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Creestee Raueagh Roman Catholic

Creestee1 (=Ir. cristen and S.G. criostiughe) pl. Creesteenyn Christian: Ny-yeih my ta dooinney erbee surranse myr Creestee, ny lhig da nearey ve er Bible

Creestee2 1 godly a: y laa cheddin haink three thousaneyn dy leih stiagh gys y chredjue Creestee.; 2 Christian: Ny-yeih my ta dooinney erbee surranse myr Creestee, ny lhig da nearey ve er

Inexact matches:

Cooney Creestee Christian Aid: Y Stiureyder jeh Cooney Creestee, y Dr Daleep Mukarji, t'eh gra yn un red as George Waft, Oltey jeh'n Choonseil Slattyssagh, y Caairliagh jeh Bing Cooney Mooie yn Ellan BS

Credjue Creestee (Yn) Christianity

ennym Creestee Christian name

Seihll Creestee Christendom

skeandagh Creestee Christian Scientist

ynseydagh Creestee catechumen

Fer Raauee Creestee (Yn) Christian Monitor

Christian Creestee: He is a kindly Christian person - T'eh ny Chreestee coar. DF idiom; creestee

catechumen (n.) ynseydagh Creestee

Christendom (n.) (Yn) Chreestiaght; Seihll Creestee

Christian Aid (n.) Cooney Creestee

Christianity (n.) (Yn) Credjue Creestee; Creestiaght

Christian Scientist (n.) skeandagh Creestee

godly1 (adj.) jeeoil; (adj., n.) creestee; crauee

godly2 (npl.) (the) creestee

Christian Monitor (n.) (Yn) Fer Raauee Creestee

Roman Catholic (n., adj.) Creestee Raueagh, Raueagh

Christian name (n.) ennym bashtee; ennym Creestee

faith (n.) credjue: The Christian faith - Yn credjue Creestee. DF idiom; jeelysaght; ynrickys

banglaney fork: Gys Jee er-y-fa shoh shegin dooin goll son cooney, as cha vod shin shen y yannoo mannagh greidmayd ayns nyn gree ny banglaney n shoh jeh nyn Gredjue Creestee. Bible

Cre'n fa (interrog.) Wherefore, Why: Cre'n fa eisht nagh goyms orrym yn Credjue Creestee? CS

cumrailagh detainer, hinderer, hindersome, loiterer, tedious person: shegin dhyt goll gys y leigh , lesh ymmyrkey Creestee, fegooish shirrey cooilleeney aigney, fegooish goaill aghtyn cumrailagh as roonagh, as cur corree er dty naboo as ort hene fegooish oyr. CS

loght baaish capital crime, capital offence: Cha row fys aym dy nee loght baaish eh, Creestee dy v'er ny gheddyn slane rooisht marish Muslimagh aeg. CnyO

mactullagh echo: Beggan ny s'anmey haink yn eie dy ragh erin er cummal yn nah laa Mee Houney da ooilley anmeeyn ny merriu Creestee -mactullagh jeh'n chenn chredjue Celtiagh. Dhoor


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