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Headland (n.) Howe

headland (n.) gob; immyr; kione: To double a headland - Dy gholl mygeayrt kione-cheerey. DF idiom; rourey; stroin

Inexact matches:

Ayre Headland (n.) Kione ny h'Ayrey

Beach Headland (n.) Grandnes

Big Headland (n.) Howe Vooar

Broad Headland (n.) Kione Roauyr, Bradda

Castle Headland (n.) Gob y Chashtal

Chasm Headland (n.) Kione y Goagyn

Corn Headland (n.) Kione ny h'Arroo

Crow Headland (n.) Creg Ness

Edge Headland (n.) Eago

Grave Headland (n.) Gob yn Oaie

Hag Headland (n.) Gob ny Caillee

Headland Church (n.) Keeill ny Howe

Headland Height (n.) Kione ny h'Ard

Headland Precipice (n.) Kione ny h'Eaynin

Headland Slope (n.) Kione ny h'Ughtee

Headland Track (n.) Howdstrake

Hill Headland (n.) Gob y Chruink

Holy Headland (n.) Kione Casherick

Jane's Headland (n.) Gob y Jane

Little Headland (n.) Howe Veg

Meadow Headland (n.) Kione ny Lheannagh

Mine Headland (n.) Howe ny Meain

Nose Headland (n.) Gob ny Stroaney

Ormarr's Headland (n.) Ormeshau

Peeling Headland (n.) Kione y Spaainey; Kione Speeiney

Promontary Headland (n.) Gob ny Howe

Red Headland (n.) Gob Jiarg

Round Headland (n.) Caaghyr

Seal Headland (n.) Gob ny Rauney

Slate Headland (n.) Gob Liack

Spout Headland (n.) Gob ny Scuit

Waste Headland (n.) Gob y Reeast

White Headland (n.) Howe Vane, Gob Bane

Wing Headland (n.) Gob ny Skeiy

Big Harbour Headland (n.) Gob ny Purt Mooar

East Headland Flat (n.) Kione Hiar ny Faaie

Edge Headland Point (n.) Gob Eago

Farm of the Headland (n.) Balley ny Hough

Fish Cliff Headland (n.) Kione Faestal

Headland Church Croft (n.) Croit Keeill ny Howe

Headland Hill Church (n.) Keeill Cronk yn Owe

Headland of the Peak (n.) Gob ny Beinney

John's Headland Croft (n.) Croit Yuan ny Hough

Red Headland Portion (n.) Ayrn Howe Ruy

Reef of the Headland (n.) Carrick ny King

Ship Creek Headland (n.) Balley Skaig Howe

Caaghyr Round Headland

Creg Ness Crow Headland

Eago Edge Headland

Gob Bane White Headland

Gob Jiarg Red Headland

Gob Liack Slate Headland

Grandnes Beach Headland

Howdstrake Headland Track

Howe Vane White Headland

Howe Veg Little Headland

Howe Vooar Big Headland

Ormeshau Ormarr's Headland

Gob Eago Edge Headland Point

Gob ny Howe Promontary Headland

Gob ny Rauney Seal Headland

Gob ny Scuit Spout Headland

Gob ny Skeiy Wing Headland

Gob ny Stroaney Nose Headland

Gob y Chashtal Castle Headland

Gob y Chruink Hill Headland

Gob y Jane Jane's Headland

Gob yn Oaie Grave Headland

Gob y Reeast Waste Headland

Howe ny Meain Mine Headland

Keeill ny Howe Headland Church

Kione Casherick Penzance, Holy Headland

Kione Faestal Fish Cliff Headland

Kione ny h'Ard Headland Height

Kione ny h'Arroo Corn Headland

Kione ny h'Ayrey Ayre Headland

Kione ny h'Eaynin Headland Precipice

Kione ny h'Ughtee Headland Slope

Kione y Goagyn Chasm Headland

Ayrn Howe Ruy Red Headland Portion

Balley ny Hough Farm of the Headland

Balley Skaig Howe Ship Creek Headland

Carrick ny King Reef of the Headland

Croit Keeill ny Howe Headland Church Croft

Croit Yuan ny Hough John's Headland Croft

Gob ny Purt Mooar Big Harbour Headland

Keeill Cronk yn Owe Headland Hill Church

Kione Hiar ny Faaie East Headland Flat

Kione ny Lheannagh Meadow End, Meadow Headland

Kione Roauyr Contrary Head, Broad Headland

Kione Speeiney Peeling Headland; Spanish Head

Kione y Spaainey See speeiney Peeling Headland

Gob ny Beinney Headland of the Peak, Summit Point

Howe Headland, High Land: Scolley gys Cheu ny Howe. DF

rourey (f.) 1 headland; 2 (v.) dig a: chamoo vees eh er ny rourey Bible

Bradda Bradda: Ta freilltagh ynnydagh cur raaue dy bee yn boayl ec Bradda raad va aile-reeastane, dy bee eh 'goll rish faasagh son paart dy hraa ry heet. BS; Broad Headland

immyr (f.) pl. imraghyn bed, butt, ridge: Immyr ta doillee dy hraaue. DF; headland; shelf under water

stroin (=Ir. srón, Sc.G. sròn) (f.) pl. strointeeyn headland, naze, ness, promontory; nose, nosepiece: ta dty stroin myr toor Lebanon Bible; nostril [O.Ir. dative sróin]

gob pl. gib 1 apex, headland, hook, jet, jut, nose, nosepiece, pee of anchor, point, prominence, promontory, spit a: Ec gob y cheiy. DF; 2 beak, lip of jug, nib, spout; 3 mouth, muzzle: phrow rheynn ny croutyn sollagh dy dooney yn gob echey. Carn; 4 (of ship) bow

kione (=Ir., Sc.G. ceann) pl. king bottom, closing, dyke, extreme, extremity, point, point of argument, poll; head, headland, top, top-end: Lhig da lhie er kione Yoab Bible; close, end, finish, termination: As tra vees dty laghyn ec kione Bible; chief, ringleader, tribune: tou er my reayll dy ve kione ny ashoonyn Bible; (of flower) top; (adv.) (y) apiece; mixed with; leading; (with expressions of time) after, in, within: As ec kione shey laa, ghow Yeesey Peddyr, as Jamys, as Ean e vraar, as hug eh lesh ad er-lheh seose er slieau ard Bible [O.Ir. cend]


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