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Beeal Feirshtey (=Ir. Béal Feirste) Belfast: Ta'n earishlioar shoh clouit ayns Beeal Feirshtey as currit magh ayns Lunnin. Carn

Belfast (n.) Beeal Feirshtey [Ir. Béal Feirste]

Awin Argid Silverburn: Michael Osborne, voish Gowaltys yn Awin Argid, v'eh yn stiureyder jeh etlan Beech ren smoashal stiagh ayns magheryn-cloie beeal rish purt- aer Veeal Feirshtey. BS

bleaystit blasted, blow up, exploded, unhusked: dooyrt eh rhyms dy row eh er choayll e vraar v'er ny varroo ayns thie-oast va bleaystit dy jeianagh ayns Beeal Feirshtey. GB

caairliagh chairman: Va mish y caairliagh ec chaglym ayns Lerpoyll raad loayr Nóirín Chléirigh, caairliagh Ghlór na nGael ayns Beeal Feirshtey. Carn

clouit printed: Ta'n earishlioar shoh clouit ayns Beeal Feirshtey as currit magh ayns Lunnin. Carn

seshoonyn sessions: Laa braew aalin v'ayn yn Jesarn shen yn çhiaghtoo laa jeh Jerrey Geuree, 1978, as va mee jeeragh erreish çheet back dys Beeal Feirshtey voish seshoonyn as giensyn yn Vlein Noa ayns Mannin. GB

soilshit magh (as knowledge) aired: Nane jeh ny cooishyn scammyltagh va soilshit magh ec Wallace, ta shen y chooish jeh thie ny guillyn (Kincora) ayns Beeal Feirshtey. Carn

studeyr (=Ir. staidéar) student: tra hirr Radio Foyle ayns Beeal Feirshtey er yn "Institute" dy loayrt roosyn er yn radio ayns Yernish mysh studeyrys Yernagh, hooar ad magh nagh row peiagh erbee sy Chommyn as Yernish oc. Carn


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