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Glion Glen

glion (=Ir. gleann) (m., f.) pl. glionteenyn creek, glen, vale, valley: eisht cluinnee oo'n lhon kiaulleeaght bingys ayns dagh broogh as glion; yn kellagh ooasle gynsagh dooin kys ta yn oie goll shaghey PC

Inexact matches:

Glion Agneash Edge Ness Glion

Glion Altyn Glen Auldyn

Glion Annie Annie's Glen

Glion Auldyn Glen of the Swans

glion awiney river basin

Glion Beg Little Glen: Ta'n balley beg hene bunnys er y traie, ec y veeal jeh glion beg ta keeadyn dy hrieyn fo mulleeyn ny cruink claghagh ta cruinnaghey stiagh er y voayl. Carn

Glion Breagle Breagle Glen

Glion Broigh Dirty Glen

Glion Callin Callin's Glen

Glion Cam Crooked Glen, Devil's Elbow

Glion Cannell Cannell's Glen

Glion Challan Allan's Glen

Glion Cherrey Sheep Glen

Glion Chirrym Dry Glen

Glion Cholbee Colby Glen

Glion Cholby Colby Glen

glion choon (f.) narrow glen

Glion Coon Narrow Glen

Glion Coull Hazel Glen

Glion Cowne Cowne's Glen

Glion Cring Glen Needle

Glion Cruggerey Cristory's Glen

Glion Curragh Marshy Glen

Glion Darragh Oak Glen

Glion Dhoo Glenduff

Glion Dhowin Deep Glen

Glion Doo Black Glen

Glion Dooaghan Dark Glen

Glion Dorraghey Glen Darragh, Dark Glen

Glion Dowin Glendown

Glion Duff Glen Duff, Dark Glen

Glion Elfin Elfin Glen

Glion Fabey Glenfaba

Glion Feeagh Raven's Glen

Glion Foss Waterfall Glen

Glion Gaish Causeway Glen

Glion Geayee Glen of Breezes

Glion Ghlass Green Glen

Glion Ghroudal Groudle Glen

Glion Gill Gill's Glen

Glion Grenick Green Creek Glen

Glion Jiass South Glen: Luanistyn shoh chaie, hooar Benainstyr Kodeyre baase ec e thie, "Glion Jiass," ayns Colby, ayns e kiare feedoo blein as daa yeig, son v'ee ruggit ec Glion Jiass, Purt le Moirrey, 'sy vlein 1860! Coraa

Glion Juys Pinehurst Glen

Glion Kerd Kerd's Glen

Glion Laksaa Laxey Glen

Glion Laksey Laxey Glen

Glion Lammal Glen Helen, Lambfell Glen

Glion Leaghyr Rushy Glen

Glion Lough Lake Glen

Glion Maie Glen Maye

Glion Maynrey Happy Vale

Glion Maynrys Vale of Happiness

Glion Meay Glen Maye

Glion Mooar Sulby Glen, Great Glen; Glen Mooar: Va mooirchoor jeh lhong-hiaullee daa chroan ny lhie er y traie faggys da Glion Mooar, as Kione Yurby, as v'ee er ny coyrt seose myr slane-coayl. Dhoor

Glion Mucklagh Pigsty Glen

Glion Muigh Yellow Glen

Glion Mwaaee COMPARE Glion Meay Hares Glen

Glion Needle Niven's Glen

Glion Nellan Glen Helen, Nellen's Glen

Glion Obbeeyn Glen of Spells

Glion Quaggan Quaggan's Glen

Glion Rhennee Fern Glen

Glion Rosien Glen Rushen

Glion Ruy Glen Roy

Glion Shellagh Willow Glen

Glion Shellan Bee's Glen

Glion Shiast Glen Chass, Sedge Glen

Glion Shirragh Glen Falcon

Glion Shoggyl Rye Glen

Glion Shuggyl Rye Glen

Glion Shuin Glen Mooar, Glen Mona

Glion Taitnys Vale of Pleasure

Glion Thoar Bleaching Glen

Glion Tragh Shore Glen

Glion Traght Shore Glen

Glion Tramman Elder Tree Glen

Glion Trooan Stream Glen

Glion Trunk Strowan's Glen

Glion Unjin Ash Tree Glen

Glion Varrool Ward Fell Glen

Glion Veg Little Glen

Glion Vooar Big Glen

Glion Vradda Bradda Glen: Lurg shen, hie shin liorish Bayr ny Sleityn dys Glion Vradda Purt Chiarn as ayns shoh ghow shin ooridagh liorish cuirrey Barrantee y Valley Coraa

Glion Vraddey Bradda Glen

Glion Wyllin Glen Wyllin

Edge Ness Glion (n.) Glion Agneash

Awin Glion Mooar Great Glen River

Close Glion Vradda Bradda Glen Close

Cottyn Glion Ghroudal Groudle Glen Cottages

Cronk Glion Chiast Sedge Glen Hill

Faaie Glion Trooan Stream Glen Flat

Glion Awin Rushen Silverdale Glen

Glion Balley Quiggin Quiggin's Farm Glen

Glion Bwoaillee Woirrey Glen of Mary's Fold

Glion Chooyrt yn Aspick Bishops Court Glen

Glion Keeill Core Priests' Church Glen

Glion Keeill Crogh Priests' Church Glen

Glion Keeill Pharick Patrick's Church Glen

Glion Keeill Vail Michael's Church Glen

Glion Molly Quirk Molly Quirk's Glen

Glion ny Billey Gorrym Glen of the Blue Trees

Glion ny Brack Glen of the Trout

Glion ny Giark Glen of the Hen's

Glion ny Goayr Glen of the Goats

Glion ny Gounee Young Cow's Glen

Glion ny Guiy Glen of the Geese

Glion ny Gurragh Marshy Glen

Glion ny h'Aah Glen of the Ford

Glion ny h'Ard Glen of the Height

Glion ny h'Assag Glen of the Weasel

Glion ny Hawin Riversdale

Glion ny Lomarcan Lonely Glen

Glion ny Maarliagh Robber's Glen

Glion ny Mohlt Glen of the Wethers

Glion ny Tramman Glen of the Elders

Glion Phairk Atholl Atholl Park Glen

Glion Phurt Coon Port Jack Glen

Glion Phurt Soderick Port Soderick Glen

Glion Rheynn Eas Glen Helen

Glion Tholt y Will Tholt-y-Will Glen

Glion Valley Cowell Cowell's Farm Glen

Glion Valley Cowle Elfin Glen

Glion Valley Glass Ballaglass Glen

Glion y Cassey Causeway Glen

Glion y Cheyll Wood Glen

Glion y Cheyllys Sound Glen

Glion y Close Mooar Big Enclosure Glen

Glion y Dhoon Glen of the Fort

Glion y Dowin Dhoon Glen

Glion y Killey Church Glen

Glion yn Aah Ruy Red Ford Glen

Glion yn Alt Brookdale

Glion y Nane Jeig Glen of the Eleven

Glion yn Aspet Glenaspet

Glion yn Awin Argid Silverdale Glen

Glion yn Eas Foxdale

Glion yn Injeig Glen of the Nook, Nook Glen

Glion y Rheynn Division Glen

Glion y Spreih Spray Glen

Glion y Taggart Priest's Glen, Taggart's Glen

Glion Yuan Jack John Jack's Glen

Glion y Wyllin Mill Glen

Mullen Glion ny Gro Mill Glen of Nuts

Mwyljyn Glion Lacksey Laxey Glen Mills

Strane Glion Shirragh Glen Falcon Terrace

Ushtey Glion ny h'Aah Glen Ford Water

Traenyn Jishig y Nollick Glion Ghroudal Groudle Glen Santa Trains

Dark Glen (n.) Glion Dorraghey, Glion Dooaghan; Glion Duff

Glen Helen (n.) Glion Lammal, Glion Nellan, Glion Rheynn Eas, Rheynn Eas

Bradda Glen (n.) Glion Vradda; Glion Vraddey

Causeway Glen (n.) Glion y Cassey, Glion Gaish

Colby Glen (n.) Glion Cholbee; Glion Cholby

Elfin Glen (n.) Glion Elfin, Glion Valley Cowle

Glen Maye (n.) Glion Meay; Glen Maye; Glion Maie

Glen Mooar (n.) Glion Shuin, Glion Mooar

Laxey Glen (n.) Glion Laksaa, Glion Laksey

Little Glen (n.) Liontan, Glion Beg, Glion Veg

Marshy Glen (n.) Glion ny Gurragh, Glion Curragh

Rye Glen (n.) Glion Shuggyl, Glion Shoggyl

Shore Glen (n.) Lhen Traugh, Glion Traght, Glion Tragh

Priests' Church Glen (n.) Glion Keeill Crogh, Glion Keeill Core

Silverdale Glen (n.) Glion yn Awin Argid, Glion Awin Rushen

Allan's Glen Glion Challan

Annie's Glen Glion Annie

Bee's Glen (n.) Glion Shellan

Big Glen (n.) Glion Vooar

Bleaching Glen (n.) Glion Thoar

Breagle Glen (n.) Glion Breagle

Brookdale (n.) Glion yn Alt

Callin's Glen (n.) Glion Callin

Cannell's Glen (n.) Glion Cannell

Cowne's Glen (n.) Glion Cowne

Cristory's Glen (n.) Glion Cruggerey

Crooked Glen (n.) Glion Cam

Devil's Elbow (n.) Glion Cam

Dirty Glen (n.) Glion Broigh

Dry Glen (n.) Glion Chirrym

Fern Glen (n.) Glion Rhennee

Gill's Glen (n.) Glion Gill

Glen1 (n.) Glion

Glenaspet (n.) Glion yn Aspet

Glen Auldyn (n.) Glion Altyn

Glen Chass (n.) Glion Shiast

Glen Darragh (n.) Glion Dorraghey

Glendown (n.) Glion Dowin

Glen Duff (n.) Glion Duff

Glenduff (n.) Glion Dhoo

Glenfaba (n.) Glion Fabey

Glen Falcon (n.) Glion Shirragh

Glen Mona (n.) Glion Shuin

Glen Needle (n.) Glion Cring

Glen Roy (n.) Glion Ruy

Glen Rushen (n.) Glion Rosien

Glen Wyllin (n.) Glion Wyllin

Great Glen (n.) Glion Mooar

Green Glen (n.) Glion Ghlass

Groudle Glen (n.) Glion Ghroudal

Happy Vale (n.) Glion Maynrey


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