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Harbour (n.) Camys

harbour (n.) camys; purt: Harbour choked with sand - Purt plooghit lesh geinnagh. DF idiom; (v.) cur aaght da, keiltyn

Inexact matches:

Big Harbour (n.) Purt Mooar

Boat Harbour (n.) Purt y Vaatey

Cabbage Harbour (n.) Purt ny Cabbage

Clod Harbour (n.) Purt ny Ceabagh

Coalfish Harbour (n.) Purt y Bloghan

Grant's Harbour (n.) Purt Grant

Harbour Creek (n.) Perwick

Harbour Croft (n.) Croit y Phurt

harbour dues (npl.) taillaghyn purtey

harbour entrance (n.) beeal purtey

Harbour Farm (n.) Balley Phurt

Harbour House (n.) Thie yn Phurt

harbour porpoise (n.) perkyn chadjin

Harbour Quarter (n.) Kerroo y Phurt

harbour rates (npl.) keeshyn purtey

Harbour Road (n.) Raad y Phurt

harbour seal (n.) raun beg

Harbour Side (n.) Cheu yn Phurt

harbour station (n.) stashoon purt; stashoon purtey

Island Harbour (n.) Purt ny h'Inshey

King's Harbour (n.) Camys y Ree

Lewaigue Harbour (n.) Purt Lewaigue

Little Harbour (n.) Purt Veg, Purt Beg

Lord's Harbour (n.) Purt Chiarn

Mill Harbour (n.) Purt y Wyllin

Narrow Harbour (n.) Purt Cooyn

Philip's Harbour (n.) Purt Philip

Pigs' Harbour (n.) Purt ny Muck

Big Harbour Headland (n.) Gob ny Purt Mooar

Four and Twenty Harbour (n.) Purt ny Kiare as Feed

Green Creek Harbour (n.) Purt Grenick

in the harbour 'sy phurt

Kraun's Valley Harbour (n.) Purt Cranstal

Mill Glen Harbour (n.) Purt Cornaa

Mill Harbour Croft (n.) Croit Purt y Wyllin

Near the Harbour (n.) Fo Phurt

Tom Kneale's Harbour (n.) Purt Hom Creale

Balley Phurt Harbour Farm

beeal purtey harbour entrance

Camys (Yn) Cambus; Inlet, Harbour

camys cove, harbour; elbow

keeshyn purtey (f.) harbour rates

Purt Beg Little Harbour

Purt Cooyn Narrow Harbour

Purt Grant Grant's Harbour

Purt Lewaigue Lewaigue Harbour

Purt Philip Philip's Harbour

Purt Veg Little Harbour

stashoon purt harbour station

stashoon purtey harbour station

taillaghyn purtey harbour dues

harbour-master (n.) mainshtyr purt, mainshtyr purtey

Cheu yn Phurt Harbour Side

Croit y Phurt Harbour Croft

Fo Phurt Near the Harbour

Kerroo y Phurt Harbour Quarter

mainshtyr purt harbour-master

mainshtyr purtey harbour-master

Purt Cornaa Mill Glen Harbour

Purt Cranstal Kraun's Valley Harbour

Purt Grenick Green Creek Harbour

Purt ny Cabbage Cabbage Harbour

Purt ny Ceabagh Clod Harbour

Purt ny h'Inshey Island Harbour

Purt ny Muck Pigs' Harbour

Purt y Bloghan Coalfish Harbour

Raad y Phurt Harbour Road

Thie yn Phurt Harbour House

Camys y Ree Derbyhaven, King's Harbour

Croit Purt y Wyllin Mill Harbour Croft

Gob ny Purt Mooar Big Harbour Headland

perkyn chadjin (f.) common porpoise, harbour porpoise

Purt Hom Creale Tom Kneale's Harbour

Purt y Vaatey (f.) Portavadie, Boat Harbour

raun beg common seal, harbour seal

'sy phurt weather-bound, in the harbour

cur aaght da (of people) board; harbour, house, lodge, put up, room

Phurt (Yn); (The) Haven, Harbour: Yn phurt y ghlenney er kione tead. DF

Purt ny Kiare as Feed Four and Twenty Harbour

choked keylit; plooghit: Harbour choked with sand - Purt plooghit lesh geinnagh. DF idiom; toghtit: Choked up with sand - Toghtit ec geinnagh. DF idiom

keiltyn 1 conceal, cover, cover up, disguise, dissimulate, harbour, hide, renege, shelter, suppress, veil, veneer a: Cha jean mayd keiltyn eh veih my hiarn; 2 concealment, dissimulation, suppression

Perwick Harbour Creek: Mleeaney, t'ad goll gys tree traieyn Manninagh: Balley Cashtal, Perwick as Traie Hwoaie Rhumsaa. BS [Scand]

purt (=Ir. port) (f.) pl. puirt, purtyn harbour, jig, port, seaport, station: Nee Zebulun cummal ec purt ny marrey; as bee eh son purt lhuingey Bible; creek; (in street) island

Purt Chiarn (f.) Port Erin: Hraie eh y baatey ayns Purt Chiarn. DF; Lord's Harbour

Purt Mooar Big Harbour: Ta purt mooar ec Purt ny hInshey. CJ; Port Mooar

entrance (v.) cheet, cur drualtys er, cur fo drualtys; (n.) entreilys: I have no entrance to that society - Cha nel entreilys erbee aym da'n cheshaght shen. DF idiom; stiagh; goll stiagh: To make one's entrance - Dy gholl stiagh. DF idiom; beeal: The harbour entrance is wide - Ta beeal ny purtey lhean. DF idiom


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