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Guilley Bane Whiteboy

guilley bane whelk

guilley (=Ir. giolla) pl. guillyn 1 batman, boy, caddie, follower, henchman, lackey, lad, linkman, menial, minion, nipper, satellite, tool, usher, verger, young male servant a: Nish va ooilley shoh gyn-yss da'n guilley Bible; 2 (boy) page: hug Jonathan e vhow as e hideyn da'n guilley Bible

Inexact matches:

baarey guilley shingle

dean guilley (bowls) Jack

eash guilley (f.) (of boys) pupilarity

guilley altar altar boy

guilley altaragh altar boy

guilley ardan stagehand

guilley baa buckaroo, cattleman, cowboy

guilley baatey boatman

guilley banc bank messenger

Guilley Beg merman

guilley behr (person) turnspit

guilley bing scurvy grass

guilley bog puffin

guilley cabbane cabin boy

guilley cabbil equerry, groom, ostler; tiger

guilley cabbyl stableman

guilley cappan cup-bearer

guilley cayrn bugler

guilley chellegraf telegraph boy

guilley chellvane operator

guilley cloie playboy

guilley cloudeyrys printer's devil

guilley corneilagh corner boy

guilley dorrysh buttons, doorman

guilley drid bellboy, boots, buttons, errand boy, fag, flunkey, footman, message boy: Ren lught-reill Hostyn coayl impiraght vooar as ta ram Sostnee as guillyn-drid Celtiagh foast dobberan mysh shen Carn

guilley drum drummer boy

guilley dullish Castletown man

guilley eagh ostler

guilley erin acolyte, mass server

guilley faaie groundsman

guilley failt servant boy, young male servant

guilley fogree call boy

guilley geaylin righthand man

guilley gerrym town crier

guilley glaish catchpole, lockman, tipstaff

guilley glass lockman

guilley glesh lockman, process server: Tra ta'n gheay 'sy villey, yiow shiu yn guilley glesh. DF

guilley gorrym bluebottle

guilley jeen scurvy grass

guilley jeirk charity boy

guilley kiaullee choirboy

guilley kishtey box-keeper

guilley lhiass-innyl donkeyman

guilley lhionney barman, tapster

guilley lhuingey cabin boy

guilley meainey pit boy, pit coal

Guilley Mooar Joker

guilley naightyn paper boy

guilley n'ollee drover

guilley offish office boy

guilley ollee cowherd, stockman

guilley pabyr news boy, newsboy

guilley pairkal parking attendant

guilley poodyragh powder monkey

guilley post post boy

guilley roie runner

guilley ruy parr

guilley scape shield-bearer

guilley scoill schoolboy

guilley scudlee luggage porter, porter

guilley shamyr valet

guilley shapp shop assistant, shop boy

guilley shesheree ploughboy

guilley shirveishagh waiter

guilley skeddan Peel man

guilley stabyl stable boy, yardman

guilley stoyr warehouseman

guilley straiddey mudlark, street Arab

guilley tiggad bus conductor, train conductor

guilley tram tram conductor

Cronk Guilley Groamagh Frowning Boy Hill

guilley bing Frangagh English Scurvy Grass

guilley cabbyl Injinagh syce

Guilley Mooar ny Geayee Captain of the Fairies

guilley ny cabbil stable boy

guilley ny fritlag manifold tripe

guilley ny litcherys lotus-eater

guilley ny pabyryn paper boy

guilley ny sooie chimney sweep

guilley thie oast pot boy

guilley yn ollee cattle drover

guilley yn ushtey (youngest) child; runt

jannoo guilley jeh patronize

Obbyr Laa ny Guilley Day's Work of the Boys

lockman (n.) fer y clat, guilley glaish, guilley glass, guilley glesh

altar boy (n.) guilley altar, guilley altaragh

buttons (npl.) guilley dorrysh; guilley drid

cabin boy (n.) guilley cabbane, guilley lhuingey

ostler (n.) guilley cabbil, guilley eagh

paper boy (n.) guilley naightyn, guilley ny pabyryn

stable boy (n.) guilley ny cabbil, guilley stabyl

young male servant (n.) fer mooinjerey, guilley, guilley failt

scurvy grass (n.) burley traie, faiyr, feiyr, guilley bing, guilley jeen

boy1 (n.) boie, myrneen, scollag; guilley: A boy was before me - Va guilley er my veealloo. DF idiom

acolyte1 (n.) guilley erin

batman (n.) guilley

bellboy (n.) eilkinagh; guilley drid

boots (n.) guilley drid; (npl.) bootsyn

box-keeper (n.) guilley kishtey

buckaroo (n.) guilley baa

caddie (n.) guilley; (v.) jannoo guilleeaght

call boy (n.) guilley fogree

catchpole (n.) guilley glaish

charity boy (n.) guilley jeirk

child2 (n.) (youngest) guilley yn ushtey

choirboy (n.) guilley kiaullee

corner boy (n.) guilley corneilagh

cowboy (n.) guilley baa

cup-bearer (n.) guilley cappan

donkeyman (n.) guilley lhiass-innyl

drummer boy (n.) guilley drum

flunkey (n.) guilley drid

footman (n.) guilley drid

groundsman (n.) guilley faaie

henchman (n.) guilley, kercheen

Jack2 (n.) (bowls) dean guilley

lackey (n.) guilley

linkman (n.) guilley

lotus-eater (n.) guilley ny litcherys

luggage porter (n.) guilley scudlee

menial (n.) guilley; (adj.) imlee

message boy (n.) guilley drid

minion (n.) guilley

mudlark (n.) guilley straiddey

newsboy (n.) guilley pabyr

news boy (n.) guilley pabyr

office boy (n.) guilley offish

page2 (n.) (boy) guilley, paitchey

parking attendant (n.) guilley pairkal

Peel man (n.) guilley skeddan

pit boy (n.) guilley meainey

playboy (n.) guilley cloie

ploughboy (n.) guilley shesheree

post boy (n.) guilley post

powder monkey (n.) guilley poodyragh

printer's devil (n.) guilley cloudeyrys

process server (n.) guilley glesh

pupilarity1 (n.) (of boys) eash guilley

righthand man (n.) guilley geaylin

satellite1 (n.) fo-phlannad, mac-plannad; guilley

schoolboy (n.) guilley scoill

servant boy (n.) guilley failt

shingle baarey guilley; shillee

shop boy (n.) guilley shapp

stableman (n.) guilley cabbyl

stagehand (n.) guilley ardan

stockman (n.) guilley ollee

street Arab (n.) guilley straiddey

tapster (n.) guilley lhionney

telegraph boy (n.) guilley chellegraf

tipstaff (n.) guilley glaish

train conductor (n.) guilley tiggad

tram conductor (n.) guilley tram

turnspit (n.) (person) guilley behr

verger (n.) guilley, sharvaant keeilley

whelk (n.) guilley bane, mwatlag

Whiteboy (n.) Guilley Bane

spret kick, kick out, shove, start, struggle: Eisht spret guilley Manninagh, as y far-ennym echey, ' Ned y guilley keoie,' as d'eie eh magh ayns Gailck, er-creau as jiarg-corree, goaill toshiaght dy yannoo Coraa; last stretch

bugler (n.) cayrneyder, guilley cayrn, shellmeyder

cattle drover (n.) guilley yn ollee

cattleman guilley baa; shellooder baa

equerry (n.) guilley cabbil, mainstyr naigh

errand boy (n.) eilkinagh, guilley drid

follower (n.) eiyrtyssagh, fer mooinjer, guilley

lad (n.) guilley, schollag, scollag, stuggey

manifold tripe (n.) guilley ny fritlag

mass server (n.) guilley erin, cleragh

parr (n.) braddan aeg, guilley ruy

pot boy (n.) guilley thie oast

runt (n.) cuttagh, guilley yn ushtey

shield-bearer (n.) fer scape, guilley scape

syce (n.) aghlagh, guilley cabbyl Injinagh

usher (n.) dorryser; guilley; leeideilagh soiag

warehouseman (n.) guilley stoyr; meoir stoyr

guilley-tiggad ticket collector

bank messenger (n.) chaghter banc; guilley banc

barman (n.) dooinney lhionney, fer lhionney, guilley lhionney

boatman (n.) baateyr, fer baatey, guilley baatey

bus conductor (n.) ben higgad, guilley tiggad

Captain of the Fairies (n.) Guilley Mooar ny Geayee

cowherd (n.) bochilley baa, bochilley ollee, guilley ollee

doorman (n.) dorryser, fer dorrysh, guilley dorrysh

drover (n.) eiyreyder, griaghter, guilley n'ollee, immanagh

English Scurvy Grass (n.) guilley bing Frangagh

fag (v.) gobbraghey er, jannoo guilleydys; (n.) guilley drid

Frowning Boy Hill (n.) Cronk Guilley Groamagh

Joker (n.) Fer ny Grub, Guilley Mooar

merman (n.) dooinney marrey, Guilley Beg, pohllinagh

nipper (n.) guilley, mingeyder, myngyder, ordaag, pinjoor, spulgeyder, pinjooryn

operator (n.) caillin chellvane, guilley chellvane, obbraidee, obbreyder

patronize (v.) jannoo guilley jeh; jannoo patroonys; kionnaghey ayn

pit coal geayl meainagh; guilley meainey

puffin (n.) guilley bog, parrad faarkee, pibbin

shop assistant (n.) caillin shapp; cooneyder shapp; guilley shapp


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