jiass yn Veth-horon heese Bible; cheu jiass my-yiass: twenty boards on the south side southward - feed boayrd son y cheu jiass my-yiass Bible

searched ronsit: and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath - as undinyn y thallooin heese ve ronsit magh Bible; ronsee: And he searched, and began at the eldest - As ronsee eh, as ghow eh toshiaght, ec yn er by-hinney Bible; shirrit

gleashagh seose (emotionally) touch: Ta niurin veih heese er ny ghoostey er dty hon, dy heet dty whail tra hig oo: te gleashagh seose ny merriu er dty hon, dy feer ooilley ard-gheiney yn theihll; te er hroggal seose veih nyn stuill-reeoil ooilley reeaghyn ny ashoonyn. Bible

hoal (=Ir. thall) across, beyond, come over, hence, opposite, overleaf, reverse, yonder: Cha row ayn hiar ny heear ny twoaie ny jiass chamoo v'ayn heese ny heose ny hoal ny wass PC; over here: foddey 's gerrit ec e reayrt va pooar dy akin seose, sheese dagh boayl, hoal as wass - fegooish scadoo va hiar, heear, twoaie as jiass PC


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