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Gaelic (n.) Gailck; Gaelg: He is a Gaelic-speaking man - Ta Gaelg echey. DF idiom; (adj.) Gaelgagh: Mann, not only free but Gaelic - Mannin, cha nee seyr ynrican agh Gaelgagh. DF idiom; Gailckagh: Under the auspices of the Manx Gaelic Society - Fo scaa ny Sheshaght Ghailckagh. DF idiom

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Gaelic Choirs (npl.) Coryn Gaelgagh

Gaelic football (n.) bluckaneyrys; bluckaneyrys Gaelgagh

Gaelic speaker (n.) Gaelgeyr; lught ny Gaelgey; mooinjer ny Gaelgey

Gaelic speakers (npl.) Gaelgeyryn

Gaelic type (n.) clou Gaelgagh

Scottish Gaelic (n.) Gaelg Albinagh, Gaelg ny Halbey, Gaelgagh; Abinish: Do you speak Scottish Gaelic? - Vel shiu loayrt Albinish? JJK idiom

Gaelic speaking area (n.) Gaeltaght

Manx Gaelic Advisory Council (n.) Coonceil ny Gaelgey

Manx Gaelic Pledge (n.) Gialdnys Gaelgagh

bluckaneyrys football, Gaelic football

bluckaneyrys Gaelgagh Gaelic football

clou Gaelgagh Gaelic type

Coryn Gaelgagh Gaelic Choirs

Gaelgagh Gaelic, Manx, Scottish Gaelic: Eer ayns scoill-cloie Gaelgagh, cha nod oo ve shickyr dy loayragh paitchyn Gaelg Carn; highland people

non-Gaelic Goaldaght

Gialdnys Gaelgagh Manx Gaelic Pledge

Goaldaght (f.) non-Gaelic

lught ny Gaelgey Gaelic speaker

mooinjer ny Gaelgey (f.) Gaelic speaker

Coonceil ny Gaelgey Manx Gaelic Advisory Council

Gaelg (=Ir. Gaeilge) (f.) Gaelic, Manx: Myr she Manninagh mish ta Gaelg aym DF

decaying eiglagh; fioghee; loauee; eighid; goll naardey: Gaelic is decaying in the Highlands of Scotland - Ta'n Ghaelg goll naardey ayns Gaeltaght ny h-Albey. DF idiom; eigid

predominate (n., v.) geddyn yn varriaght er; (ny) s'earrooagh: The Gaelic words predominate - Ta ny focklyn Gaelgagh ny s'earrooagh. DF idiom

proceedings (npl.) daaltyn; immeeaghtyn: Proceedings of the Manx Gaelic Society - Immeeaghtyn ny Sheshaght Gailckagh. DF idiom; daltyn

femblit edited: ta mee croghey dy trome er daa lioar, 'Writing in Irish Today' liorish David Greene as 'The Pleasures of Gaelic Literature', va femblit liorish John Jordan. Carn

Gaelg Albinagh (f.) Scottish Gaelic: ta'n chellveeish er ngeddyn nuy milliun punt ry-hoi jannoo claareyn ayns Gaelg Albinagh. Carn

Gaelgeyr Gaelic speaker, Manx speaker: Share da Gaelgeyr ynsaghey un studeyr na possan feer veg dy studeyryn. Carn

Gaelgeyryn Gaelic speakers: Mannagh vees pooar politickagh ec ny Gaelgeyryn hene, bee yn chengey brisht dy bollagh ayns sheeloghe. Carn

Gaelg ny Halbey (f.) Scottish Gaelic: Veagh taitnys aym fakin ny t'eh ayns Yernish as Gaelg ny hAlbey. Dhoor

Gaeltaght (=Ir. Gaeltacht) (f.) Gaelic speaking area: Foddym gialdyn un red ansherbee - bee Gaeltaght er y Cholloo reesht 'sy vlein ry-heet. Carn

Gailck (f.) Gaelic, Manx: Ta shin laccal lioar erbee ayns Gailck, agh dy firrinagh bare lhiam my lioaryn aym pene y screeu ayns Gailck veih'n toshiaght. Carn

Gailckagh Gaelic: Agh tra va sleih laccal kionnaghey lioaryn Gailckagh, cha row shen jantagh. Carn


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