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Doon ny Ghoal Donegal: Tra va mee ayns Derrybeg (Doon ny Ghoal) ec jerrey jeh'n vee shoh chaie Carn

Doon (Yn) Down: V'eh oanluckit faggys da keeill Pherick ayns Doon. Chron

doon bastion, dun, earth fort, fastness, fort, fortified rock, fortress, military camp, stronghold, redoubt: Ta'n doon ard erskyn y valley. DF; shut, fasten: Doon dty chrammanyn. DF; jail

Inexact matches:

Doon Bretyn Dumbarton

Doon Edin Edinburgh: ec co-haglym jeh Sheshaght Ardwhaiyllagh y Cho-unnaneys ayns Doon Edin. BS

Doon Gannan Dungannon

Doon Jialgan Dundalk

Doon Pherick Downpatrick; Patrick's Fort

Doon Veagan Dunvegan: Agh ny yei shen as ooilley, cheayll shin Gàidhlig dy liooar ayns bar ayns Doon Veagan. Carn

thie doon blockhouse

doon lesh scroddyn screw up

doon ny giattyn er lock out

fasten (v.) chionney, lhian; doon: Fasten your buttons - Doon dty chrammanyn. DF idiom

fort (n.) doon: The fort commands the town - Ta'n doon ard erskyn y valley. DF idiom; peeley; rhaa; toor-caggee

bastion (n.) doon

blockhouse (n.) doonan, thie doon

Down (n.) (Yn) Doon

Downpatrick (n.) Doon Pherick

Dumbarton (n.) Doon Bretyn

Dundalk (n.) Doon Jialgan

Dungannon (n.) Doon Gannan

Dunvegan (n.) Doon Veagan

earth fort (n.) candys, doon

fortified rock (n.) doon

redoubt (n.) doon

fastness (n.) carrick; doon; dy beaynid

military camp (n.) camp sidooragh, doon

stop cur stap er; scuir, scuirr: He came to a full stop - Scuirr eh ayns e vraagyn. DF idiom; shassoo; stap, sthap; stappal; tannaghtyn: To stop at home - Dy hannaghtyn 'sy valley. DF idiom; scuirrys; jeigh; tannee: Stop there! - Tannee myr t'ou! DF idiom; doon: Stop that hole - Doon y towl shen. DF idiom; (n.) stad; stoppal

doon-voalley rampart

Donegal (n.) Cheer Chonnal, Doon ny Ghoal

lock out (v.) doon ny giattyn er, glassey magh

screw up (v.) chionney; cruinnaghey; doon lesh scroddyn

stronghold (n.) doon; carrog; carrick; toor; ynnyd lajer

jail (n.) carchyr, pryssoon; doon, carrog, carear; (v.) cur ayns pryssoon

rampart (n.) arragh, carnane, carnane caggee, doon-voalley, glassag

dun (v.) clowaney, croaganaghey, dorraghey; doon; ouar, ouyr; buigh: Dun horse - Cabbyl buigh. DF idiom

Edinburgh (n.) Doon Edin: He must have been in Edinburgh - Sheign da er ve ayns Doonedin. JJK idiom

shut dooney; jeigh: How can you shut the door in your friend's face? - Kys vod oo jeigh yn dorrys ayns eddin dty charrey? JJK idiom; doont, dooint, jeight; dooin, doon; ghooin, ghooïn; yeigh

ny yei after that: Agh ny yei shen as ooilley, cheayll shin Gàidhlig dy liooar ayns bar ayns Doon Veagan. Carn

yei shen as ooilley (ny) nevertheless, still: Agh ny yei shen as ooilley, cheayll shin Gàidhlig dy liooar ayns bar ayns Doon Veagan. Carn

fortress (n.) carrick: The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim - Bee yn charrick myrgeddin goit veih Ephraim Bible; rhaa; doon: Thou art my rock and my fortress - She uss my chreg as my ghoon. JJK idiom; toor: And the fortress of the high fort of thy walls shall he bring down - As troshid toor ard dty voallaghyn ver eh lesh sheese, Bible; cashtal: O Lord, my strength, and my fortress - O Hiarn my niart, as my chashtal lajer Bible and shall enter into the fortress of the king of the north - as hed eh stiagh ayns cashtal ree yn twoaie Bible


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