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Connaghyn Conchan: Er y Ving ta olteynyn veih'n Reiltys, Braddan, Doolish as Connaghyn. BS

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connaghyn carboanagh fossil fuels

Kione Connaghyn Onchan Head

Skyll Connaghyn (f.) Kirk Onchan: Ta shoh bentyn rish drogh-haghyrt ec Corneil Hillberry ayns Skyll Connaghyn. BS

Club Squash Connaghyn Onchan Squash Club

Connaghyn Cheshveanagh Goaldagh British Nuclear Fuels

Onchan (n.) Connaghyn: Onchan Village Park - Pairk Valley Cheerey Connaghyn. DF idiom; Kione Droghad, Kiondroghad

Conchan (n.) Connaghyn

fossil fuels (npl.) connaghyn carboanagh

Kirk Onchan (n.) Skyll Connaghyn

Onchan Head (n.) Kione Connaghyn

British Nuclear Fuels (npl.) Connaghyn Cheshveanagh Goaldagh

Onchan Squash Club (n.) Club Squash Connaghyn

kiedoonee licence-holder, licensee: She Connaghyn Cheshveanagh Goaldagh y kiedoonee ec Sellafield. BS

park (n.) pairk: Onchan Village Park - Pairk Valley Cheerey Connaghyn. DF idiom; (v.) pairkal, pairkaghey

pairk (=Ir. páirc) (f.) course, moorland, pasture field, untilled field: Pairk Valley Cheerey Connaghyn. DF; park, public garden: Hannah, t'adsyn er hroggal pairk son paitchyn aegey ec Faaie Craine. BS

carboan carbon, carbon deposit: Ragh shen marish jeeanid dy chummal ayns seihll glass, yinnagh Bretyn roshtyn liorish leodaghey as geddyn rey rish croghey er connaghyn-carboan as shaleeyn glassey elley. Carn


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