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dirree rose up: dirree yn dooinney eck 'sy voghrey Bible; rose; arose

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dirree seose rose up

rose up (v.) dirree: And rose up, and thrust him out of the city - As dirree ad, as deiyr ad eh magh ass yn ard-valley Bible; hrog: And the men rose up from thence - As hrog ny deiney orroo veih shen Bible; dirree seose: thou hast overthrown them that rose up against thee - tou er choyrt fo-chosh adsyn dirree seose dtoi Bible

rose rosag; rose: There's no rose without a thorn - Cha nel rose erbee fegooish jolg. JJK idiom; rose-uinnag; ruissag; sock; (v.) dirree: He rose from the dead - Dirree eh veih ny merriu. DF idiom

arose (v.) dhatt: and when the flood arose - as tra dhatt yn ushtey Bible; dirree: Then I arose, and went forth - Eisht dirree mee, as hie mee magh Bible; hrog: And Rebekah arose, and her damsels - As hrog Rebekah as e mraane aegey orroo Bible

cha voddey not long: on cha voddey neayr's dirree magh Theudas Bible

doirrinagh See dorrinagh stormy: dirree geay dowil doirrinagh nyn 'oi enmyssit Euroclydon Bible

dy moghey early: dirree yn pobble dy moghey Bible

lurg baase posthumous: Eisht dirree Moab magh noi Israel lurg baase Ahab. Bible

yeeltee saddled: dirree Abraham dy feer voghey, as yeeltee eh e assyl Bible

at1 (prep.) ec: At what time did you get up? - Ec cre'n traa d'irree shiuish? JJK idiom

less (adj., adv.) agh; looid, by loo; (ny) sloo: It grew less and less - Dirree eh ny sloo as as ny sloo. DF idiom; gyn bree, gyn kiarail, gyn shalee

they1 (pron) ad: They rose early and have breakfasted, as they have much to do - D'irree ad dy-moghey as t'ad er vrishey nyn drostey, myr ta mooarane oc dy yannoo. JJK idiom

accan 1 pl. accanyn complaint, lamentation, lawsuit, supplication; 2 (v.) complain, grumble, moan a: dirree Abraham dy moghey, gys yn ynnyd raad ren eh roie accan kiongoyrt rish y Chiarn. Bible

barriaghtagh conquering, triumphant, victorious: As eisht doaltattym ren eh brishey as bleaystey lesh grees as jeeanid feer vooar, as dirree yn coraa echey dy barriaghtagh erskyn dy chooilley chrieaghey GB; victor

boayl follit private place: dirree Abimelech, as y pobble va marish, veihn boayl follit Bible

brisheyn laa spring of the day: As dirree ad dy moghey: as haink eh gy-kione mysh brisheyn laa, dy deïe Samuel er Saul gys yn ard-shamyr Bible

dowil fierce: Cha jean oo fakin pobble dowil Bible; tempestuous: Agh ayns traa gerrid dirree geay dowil doirrinagh nyn 'oi enmyssit Euroclidon. Bible

dy feer exceedingly, really, sincerely, surely, truly, verily, very: As dirree Abraham dy feer voghey Bible; bona fide, true

dy feer voghey early: As dirree Abraham dy feer voghey, as yeeltee eh e assyl Bible

er nyn skyn over them: t'ou myrgeddin er my hroggal seose dy ard er nyn skyn dirree seose m'oï Bible

galverg (f.) gall: agh ayns y toshiaght, tra chie ad er croo, cha row galverg, noidys, ny nieu ayndoo gys dirree peccah PC

geay dowil doirrinagh tempestuous wind: Agh ayns traa gerrid dirree geay dowil doirrinagh nyn 'oi enmyssit Euroclidon. Bible

gerrid (f.) brevity, imminence, short time, while: Agh ayns traa gerrid dirree geay dowil doirrinagh nyn 'oi enmyssit Euroclydon Bible

leah (=Ir. luath) See s'leaie early, prompt, swift, soon, betimes: As scrieu Moses ooilley goan y Chiarn, as dirree eh leahsy voghrey Bible

lieh-lhie leaning, recline, reclining: dirree eh dy lieh Dy dree, lesh guin, lieh-lhie er e roih Dhoor

loaganagh rocking, staggering, staggery, wavering: Dirree eh dy loaganagh. DF; groping; rocky place; unstable; crawler, staggerer

loayrt dy dooie speak friendly: As dirree e sheshey, as hie eh geiyrt urree dy loayrt dy dooie ree Bible

mooad amount, quantity: As ayns mooad's dty ghloyr t'ou er choyrt fo-chosh adsyn dirree seose dt'oi Bible

mooad's bigness: As ayns mooad's dty ghloyr t'ou er choyrt fo-chosh adsyn dirree seose dt'oi Bible

mustyral assemble, assembling, muster: Keayrt ny ghaa dirree magh ny Manninee nyn 'oi as d'obb ad dy eeck red erbee, agh ve ny sidooryn er nyn mustyral dy ghoaill ny leeideilee as dy cheau ad ayns y Chashtal Rosien Dhoor

niart sleih lot of people, much people, powerful lot of people: dirree eh magh noi, ayns cur e haghteryn reeoil gys Egypt, son cabbil, as niart sleih Bible; manpower

shen myr ve it was so: As shen myr ve: son dirree eh dy moghey laa-ny-vairagh Bible

'sy vadran cock crow: dirree Joshua dy mogheysy vadran, as ghow eh musteral y pobble Bible

jiarg-chorree (=Ir. dearg-corraithe) (f.) extreme anger, furious, outrage, raging, very angry: dirree Jonathan veih'n voayrd ayns jiarg chorree Bible; indignant; grieved: As ayns jiarg-chorree roo son dy row ad gynsaghey yn pobble, as preacheil trooid Yeesey yn irree-seose-reesht veih ny merriu. Bible; in a rage

kiune (=Ir. ciúin) See kuine calm, composed, flat, pacific, quiescent, sedate, serene, still, tranquil, unruffled: As dirree eh, as smaghtee eh yn gheay, as dooyrt eh rish y faarkey, Gow fea, bee kiune: as ghow yn gheay fea, as va kiuney vooar ayn. Bible; Halcyon days

rouanagh immoral, wanton: uss ven rouanagh as almoragh Bible; lewd: gys inneenyn ny Philistinee, ta goaill nearey jeh dty aghtyn rouanagh Bible; profligate, uproarious; riotous: ayns shen hug eh jummal er e chooid liorish baghey rouanagh Bible; incontinent: Fegooish graih dooghyssagh, brishey conaantyn, casseyderyn foalsey, rouanagh, dewil, dwoaiagh er deiney mie Bible; frolicsome; play: as dirree ad seose dy ve rouanagh Bible; rioter

shesheree of a team: 1 As hie eh roish back voish, as ghow eh cubbyl jeh ny dew, as varr eh ad, as ren eh yn eill oc y aarlaghey lesh ny greinyn shesheree as hirveish eh er y pobble, as ren ad gee ; eisht dirree eh. Bible; belonging to a plough


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