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Glen1 (n.) Glion

Glen2 (n.) (The); (Y) Lion

glen (n.) glion: The fairies haunt that glen - Ta ferrishyn goaill 'sy ghlion shen DF idiom; lion

glen (=Ir. glan) 1 chaste, clean, cleanse, clear, clear-cut, cloudless, downright, emphatic, fair, fresh-coloured, hygienic, peremptory, pure, sheer, to a T, undefiled, unpolluted, liquidate a: ghow eh jeh dagh baagh glen, as jeh dagh eean glen Bible; 2 (of refusal) flat; 3 (of vision) unclouded; 4 nett

Inexact matches:

Allan's Glen Glion Challan

Annie's Glen Glion Annie

Ballaglass Glen (n.) Glion Valley Glass

Bee's Glen (n.) Glion Shellan

Big Glen (n.) Glion Vooar

Black Glen (n.) Glion Doo, Doo Lion

Bleaching Glen (n.) Glion Thoar

Bradda Glen (n.) Glion Vradda; Glion Vraddey

Breagle Glen (n.) Glion Breagle

Callin's Glen (n.) Glion Callin

Cannell's Glen (n.) Glion Cannell

Causeway Glen (n.) Glion y Cassey, Glion Gaish

Church Glen (n.) Glion y Killey

Colby Glen (n.) Glion Cholbee; Glion Cholby

Cowne's Glen (n.) Glion Cowne

Cristory's Glen (n.) Glion Cruggerey

Crooked Glen (n.) Glion Cam

Dark Glen (n.) Glion Dorraghey, Glion Dooaghan; Glion Duff

Deep Glen (n.) Glion Dhowin, Gib Dale

Dhoon Glen (n.) Glion y Dowin

Dirty Glen (n.) Glion Broigh

Division Glen (n.) Glion y Rheynn

Dry Glen (n.) Glion Chirrym

Elfin Glen (n.) Glion Elfin, Glion Valley Cowle

Fern Glen (n.) Glion Rhennee

Gill's Glen (n.) Glion Gill

Glen Auldyn (n.) Glion Altyn

Glen Chass (n.) Glion Shiast

Glen Croft (n.) Croit ny Glionney

Glen Darragh (n.) Glion Dorraghey

Glen Duff (n.) Glion Duff

Glen Falcon (n.) Glion Shirragh

Glen Farm (n.) Balley Glionney, Balley Ghlionney, Balley ny Glionney; Dalby

Glen Field (n.) Magher Ghlion

Glen Helen (n.) Glion Lammal, Glion Nellan, Glion Rheynn Eas, Rheynn Eas

Glen Maye (n.) Glion Meay; Glen Maye; Glion Maie

Glen Mill (n.) Mwyllin Glionney

Glen Mona (n.) Glion Shuin

Glen Mooar (n.) Glion Shuin, Glion Mooar

Glen Needle (n.) Glion Cring

Glen Roy (n.) Glion Ruy

Glen Rushen (n.) Glion Rosien

Glen View (n.) Reayrt ny Glionney

Glen Wyllin (n.) Glion Wyllin

Great Glen (n.) Glion Mooar

Green Glen (n.) Glion Ghlass

Groudle Glen (n.) Glion Ghroudal

Hares Glen Glion Mwaaee

Hazel Glen (n.) Glion Coull

Kerd's Glen (n.) Glion Kerd

Lake Glen (n.) Glion Lough

Lambfell Glen (n.) Glion Lammal

Laxey Glen (n.) Glion Laksaa, Glion Laksey

Little Glen (n.) Liontan, Glion Beg, Glion Veg

Ljotr's Glen (n.) Dayl Liot

Lonely Glen (n.) Glion ny Lomarcan

Marshy Glen (n.) Glion ny Gurragh, Glion Curragh

Mill Glen (n.) Glion y Wyllin, Cornaa, Corony

Narrow Glen (n.) Groudle, Glion Coon

narrow glen (n.) glion choon

Nellen's Glen (n.) Glion Nellan

Niven's Glen (n.) Glion Needle

Nook Glen (n.) Glion yn Injeig

Oak Glen (n.) Glion Darragh

Pigsty Glen (n.) Glion Mucklagh

Pinehurst Glen (n.) Glion Juys

Priest's Glen (n.) Glion y Taggart

Quaggan's Glen Glion Quaggan

Raven's Glen (n.) Glion Feeagh

Red Glen (n.) Glion Ruy

Robber's Glen (n.) Glion ny Maarliagh

Rush Glen (n.) Glion Shuin

Rushy Glen (n.) Glion Leaghyr

Rye Glen (n.) Glion Shuggyl, Glion Shoggyl

Sandy Glen (n.) Sandall

Sedge Glen (n.) Glion Shiast

Sheep Glen (n.) Glion Cherrey

Shore Glen (n.) Lhen Traugh, Glion Traght, Glion Tragh

Silverdale Glen (n.) Glion yn Awin Argid, Glion Awin Rushen

small glen (n.) coan, couan, gliontan

Sound Glen (n.) Glion y Cheyllys

South Glen (n.) Glion Jiass

Spray Glen (n.) Glion y Spreih

Stream Glen (n.) Glion Trooan

Strowan's Glen (n.) Glion Trunk

Sulby Glen (n.) Glion Mooar

Summerhill Glen (n.) Glion Chronk Souree

Swan's Glen (n.) Altadale

Taggart's Glen (n.) Glion y Taggart

Tholt-y-Will Glen (n.) Glion Tholt y Will

Waterfall Glen (n.) Glion Foss

Willow Glen (n.) Glion Shellagh

Winding Glen (n.) Glion Cam

Wood Glen (n.) Glion y Cheyll

Yellow Glen (n.) Glion Muigh

aascreeuyn glen fair copy

aer glen fresh air

alcoal glen pure alcohol

boayl glen 1 clearing in forest; 2 clean place a: ver eh lesh magh y leoie cheu-mooie jehn champ, gys boayl glen. Bible

coayl glen dead loss

cosney glen nett profit

dy glen cleanly, clearly: feeyn sheelit dy glen jeh'n drundin. Bible

firrinys glen very truth

glen feeaghyn liquidate

glen magh (as room) turn out: Glen magh yn chamyr. DF

Glen Maye Glen Maye

jiooldey glen downright no, unqualified denial

kiart glen clear title

obbal glen unqualified denial

shelloo glen vacant possession

trimmid glen tare

Ash Tree Glen (n.) Glion Unjin

Atholl Park Glen (n.) Glion Phairk Atholl

Big Enclosure Glen (n.) Glion y Close Mooar

Big Mill Glen (n.) Cardle Vooar

Bishops Court Glen (n.) Glion Chooyrt yn Aspick

Bradda Glen Close (n.) Close Glion Vradda

Cowell's Farm Glen (n.) Glion Valley Cowell

Deep Glen Tidal Rock (n.) Bowe Jibdale

Elder Tree Glen (n.) Glion Tramman

Glen Falcon Terrace (n.) Strane Glion Shirragh

Glen Farm Hollow (n.) Dalby Lag

Glen Ford Water (n.) Ushtey Glion ny h'Aah

glen in mountains (n.) alt

Glen of Breezes (n.) Glion Geayee

Glen of Mary's Fold (n.) Glion Bwoaillee Woirrey

Glen of Spells (n.) Glion Obbeeyn

Glen of the Blue Trees (n.) Glion ny Billey Gorrym

Glen of the Elders (n.) Glion ny Tramman

Glen of the Eleven (n.) Glion y Nane Jeig

Glen of the Ford (n.) Glion ny h'Aah

Glen of the Fort (n.) Glion y Dhoon

Glen of the Geese (n.) Glion ny Guiy

Glen of the Goats (n.) Glion ny Goayr

Glen of the Height (n.) Glion ny h'Ard

Glen of the Hen's (n.) Glion ny Giark

Glen of the Nook (n.) Glion yn Injeig

Glen of the Swans (n.) Glion Auldyn

Glen of the Trout (n.) Glion ny Brack

Glen of the Weasel (n.) Glion ny h'Assag

Glen of the Wethers (n.) Glion ny Mohlt

Glen Stream Meadow (n.) Lheannee Ghlion Truan

Glen Stream Road (n.) Bayr Ghlion Truan

Glen Wether Creek (n.) Giau Lion Wether

Gorge of the Glen (n.) Braaid y Glionney

Great Glen River (n.) Awin Glion Mooar

Green Creek Glen (n.) Glion Grenick

Groudle Glen Cottages (npl.) Cottyn Glion Ghroudal

Groudle Glen Santa Trains (npl.) Traenyn Jishig y Nollick Glion Ghroudal

John Jack's Glen (n.) Glion Yuan Jack

Laxey Glen Mills (npl.) Mwyljyn Glion Lacksey

Little Mill Glen (n.) Corony Beg, Cardle Veg

Little Mill Glen Crofts (npl.) Croittyn Cardle Veg

Michael's Church Glen (n.) Glion Keeill Vail

Mill Glen Harbour (n.) Purt Cornaa

Mill Glen Hill (n.) Cronk Cardle

Mill Glen of Nuts (n.) Mullen Glion ny Gro

Mill Glen Rock (n.) Creg ny Corony

Molly Quirk's Glen (n.) Glion Molly Quirk

Near the Glen (n.) Fo Ghlion

of a glen (gen.) glionney

Old People's Creek Glen (n.) Gil Aldrick

Other Glen Farm (n.) Alia Dalby

Outer Mill Glen (n.) Corony Mooie

Patrick's Church Glen (n.) Glion Keeill Pharick

Port Jack Glen (n.) Glion Phurt Coon

Port Soderick Glen (n.) Glion Phurt Soderick

Priests' Church Glen (n.) Glion Keeill Crogh, Glion Keeill Core

Quiggin's Farm Glen (n.) Glion Balley Quiggin

Red Ford Glen (n.) Glion yn Aah Ruy

Sedge Glen Hill (n.) Cronk Glion Chiast

Shieling Glen Ridge (n.) Dreeym Eary Dayl

Stream Glen Flat (n.) Faaie Glion Trooan

Top of the Little Glen (n.) Mullagh y Ghlionnan

Ward Fell Glen (n.) Glion Varrool

Young Cow's Glen (n.) Glion ny Gounee

glen 'sy veeal clean-mouthed

thunney recortyssit glen per net register ton

pure (adj.) feer; (v., adj.) glen: Make me pure within - Glen m'annym sthie. DF idiom Pure alcohol - Alcoal glen. DF idiom

clean1 (adv.) dy bollagh; (adj.) glen: New brooms sweep clean - Ta skeabyn noa skeabey glen. JJK idiom; (v.) glenney: Clean thy shoes - Glen dty vraagyn. JJK idiom

unqualified denial (n.) jiooldey glen, obbal glen

Glion Dorraghey Glen Darragh, Dark Glen

Glion Duff Glen Duff, Dark Glen

Glion Lammal Glen Helen, Lambfell Glen

Glion Mooar Sulby Glen, Great Glen; Glen Mooar: Va mooirchoor jeh lhong-hiaullee daa chroan ny lhie er y traie faggys da Glion Mooar, as Kione Yurby, as v'ee er ny coyrt seose myr slane-coayl. Dhoor

Glion Nellan Glen Helen, Nellen's Glen

Glion Shiast Glen Chass, Sedge Glen

Glion Shuin Glen Mooar, Glen Mona

Glion y Taggart Priest's Glen, Taggart's Glen

Glion yn Injeig Glen of the Nook, Nook Glen

chaste (adj.) geanymnee; glen; jeanymnee

cleanly (adj., adv.) dy glen

clean-mouthed glen 'sy veeal

clean place (n.) boayl glen

cleanse (v.) glenney; reealley; (impv) glen

clear-cut (adj.) glen


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