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Giau Vooar ny Pershey Persian Gulf

giau (f.) cove, creek, inlet: hiaull ad rish ooir ny loghey gys hooar ad giau liauyr, lhean as aalin, as hannee ad ayns shen Dhoor [Scand gja]

Inexact matches:

Giau Cham Winding Creek

Giau Doo Black Creek

Giau Gort Stale Creek

Giau Hole Cave Hole

Giau Jeeragh Straight Creek

Giau Lang Long Creek

Giau Ruyal Red Creek

Giau Ving Melodious Creek

Giau Wick Gullet Creek

Giau Wooar Big Creek

Giau Yiarn Iron Creek

Giau Harry Pharick Harry Patrick's Creek

Giau Lion Wether Glen Wether Creek

Giau ny Gabbyl Horses Creek

Giau ny Geyrragh Creek of the Sheep

Giau ny Moayrd Creek of the Tables

Giau ny Spyrryd Creek of the Spirits

Giau yn Ellan Creek of the Island

Giau yn Ooig Creek of the Cave

Big Creek (n.) Giau Wooar

Black Creek (n.) Giau Doo

Cave Hole (n.) Giau Hole

cove (n.) branlaig, camys, giau

Gullet Creek (n.) Giau Wick

Iron Creek (n.) Giau Yiarn

Long Creek (n.) Giau Lang

Melodious Creek (n.) Giau Ving

Red Creek (n.) Giau Ruyal

Stale Creek (n.) Giau Gort

Straight Creek (n.) Giau Jeeragh

Winding Creek (n.) Giau Cham

Horses Creek (n.) Giau ny Gabbyl

inlet (n.) branlaig, folsey, giau, gullad

Creek of the Cave (n.) Giau yn Ooig

Creek of the Island (n.) Giau yn Ellan

Creek of the Sheep (n.) Giau ny Geyrragh

Creek of the Spirits (n.) Giau ny Spyrryd

Creek of the Tables (n.) Giau ny Moayrd

Glen Wether Creek (n.) Giau Lion Wether

Harry Patrick's Creek (n.) Giau Harry Pharick

Persian Gulf (n.) Giau Vooar ny Pershey

creek (n.) branlaig, giau, glion, gullad, strooan; injeig; guag, giuag; purt; ooig: but they discovered a certain creek with a shore - agh chronnee ad ooig dy row lesh traie Bible


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