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Creg Rock

creg (f.) pl. creggyn crag, rock, tor: Raad urley 'syn aer, raad ard-nieu er creg Bible

Inexact matches:

Creg Adha Arthur's Rock

Creg Agneash Rock of Agneash

creg aileagh (f.) igneous rock

Creg Ard High Rock

Creg Bane White Rock

Creg Beg Little Rock

creg chrayagh (f.) shale

Creg Costain Costain's Rock

Creg Cruinn Round Rock

Creg Doo Black Rock

Creg Dullish Seaweed Rock

Creg Ealish (f.) Ailsa Craig

Creg Feeagh Raven's Rock

Creg Foalley Rock of Blood

Creg Glass Grey Rock

creg glessagh obsidian

Creg Hirlock Shirlock's Rock

creg hollan potassium nitrate

Creg Hollin Holly Rock

Creg Jaghee Tithe Rock

creg kelkagh malm

Creg Lhean Wide Rock

Creg Lheeah Grey Rock

Creg Liauyr Long Rock

Creg Luke Luke's Rock

Creg Malin Rock of the Brow

Creg Mooar Big Rock

Creg Mwyllin Mill Rock

Creg Needle Needle Rock

Creg Ness Crow Headland

Creg Ooig Cave Rock

Creg Rea Flat Rock

Creg Richard Richard's Rock

Creg Robin Robin's Rock

Creg Ruy Red Rock

Creg Stack Stack Rock

creg teaystagh magma

Creg Tim Tim's Rock

Creg Veanagh Middle Rock

Creg Veg Little Rock

Creg Voirrey Conister

Creg Watch Watch Rock

Creg Wine Quine's Rock

Creg Wooar Big Rock

creg ynlhieagh inlier

soorid creg-hollan nitric acid

traa creg-oaylleeagh geological time

Creg ny Baa Back Road (n.) Raad Cooyl Chreg ny Baa

Creg Willey's Hill (n.) Creg Willy Syl

Creg Bane y Bill Villy Billy Bill's White Rock

Creg Bill Hom Bill Tom's Rock

Creggan Creg Lheeah Grey Stone Rocky Place

Creg Inneen ny Dane Dane's Daughter Rock

Creg Inneen Thalleyr Tailor's Daughter Rock

Creg Keeill Bouyr Deaf Church Rock

Creg Magher ny Garnane Rock of the Cairn Field

Creg ny Baa Cow's Rock

Creg ny Baih Rock of the Drowning

Creg ny Bayr Creg ny Baa

Creg ny Bollan Beggey Rock of Little Bollan

Creg ny Caillee Rock of the Hag

Creg ny Corony Mill Glen Rock

Creg ny Crock Rock of the Crock

Creg ny Gayt Rock of the Cats

Creg ny Goayr Rock of the Goats

Creg ny Greeba Rock of Greeba

Creg ny Mohlt Rock of the Wethers

Creg ny Mollan Wrasse Rock

Creg ny Neen Girls' Rock

Creg ny Scarroo Cormorants' Rock

Creg ny Shee Rock of Peace

Creg ny Souney Hollantide Rock

Creg ny Vraain Rock of the Quern

Creg Will Syl Will Sylvester's Rock

Creg Willy Syl Creg Willey's Hill

Creg y Chabbyl Horse's Rock

Creg y Chreel Creel Rock

Creg y Cor Round Detached Rock

Creg y Cowin Cowin's Rock

Creg y Creale Kneale's Rock

Creg y Cubbon Cubbon's Rock

Creg y Feeagh Raven's Rock

Creg y Foawr Giant's rock

Creg y Gheinnee Sandy Rock

Creg y Jaghee Tithe Rock

Creg y Laggan Rock of the Hollow

Creg y Lheim Rock Leap

Creg y Lhish Lee Rock

Creg y Lhong Rock of the Ship

Creg y Lhuishaig Blanket Rock

Creg yn Arroo Rock of the Corn

Creg yn Euar (f.) Craignure

Creg yn Jeih Rock of the Tithe

Creg yn Oillan Gull's Rock

Creg yn Yeean Rock of the Bird

Creg yn Ynnag Whiting Rock

Creg y Raun Seal Rock

Creg y Shag Cormorant's Rock

Creg y Voaral Mooring Rock

Creg y Vollan Rock of the Bollan

Creg y Vriw Deemster's Rock

Creg y Vuggane Buggane's Rock

Creg y Whallian Whelp's Rock

Kerroo ny Creg Rock Quarter

Magher Creg Lheeah Grey Rock field

Towl Creg y Vuggane Buggane's Rock Hole

Grey Rock (n.) Creg Glass, Creg Lheeah, Carrick Lheeah

Little Rock (n.) Creg Beg, Creg Veg, Carrick Veg

Raven's Rock (n.) Creg Feeagh, Creg y Feeagh

Tithe Rock (n.) Creg Jaghee, Creg y Jaghee

Big Rock (n.) Stack Mooar, Creg Mooar, Creg Wooar, Clett Wooar

crag (n.) carrick; creg: Crag with no handhold - Creg gyn greimane. DF idiom; sker; fingan

Ailsa Craig Creg Ealish

Arthur's Rock (n.) Creg Adha

Black Rock (n.) Creg Doo

Cave Rock (n.) Creg Ooig

Costain's Rock (n.) Creg Costain

Craignure (n.) Creg yn Euar

Crow Headland (n.) Creg Ness

Flat Rock (n.) Creg Rea

High Rock (n.) Creg Ard

Holly Rock (n.) Creg Hollin

igneous rock (n.) creg aileagh

inlier (n.) creg ynlhieagh

Long Rock (n.) Creg Liauyr

Luke's Rock (n.) Creg Luke

magma (n.) creg teaystagh

malm (n.) creg kelkagh

Mill Rock (n.) Creg Mwyllin

Needle Rock (n.) Creg Needle

obsidian (n.) creg glessagh

potassium nitrate (n.) creg hollan

Quine's Rock (n.) Creg Wine

Red Rock (n.) Creg Ruy

Richard's Rock (n.) Creg Richard

Robin's Rock (n.) Creg Robin

Seaweed Rock (n.) Creg Dullish

shale (n.) creg chrayagh

Shirlock's Rock (n.) Creg Hirlock

Stack Rock (n.) Creg Stack

Tim's Rock (n.) Creg Tim

tor (n.) creg, cronk

Watch Rock (n.) Creg Watch

White Rock (n.) Creg Bane

Wide Rock (n.) Creg Lhean

Blanket Rock (n.) Creg y Lhuishaig

Buggane's Rock (n.) Creg y Vuggane

Cormorant's Rock (n.) Creg y Shag

Cormorants' Rock (n.) Creg ny Scarroo

Cowin's Rock (n.) Creg y Cowin

Cow's Rock (n.) Creg ny Baa

Creel Rock (n.) Creg y Chreel

Cubbon's Rock (n.) Creg y Cubbon

Deemster's Rock (n.) Creg y Vriw

geological (adj.) creg-oaylleeagh

geological time (n.) traa creg-oaylleeagh

geologist (n.) creg-oayllee

geology (n.) creg-oaylleeaght

Giant's rock (n.) Creg y Foawr

Girls' Rock (n.) Creg ny Neen

Gull's Rock (n.) Creg yn Oillan

Hollantide Rock (n.) Creg ny Souney

Horse's Rock (n.) Creg y Chabbyl

Kneale's Rock (n.) Creg y Creale

Lee Rock (n.) Creg y Lhish

Mooring Rock (n.) Creg y Voaral

Rock (n.) Carrick, Clett, Creg; (The); (Yn) Charrick

Rock Leap (n.) Creg y Lheim

Rock of Agneash (n.) Creg Agneash

Rock of Blood (n.) Creg Foalley

Rock Quarter (n.) Kerroo ny Creg

Sandy Rock (n.) Creg y Gheinnee

Seal Rock (n.) Creg y Raun

Whelp's Rock (n.) Creg y Whallian

Whiting Rock (n.) Creg yn Ynnag

Wrasse Rock (n.) Creg ny Mollan

creg-oayllee geologist

creg-oaylleeagh geological

creg-oaylleeaght (f.) geology: T'eh nyn aggyrt dy vel sorchyn dy creggyn as crooghyn creg-oaylleeagh elley boayl t'eh sauchey dy oanluckey jummalys injilagh as mean-injilagh ry-gheddyn ayns ny Inshyn Goal. Carn


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