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fo (=Ir. faoi) (prep.) assistant, junior, secondary, subsidiary, underlying; below, beneath, under: scarr eh ny ushtaghyn fo yn aer Bible; sunken; dependent; (of street) off

Inexact matches:

bass fo prone

bayr fo-halloo subway

beeal fo face downwards: Ta shiu ooilley er chlashtyn mychione Feeagh Odin goll beeal fo 'sy Cheyllys eddyr Ellan Skianagh as Raasay. GK

broojit fo-chosh downtrodden

cassan fo-chlea arcade

cheet fo come under, come within, seepage: jeh cre-erbee ta cheet fo'n lorg Bible

cleiy fo subvert, supplant, undermine authority, usurp: hug Jee spyrryd dy ghrogh choardail eddyr Abimelech as deiney Shechem; as ren deiney Shechem cleiy fo Abimelech: Bible

coyrt fo-chosh brought down

cummal fo 1 backwater; 2 dwell under a: Nee adsyn ta cummal fo yn scadoo echey chyndaa reesht Bible

cur fo scuttle, sink; weather; let down, thrust in: Cur fo dty chorran, as buinn Bible; tackle person about

fo aggle aghast, alarmed, awestricken, awe-stricken, terror-stricken: As va Moab fo aggle trome roish y pobble, son dy row ad ymmodee Bible

fo ardaneyn terraced

fo arkys straightened: As shoh va oyr shaghrynys y theihll: son deiney surranse fo arkys ny tranlaase erbee Apoc

fo arrey under surveillance: Tooryn ard niau ta seyr sthill veih danjeyr y noidys ain; t'ad freilt fo arrey gyere dy ainleyn sollys, eillit lesh pooar nyn ree. PC

fo atchim awe-stricken, terror-stricken: Nish tra hie yn skeeal jeh shoh magh, haink y pobble cooidjagh, as v'ad fo atchim erskyn-towse, er-yn-oyr dy row dy chooilley ghooinney clashtyn ad loayrt ayns glare e ghooie hene. Bible; afraid, awestricken, terified; astonished: Ta pillaryn yn aer er-creau, as fo atchim ee e oghsan. Bible

fo barrantys warranted

fo biallys disciplined: Lhig da ny mraane eu ve nyn-dhost ayns ny kialteenyn: son cha vel eh lowit dauesyn dy loayrt; agh t'ad sarit dy ve fo biallys, myr ta'n leigh neesht dy ghra. Bible

fo boirey bothered

fo bondiaght bondage, bondman, captive, captivity, subjection: nee oo cooinaghtyn dy r'ou hene fo bondiaght ayns Egypt Bible

fo brat coated: Boalley fo brat hibbin. DF

fo bree within the meaning; bound: ta mee goll fo bree yn Spyrryd gys Jerusalem Bible

fo cappeeys captivated, captive

Fo Charn Near the Cairn

Fo Charrick Near the Rock

fo chassan bypath

Fo Cheeill Under the Church

fo cheesh (financially) taxed, under tax: t'eh imraait dy dug Murchad mac Dairmod fo chosh dooinney ennagh enmyssit 'mac Rennell' ayns Mannin as dy row Mannin currit fo cheesh echey neesht. GB; tributary

fo cheiltynys camouflaged

Fo Cheyll Near the Wood

fo chiunaghey sedated

fo chiuney becalmed

fo chlea indoors, in private, privately; undercover: As haink Saul gys ard-valley Amalek, as lhie eh fo chlea 'sy choan. Bible

fo choodagh coated

fo choreagh subeditor

fo chosh beaten, overcome, underfoot, vanquished: cur ny mee-chrauee fo-chosh ayns nyn gummal Bible

Fo Chreg Near the Rock

Fo Chronk Near the Hill

fo coadey auspices: Quoi-erbee ta cummal fo coadey yn Fer smoo ard Bible

Fo Cronk Under the Hill: As cheer ny Gibliteyn, as ooilley Lebanon, lesh y shiar, veih Baal-gad fo cronk Hermon derrey hig oo gys Hamath Bible

fo doorey shaded

fo druaight charmed

fo druaightys captivated

fo drualtys captivated, enchanted: T'eh fo drualtys! DF

fo druggaghyn doped

fo druiaght rapt

fo-eaddagh ben lingerie

fo faiyr grass-grown

fo far-scaa canopied

fo fedjagyn plumed

fo feeaghyn incidental expenses; indebted: As ren dy chooilley ghooinney va tranlaasit, ny fo feeaghyn, ny sou-aigney, ad-hene y haglym huggey Bible

fo gheulaghyn in fetters

Fo Ghill Near the Ravine

fo ghioal burdened, forfeit

fo ghlass hair trigger; locked up, under lock and key: Ta ny lioaryn fo ghlass. Bible; under arrest

Fo Ghlion Near the Glen: Harlheim mee veih'n varroose faggys da Los Tilos, as ghow mee toshiaght shooyl rish y raad fo ghlion. Dhoor

fo ghruaiaght spellbound

fo ghuillag in leaf

fo gioaldeeaght mortgaged

fo glonney glazed

fo haart defeated, overthrown, ruined: Haink eh gys Mannin, ren eh caggey noi ny cummaltee, as v'eh currit fo haart as eiginit dy hea. Chron

fo hallooder (mine) underground worker

fo hapeish tapestried

fo harey by order, mandated, under command: As deie ad orroo, as hug ad fo harey ad gyn dy loayrt eddyr, ny dy ynsaghey ayns ennym Yeesey. Bible

fo-heer–vooar (f.) subcontinent

fo hiowt underheated

fo laue at hand; by the hand, in the hand, under the hand: As daag eh ooilley ny v'echey fo laue Yoseph; as cha row kairail erbee er son nhee erbee dy row echey Bible; underhand; read

fo laurys laureate

fo lhee pigmented

Fo Lheeanee Near the Meadow

fo lhiastynys indebted, obligated, owe: Ta mee fo lhiastynys da son shen. DF

Fo Lieau Under the Mountain

fo loo sworn in, under oath: Ta mee cur oo fo loo dar y Jee bio. DF

fo mollaght accursed: Eshyn ta treigeil e ayr, t'eh myr lûnagh as eshyn ta cur corree er e voir, t'eh fo mollaght Yee. Apoc

fo myncheyll (of forest) undergrown

fo mynfoiee (of forest) undergrown

fo nearey disgraced, mortified: Ta ny deiney creeney oc fo nearey Bible

fo neunhee below zero: V'eh feer feayr er yn oie, mysh jeih keim fo neunhee as cha row shamyr lhiabbagh ry-akin. GK

fo ordaag henpecked: Fer 'sy cheayn! Fer ta fo ordaag e ven. DF

fo orraghey within gunshot

fo ouyrys suspect, suspected

Fo Phurt Near the Harbour

fo plaih plague-stricken: Ta'n boayl shoh fo plaih conneeyn. DF

Fo Raad Under the Road

fo raad (to be); (dy ve) in operation: Bee seyraad-mooireen fo raad ayns shen roish foddey. BS

fo-reill da subject

fo-reir da subordinate

Fo-rheynn Ard-chimmeeys Serious Crime Division

Fo-rheynn Chellinsh Communications Division

Fo-rheynn Eddyrinsh Communications Division

fo-rheynn jantys-possan group manufacturing division

Fo-rheynn Jeeaney Enforcement Division

Fo-rheynn Kaarteyrys Cartography Section

Fo-Rheynn Obbraghyn Works Division

Fo-Rheynn Skimmee Human Resource Section

fo ronsaghey under investigation

fo scaa auspices; shaded: bee myghinagh dou, son ta m'annym treishteil aynyd: as fo scaa dty skianyn vees my chemmyrk derrey vees y tranlaase shoh er n'gholl shagh-ym. Bible

fo scraa turfed

fo-scrudeyr ard-whaillagh parliamentary under-secretary

fo skimmeeit undermanned

fo slattag accentuated

fo smaght cowed, curbed, downtrodden, under control, under suspension: Agh ta mee ginjillaghey mannym, as freayll eh fo smaght, myr lhiannoo ter ny harbaa veih e voir Bible

fo stiurey under control: Y laa lurg yn çhaglym, hug ny h-Albinee as y Britaanagh shilley er thie Duke Video, fo stiurey Charles Guard. Dhoor

fo urrysaght assured

fo urryssaght insured

fo ushtey awash, sub-aqua, submerged, under water: bee ad thooilley roie harrish ny brooinyn, as ver ad yn cheer fo ushtey Bible

fo-vargane soiagh underlease

fo varranys mistaken

fo veeourys suspected

fo-viallys da subject

fo voirey (as person) troubled

fo vrat (f.) undercoat, underlay; capped

fo-vreechyn lhiungys pair of combinations

fo vuinnaghyn bud

fo yaghee tithed

fo yindys wondering

freayll fo control, keep under, restrain: ta ny Egyptianee freayll fo bondiaght Bible

giarrey fo undercut

goll fo founder, get under, submerge; go under, set; undergo: goll fo mooarane surranse veih'n chanstyr Bible; sinking

gunn fo-chrackanagh hypodermic syringe

kiaulleyder fo-alpagh subalpine warbler

kishtyn fo-halloo cellar kitchen

lane fo defiance: ny kys oddym's y lane-y-choyrt fosyn, nagh vel y Chiarn er choyrt y-lane fo ? Bible

myr fo as under

obbraghyn fo-skynn surgical operations

queeyl fo-skiootal (f.) undershot wheel

ruillick fo-halloo (f.) catacombs

shassoo fo (tolerate) bear: Cha jean eh shassoo fo! DF; endurance

snaid fo-chrackanagh (f.) hypodermic needle

stashoon fo-halloo tube station

tannaghtyn fo keep under: nee eh tannaghtyn fo scaa yn Ooilley-niartal. Bible

towlley fo sap

traaue fo plough in

traen fo-halloo tube

tuittym fo (as disease) contract; fall into, fall under: Ny lhiggey daue tuittym fo kerraghey loght, tra t'ad gee ny reddyn casherick Bible

ushtey fo-halloo conspiracy

broojey fo chosh browbeat

cabbal fo halloo (f.) crypt

chebbal fo vun underbid

cheet fo ghuillag leaf

cheet fo raad projected

Close Fo Lieau Mountain Foot Enclosure

conaant fo heal specialty

corp fo ghruiaghtys zombie

coyr fo hoiag (f.) seat box

coyrt cooid fo gioalteeaght assets charging of

cur beeal fo capsize

cur bieauid fo open out

cur bravinn fo underpin

cur cooid fo gioalteeaght assets charging of

cur coonlagh fo bed

cur er fo-leese sub-lease

cur er fo-vayl sub-rent

cur fo anney mandate

cur fo bodjal eclipse

cur fo bondiaght enslave

cur fo booise oblige

cur fo chass ride roughshod over

cur fo cheesh (tax) impose a duty

cur fo chosh get under, overwhelm, reduce, rid, subdue, suppress, suppression

cur fo currym commend, commit, consign

cur fo deyrsnys enslave

cur fo dooal blackmail

cur fo doorey eclipse

cur fo dorraghys benight

cur fo drogh ourys compromise

cur fo druaight charm

cur fo drualtys enthral, entrance, fascinate

cur fo ghioal pawn

cur fo ghlass bond, lock in

cur fo glass lock up

cur fo guess taboo

cur fo haart break, defeat

cur fo hart rout, wipe out

cur fo-heidyl er caption

cur fo hippnoish hypnotize

cur fo jaghee impose

cur fo keesh impose

cur fo kiangley bind over

cur fo kiedoonys license

cur fo laue yn aspick confirm

cur fo loo adjure, attest, attestation

cur fo mollaght anathematise, anathematize

cur fo oalys enchant

cur fo oardagh-bee diet

cur fo obbeeys bewitch

cur fo prindeisaght indenture

cur fo quaranteen quarantine

cur fo sarey ban

cur fo skynn operate: Cur fo skynn yn 'er lhee. DF

cur fo smaght bring under, discipline, repress, subject: Cha nee agh jannoo caggey ayns fendeilys ny moir-cheerey fodmayd cur fo smaght as fo chosh ny kied- wuillteyryn as cosney seyrsnys nyn jeer. GB

cur fo urrysaght assure life

cur fo ushtey duck

cur fo vollaght curse

cur fo whaiyl armee court martial

cur lesh fo bring under

cur lhiaght fo bed

cur lhong fo wreck

cur limbyr fo limber

cur linney fo underline


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