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Gorree Godfrey, Godred, Orry: Raad Mooar Gorree Crovan. DF

Inexact matches:

Cronk Gorree Orry Mount

Juan Gorree John Dory

Cashtal Ree Gorree King Orree's Castle

Raad Mooar Gorree Milky Way

Raad Mooar Ree Gorree Galaxy, Milky Way: Dy vaghey ayns shoh wass marish ny seihlltee - As neayr's ny laghyn shen, she 'Raad Mooar Ree Gorree', Ta'n ennym er y Vayr nyn vud ny Manninee! Coraa

Milky Way (n.) Bow Ghorree, Raad Mooar Gorree, Raad Mooar Ree Gorree; Raad Mooar Bainnagh

Godfrey (n.) Gorree

Godred (n.) Gorree

Orry (n.) Gorree, Gorry

Orry Mount (n.) Cronk Gorree

Galaxy (n.) Raad Mooar Ree Gorree

John Dory (n.) Juan Gorree, Juan Joarree

King Orree's Castle (n.) Cashtal Ree Gorree

dy leighoil legally: Chooilleen eh e churrym myr Ard-hiaghter as hug eh er Ree Gorree dy ve poost dy leighoil rish Fenella, inneen vac Loghlan Chron

gyn vrishey unvanquished; unbroken: Doardee Gorree da'n phobble Manninagh Olaf y yannoo ny ree orroo tra veagh eshyn hene marroo, as nyn mreearrey-ammys da y chummal gyn vrishey. Chron

Inish Island: Sy vlein cheddin hooar Gorree, Ree ny hEllanyn, baase er y jeihoo laa jeh Mee Houney er Inish Pherick ayns Mannin. Chron

killey (gen.) near the church; of a church: Fy yerrey hooar ad magh liorish peeikearyn dy row Gorree er ellan dy row enmyssit Ellan Cholumb Killey marish kuse dy gheiney, gyn goaill aggle roish gaue erbee. Chron

Loghlynee Vikings: Haink Olaf marish Gorree Dhone as ny Loghlynee gys Mannin, raad rheynn ad Reeriaght Vannin as ny hEllanyn eddyr oc. Chron

spoiy castrate, emasculate, geld, gelding, neuter, spay: Ghow ad greim er Gorree as ren ad eh y gholley as y spoiy. Chron; castration, emasculation


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