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garroo (=Ir. garbh) coarse, crude, gross, harsh, husky, jagged, low, pockmarked, raw, rough-and-tumble, rough-spoken, rugged, scraggy, stubbly, uncouth, undressed, unpolished, vulgar; pock-marked; (of weather) dirty; (as sea) stormy; (as ground) uneven; boisterous, ill-mannered, naughty, rude; shaggy; rough: ny raaidyn garroo er nyn yannoo rea Bible; coarse-fibred, hairy

Inexact matches:

aanrit garroo duck

aittys garroo broad humour

Balley Garroo Rough Farm

banaaney garroo plantain

Bayr Garroo Rough Road

burley garroo hairy rock cress, rock cress

Claghyn Garroo Rough Stones

Close Garroo Rough Enclosure

creear garroo rough sieve

Cronk Garroo Rough Hill

dy garroo roughly

eaddagh garroo sackcloth

eeast garroo coarse fish

emshir garroo (f.) rough weather

feeyn garroo rough wine

frass garroo heavy shower

Garroo Clagh Rough Stone

Garroo Hoar Rough Manured Field

garroo jeant roughly made

glassan garroo cabbage lettuce

Gob Garroo Rough Point

gorley garroo (yn) bot

jannoo garroo roughen

Kerroo Garroo Rough Quarter

keynnagh garroo club moss

Knock Garroo Rough Hill

Lheannee Garroo Rough Meadow

Liargee Garroo Rough Hill Slope

loayrtys garroo vulgarism; vulgarity

locker garroo jack plane

Magher Garroo Rough Field

poodyr garroo large grain powder

ridlan garroo coarse riddle

skeddan garroo alewife

sniaghtey garroo hail: dy vod sniaghtey garroo ve ayns ooilley cheer Egypt Bible

sollan garroo kitchen salt

thalloo garroo rough, rough land

tilgey garroo roughcast

yiarn garroo pig iron

ceau sniaghtee garroo hailstorm

ceau sniaghtey garroo hail

cheet dy ve garroo roughen

crackan screeuee garroo rough vellum

eddyr meein as garroo one thing with another

Garroo Lheannagh Heese Lower Rough Meadow

Garroo Lheannagh Heose Upper Rough Meadow

tilgey dy garroo roughcast

Train ny Garroo Rough Ground Train

roughcast garroo-hilgit; tilgey dy garroo; tilgey garroo

roughen (v.) cheet dy ve garroo, jannoo garroo

Rough Hill (n.) Knock Garroo, Cronk Garroo

rough1 barb; barbagh; breckey; carragh; garroo: We had a rough passage - Va turrys garroo ain. DF idiom; mollagh; neurea; raghtanagh; rastagh: he stayeth his rough wind in the day of the east wind - teh lhiettal e gheay rastagh rish traa yn gheay-niar Bible; reeastagh; reeastaneagh; ruggagh; thalloo garroo

hail1 (v.) ceau sniaghtey garroo; (intj) dy bannee dhyt: Hail Mary - Dy bannee dhyt y Voirrey. DF idiom; (n.) sniaghtey garroo

alewife (n.) skeddan garroo

boisterous (adj.) annymoil; garroo; rastagh

broad humour aittys garroo

club moss (n.) keynnagh garroo

coarse (adj.) garroo: Why have you given us such coarse bread? - Cre hon ta shiu er choyrt dooin lheid yn arran garroo? JJK idiom; neuveein

coarse-fibred (adj.) garroo, mooar-freihagh

coarse fish (n.) eeast garroo

coarse riddle (n.) ridlan garroo

dirty5 (adj.) (of weather) garroo

heavy shower (n.) frass garroo

jack plane (n.) locker garroo

jagged (adj.) aggagh; feeacklagh; garroo

kitchen salt (n.) sollan garroo

Rough Farm (n.) Balley Garroo

Rough Field (n.) Magher Garroo

rough land (n.) thalloo garroo

roughly made garroo jeant

Rough Point (n.) Gob Garroo

Rough Quarter (n.) Kerroo Garroo

Rough Road (n.) Bayr Garroo

rough sieve (n.) creear garroo

rough-spoken (adj.) garroo

Rough Stone (n.) Garroo Clagh

Rough Stones (npl.) Claghyn Garroo

stormy2 (adj.) (as sea) garroo

stubbly (adj.) coonlee, garroo

uneven2 (adj.) (as ground) garroo, neurea

unpolished (adj.) garroo, neughloasit

coarse thatch (n.) garroo-hoo

crude aw; garroo; neu-appee; oor

hairy rock cress (n.) burley garroo

husky (adj.) garroo, looyr; (n.) moddey rio

ill-mannered (adj.) garroo; mee-ellynagh; neuchooyrtoil; neuellynagh

large grain powder (n.) poodyr garroo

pargeting garroo-phlaastrail; plaastrail

rough-and-tumble (n., adj.) bea corragh; garroo; ruilley-builley

Rough Hill Slope (n.) Liargee Garroo

Rough Manured Field (n.) Garroo Hoar

rough vellum (n.) crackan screeuee garroo

rugged featured garroo-chummit

garroo-chloie rag

garroo-chummit rugged featured

garroo-hilgit roughcast

garroo-hoo coarse thatch

garroo-phlaastrail (f.) parget, pargeting

garroo-phlaastyr parget

bot (n.) (yn) gorley garroo; martlhan chabbil; muttog

cabbage lettuce (n.) glassan garroo; glassan mooar; glasseyr mooar

hailstorm (n.) ceau sniaghtee garroo, sterrym claghyn sniaghtee

harsh (adj.) garg; garroo; raghtanagh; ruggagh; trome

Lower Rough Meadow (n.) Garroo Lheannagh Heese

one thing with another eddyr meein as garroo

parget garroo-phlaastrail; garroo-phlaastyr; plaastrail boalley; plaastyr

pig iron (n.) muc yiarn, yiarn garroo

plantain (n.) banaaney garroo, duillag Pherick, plantain

pockmarked garroo, lane ynnydyn y vreck, spohttagh

pock-marked garroo, lane ynnydyn y vreck, spohttagh

rock cress (n.) burley garroo, burley jiarg

Rough Enclosure (n.) Close Mollagh, Close Garroo, Close Hough

Rough Ground Train (n.) Train ny Garroo

Rough Meadow (n.) Lheannee Vollagh, Lheannee Gharroo, Lheannee Garroo

rough wine (n.) feeyn garg, feeyn garroo

rugged (adj.) barbagh; cregganagh; garroo; mollagh; ruggagh

sackcloth (n.) aanrit sack, eaddagh garroo, eaddagh kennipey, sack

scraggy (adj.) craueagh, garroo, lhome, moal, neurea, thanney

shaggy (adj.) fynnagh, geayshteenagh; fynnee; mollagh; garroo

uncouth (adj.) garroo, troggit er ny sleityn

Upper Rough Meadow (n.) Garroo Lheannagh Heose

vulgar (adj.) garroo, neuellynagh, neughlen, staydoilagh, theayagh

vulgarism (n.) caaynt chadjin, loayrtys garroo, neuellyn

vulgarity (n.) theayaght, cadjinys, neuellyn, loayrtys garroo

duck (n.) laagh, thunnag; (v.) cur fo ushtey, thummey; (Tex.) aanrit garroo; (Mil.) gleashtan snauee; (cricket) veg

rough weather (n.) drogh earish, earish vooar, emshir garroo, emshir vooar

gross (n.) daa ghussan yeig; gross; (adj.) jiarg-; slane; garroo; roauyr: For this people's heart is waxed gross - Son ta cree yn phobble shoh er naase roauyr Bible

low1 buirroogh; buirrooghey; dowin; garroo; injil: The fire is very low - Ta'n aile feer injil. JJK idiom; ishil; dy injil; kercheenagh

naughty (adj.) garroo; olkyssagh; olk: The master punished the naughty boy - Cherree yn mainstyr y guilley olk. JJK idiom

raw anoayllagh; aw: Raw spirits - Liggar aw. DF idiom; garroo; glass: Raw weather - Emshyr ghlass. DF idiom; neuaarloo; oor; awaneagh

roughly (adv.) dy garroo; dy mooaralagh: but made himself strange unto them, and spake roughly unto them - agh dymmyrk eh eh-hene myr joarree daue, as loayr eh dy mooaralagh roo Bible

rude (adj.) barbagh; daaney; drogh-ellynagh: He is rude, she is polite - T'eh drogh-ellynagh, t'ee jeih-ellynagh. JJK idiom; garroo; lunagh; mollagh; neuellynagh; awaneagh

undressed aw; eaddagh currit jeh; garroo; gyn aarlaghey; neuchoamrit: I am undressed - Ta mee neuchoamrit. DF idiom; neulhiastit

camstram cranky, crooked, zigzag: Va cassan garroo tuittym dy camstram sheese cronk gys y valley beg. Carn

gyn reaghey undesigned: Yn ellan lieh-varbaragh shoh, raad va riftanyn garroo shooyl stiagh sy thie gyn reaghey red erbee rolaue as gyllagh magh 'Kys t'ou uss, ven? SF; without purpose, without intent

keay (f.) coulter-holder; pier; vapours, vapour: Aile as sniaghtey garroo, sniaghtey meen as keay Bible

keintys gender, sex: Ny smeissey na shen v'ee reih bea gyn keintys gobbal yn dooinney garroo eck tra v'eh prowal shen y yannoo. Dhoor

sheebey ersooyl blow away: nee'n sniaghtey-garroo sheebey ersooyl kemmyrk ny breagyn Bible

shooyl stiagh walk in: Yn ellan lieh-varbaragh shoh, raad va riftanyn garroo shooyl stiagh sy thie gyn reaghey red erbee rolaue as gyllagh magh 'Kys t'ou uss, ven?' SF

hairy (adj.) foltagh, fynnagh, garroo, gruagagh; geayshteenagh; geyshteenagh: And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment - As haink y chied er magh ruy ooilley harrish, myr garmad geyshteenagh B ible; renaigagh: and the hairy scalp of such a one as goeth on still in his wickedness - as claigin renaigaghlheid y fer as ta goll kinjagh er e hoshiaght ayns e vee-chraueeaght Bible

mingled (ny) chione: And every meat offering, mingled with oil - As dagh oural-arran, ta ooil ny chione Bible; covestit; fud; mastey: whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices - yn uill oc va Pilate er gheayrtey mastey (fuill) ny ourallyn oc Bible; (ny) vud; seiyt; roie fud-y-cheilley: fire mingled with the hail - yn aile as y sniaghtey-garroo roie fud-y-cheilley Bible; mestit: a tenth deal of flour mingled with the fourth part of an hin of oil - omer dy flooyr mestit lesh yn chiarroo ayrn jeh hin dy ooil Bible; seiy: and mingled my drink with weeping - as er heiy my yough lesh jeïr Bible

rag (n.) buiggys clooidagh, clooid, critlagh, giubbyl, garroo-chloie; fritlag: He wore a rag for a shirt - Va fritlag er myr lheiney. DF idiom; (v.) kiapaghey

creaghyn 1 furrows a: Ta ny errooyn er hraaue er my ghreeym: as er nyannoo creaghyn liauyrey Bible; 2 clods, heaps, stacks: My nee aile brishey magh, as goaill ny drineyn, myr hen dy vel ny creaghyn, ny ny magheryn arroo er nyn stroie liorish Bible; 3 treasures a: ny vel oo er vakin creaghyn y sniaghtey-garroo Bible

vrish broke: hug y sniaghtey-garroo naardey ooilley glassyraght y thallooin, as vrish eh ooilley biljyn y vagheragh Bible eish haink ny sajuryn, as vrish ayd lurghyn yn ghied 'err, as yn 'err elle va erna ghrossy marishsyn. PB1610; burst


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