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flood baih; baihghey; lhieeney rour; skeaylley tooilley er; thooilley: The river is in flood - Ta thooilley 'syn awin. DF idiom

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flood tide (n.) lhieeney, lhieeney marrey, mooir lhieeney, roayrt

water flood (n.) thooilley ushtey

before the flood roish y thooilley: For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking - Son myr ayns ny laghyn va roish y thooilley, vad gee as giu Bible

Flood Risk Management Bill (n.) Billey ry-hoi Reirey Gaue Thooillaghyn

baihghey flood

lhieeney marrey (=Ir. lionadh mara) flood tide

skeaylley tooilley er flood

lhieeney rour flood, overfill, overstock

mooir lhieeney (f.) flood tide, flowing tide

Billey ry-hoi Reirey Gaue Thooillaghyn Flood Risk Management Bill

flowing1 (v.) roie, taal; lhieeney: The flood-tide is flowing - Ta'n roayrt lhieeney. DF idiom; taaley; strooaney

swept glennit, sceabit, skeabit; sceabey; skeabey: The flood swept the rocks down with it - Ren yn thooilley skeabey ny creggyn neose lesh. DF idiom

baih (=Ir. ) drown: Baih ny quaillianyn DF; flood, merge, saturate, submerge: ayns ymmodee sayntyn olk as ommijagh, ta baih deiney ayns toyrt-mow as coayl-anmey Bible; elide; elision, inundation, submersion

roayrt (f.) flood tide, oncoming tide, spring tide: bee sleih, myr roayrt ny marrey, er ny hyndaa hood's Bible; tide

roish y thooilley antediluvian; before the flood: Son myr ayns ny laghyn va roish y thooilley, v'ad gee as giu, poosey as coyrt ayns poosey, derrey yn laa hie Noe stiagh ayns yn arg Bible

thooilley (f.) pl. thooillaghyn cloudburst, deluge, downfall, downpour, effusion, flood, flow, inundation, onrush, spate, stream, torrent, waterspout: nee yn slatt goll trooid y cheer myr thooilley [L. diluvium]

thooilley ushtey water flood: ta yn chiarn na hyi erskyn yn tuilliu-uisky : as ta yn chiarn faraghtyn na rii erson gybragh. Psalm1610

arose (v.) dhatt: and when the flood arose - as tra dhatt yn ushtey Bible; dirree: Then I arose, and went forth - Eisht dirree mee, as hie mee magh Bible; hrog: And Rebekah arose, and her damsels - As hrog Rebekah as e mraane aegey orroo Bible

lhieeney (=Ir. líonadh) fill, fill in, fill out: Ad shoh t'eh er lhieeney lesh creenaght chree Bible; billow, blow up, puff up; (n.) pl. lhieenaghyn flood tide; (as battery) charge, fuel, load; (of tide) make, flow, flowing, rise, saturate: Lhieeney yn roayrt. DF; (as cushion) pad; (as moon) wax; filling; cover in; cram; fulfilling; spasm


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