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coup de grace (n.) builley baaish

crème de la crème (n.) key mullee

crème de menthe (n.) eaghtyr-mynthey

De La Poer Farm (n.) Poer Ton

felo de se (n.) dunverys jeh hene

nom de guerre (n.) ennym caggee

nom de plume (n.) ennym screeuee

Tour de France (n.) Turrys ny Frank

Amnis de Russyn Rushen River

eaghtyr-mynthey crème de menthe

cul-de-sac (n.) bollagh kyagh

fleur-de-lys (n.) cliogagh

Rushen River (n.) Amnis de Russyn

bollagh kyagh cul-de-sac

ennym caggee nom de guerre

dunverys jeh hene felo de se

ennym screeuee nom de plume, pen-name

key mullee crème de la crème

Poer Ton De La Poer Farm

Turrys ny Frank Tour de France

cliogagh fleur-de-lys, iris, wild iris, yellow flag; sedge

builley baaish coup de grace, death blow, mortal blow: Eshyn ta cur builley baaish da dooinney, bee eh dy shickyr er ny choyrt gy baase. Bible; lethal blow

cur ayns cooinaghtyn commemorate: Neemayd cur ayns cooinaghtyn y theay dy daink de Valera dys Mannin as dy row ny recortyssyn shen jeant. Carn; remind

frameit framed: Y Taoiseach t'ayn nish, Bertie Ahern, hooar eh cooinaghtane frameit jeh keayrt de Valera myr gioot. BS

jaagh (=Ir. deatach, Sc.G. deathach) (f.) fumes, reek, smoke: ass nyn meeal haink aile, as jaagh Bible [O.Ir. ]

lhune ooyl cider: Cheau ad Fiesta de sidra asturiana, my ta shin gra feailley ny lhune ooyl dy Asturias rish, dagh blein sy thie oast shen, neesht. Dhoor

livreys assignment; reprieve, rescue: Ny lurg shen va livreys currit da Ean de Cursi. Chron


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