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close1 breen: It's very close - T'eh feer vreen. JJK idiom; chion: The two houses are close together - Ta'n daa hie chionn cooidjagh. JJK idiom; dooint, dooney; close; dooin; doont; faggys da; gloo; jeigh; jerrey; kione; plooghit; tayrn cooidjagh; faggys

close2 (v.) (as ranks) glooghey

close3 (adj.) (oppressive) trome

Close Enclosure

close close, compound, coop, courtyard, farmyard, precinct, yard; (housing name) court; alley

Inexact matches:

Alderley Close (n.) Close Alderley

Archdeacon's Close Close yn Ard Jaghin

Ballakermeen Close (n.) Close Balley Kermeen

Ballaughton Close (n.) Close Ballaughton

Bell's Close (n.) Close Vell

Bluebell Close (n.) Close Gleiy ny Muc

Blue Close (n.) Close Gorm

Bramble Close (n.) Close ny Dressyn

Briary Close (n.) Close Dressagh

Chaffinch Close (n.) Close Ushag y Choau

Chough Close (n.) Close Caaig

Close Cowley (n.) Close Cowley

close fighting (n.) giare-ghoarneyrys

close fisted (adj.) gortagh, peajeogagh, sondagh

Close Fletcher (n.) Close Fletcher

close hauled lhome er y gheay

close in (v.) dooney stiagh, jeigh stiagh

Close Kennish (n.) Close Kennish

Close Moore (n.) Close Moore

close places (npl.) ynnydyn follit

Close Quirk (n.) Close Quirk

close season (n.) imbagh obbit

close set (adj.) faggys dy-cheilley

close to (adv.) er gerrey da; faggys da: Close to the wind - Faggys da'n gheay. DF idiom

close together (adj.) faggys dy-cheilley; chionn cooidjagh: The two houses are close together - Ta'n daa hie chionn cooidjagh. JJK idiom; chionn er y cheilley: Lying close together - Nyn lhie chionn er y cheilley. DF idiom

close trot mynghrid

close up chionney ry-cheilley; jeigh

close vowel (n.) breeockle doont

Crossag Close (n.) Close Crossag

Crovan's Close (n.) Close Ghorree Crovan

Fleshwick Close (n.) Close Fleshick

Foxglove Close (n.) Close Sleggan Slieau

Further Close (n.) Close Hoal

Gibbon's Close (n.) Close Gibbon

Green Close (n.) Close Green

Hillberry Close (n.) Close Cronk y Berry

Holmfield Close (n.) Close yn Aaie

James Close (n.) Close James

keeping close lhiannagh

McTeare's Close (n.) Close Mac y Teare

Oakhill Close (n.) Close Cronk Darragh

Rhenwyllan Close (n.) Close Rheynn Wyllin

River Close Close ny Hawin

Spinney Close (n.) Close ny Keylley Veg

Sunnybank Close (n.) Close Broogh ny Greiney

Teare Close (n.) Close Teare

too close ro hionn: You write too large, too small, too close - T'ou screeu ro vooar, ro veg, ro hionn. JJK idiom

Tromode Close (n.) Close Tromode

White Close (n.) Close Bane

Woodlands Close (n.) Close Thalloo ny Keylley

Close Aimil Emily's Enclosure

Close Aittin Gorse Enclosure

Close Alderley Alderley Close

Close Ballaughton Ballaughton Close

Close Bane White Close

Close Beg Little Enclosure, Small Enclosure

Close Buigh Yellow Enclosure

Close Caaig Chough Close

close calmane pigeon run

close cartee tan yard

Close Challow Callow's Yard

Close Chalse Charles' Court

Close Chiarn Lord's Enclosure

Close Chirrym Dry Enclosure

Close Clark Clark's Enclosure

Close Conning Rabbit's Enclosure

Close Conolye Conolye's Enclosure

close cooyl backyard

Close Corrin Corrin's Enclosure

Close Corteen Corteen's Enclosure

Close Cottier Cottier's Enclosure

Close Cowley Close Cowley

Close Craig Craig's Enclosure

Close Craine Craine's Enclosure

Close Crine Kneen's Enclosure

Close Cronstal Kraun's Dale Enclosure

Close Cross Cross's Enclosure

Close Crossag Crossag Close

Close Dick Dick's Enclosure

Close Doagh Vat Enclosure

Close Donald Donald's Enclosure

Close Dressagh Briary Close

Close Edmund Edmund's Enclosure

close eeanlee poultry yard

Close Ferrish Fairy's Enclosure

Close Ffere Close of the Fair

Close Fleshick Fleshwick Close

Close Fletcher Close Fletcher

Close Fold Fold's Fold

Close Freoaie Heather Enclosure

close fuygh lumber yard

Close Garrett Garrett's Enclosure

Close Garroo Rough Enclosure

Close Gaul Gaul's Enclosure

Close Gibbon Gibbon's Close

Close Goldsmith Goldsmith's Enclosure

Close Gorm Blue Close

Close Green Green Close

Close Grest Grettir Farm Enclosure

Close Heear West Enclosure

Close Heese Lower Enclosure

Close Hiar East Enclosure

Close Hoal Further Close

Close Hom Tom's Enclosure

Close Home Home's Enclosure

Close Hough Rough Enclosure

Close Illiam William's Enclosure

Close James James Close

Close Jiarg Red Enclosure

Close Kelly Kelly's Enclosure

Close Kennish Close Kennish

Close Keppaugh Tilled Enclosure

Close Kewney Kewney's Enclosure

Close Killip Killip's Enclosure

close kirkey chicken run, coop

Close Kneale Kneale's Enclosure

Close Kneen Kneen's Enclosure

close kyagh blind alley

Close Lea Lea's Enclosure

Close Leece Leece's Enclosure

Close Lheannee Meadow Enclosure

Close Liauyr Long Enclosure

Close Ling Heather Enclosure

Close McFayle McFayle's Enclosure

Close Mean Middle Enclosure

Close Meanagh Middle Enclosure

Close Michael Michael's Enclosure

Close Mollagh Rough Enclosure

Close Mooar Big Enclosure

Close Moore Moore's Enclosure

Close Moughtin Moughtin's Enclosure

Close Moughton Moughton's Enclosure

Close Noa New Enclosure

close ollee stockyard

Close Phlaggad Enclosure of Oats

Close Pickard Pickard's Enclosure

close pryssoon prison yard

Close Quirk (n.) Close Quirk

Close Ratcliffe Radcliffe's Enclosure

Close Rea Level Enclosure, Lord's Enclosure

Close Reoaie Heather Enclosure

Close Rhennee Ferny Enclosure

Close Sam Sam's Enclosure

Close Sartfell Black Hill Enclosure

close scoill playground

Close Shellee Willow Enclosure

Close Shoggyl Rye Enclosure

close shuntey shunting yard

Close Slieau Mountain Enclosure

Close Steaon Stephen's Enclosure

Close Sthie Inner Enclosure

Close Taggart Taggart's Enclosure

Close Tappagh Tufted Enclosure

Close Teare Teare Close

Close Tooran Stack Enclosure

Close Tromode Tromode Close

Close Vane White Enclosure

Close Vark Mark's Enclosure

Close Varteen Martin's Enclosure

Close Vell Bell's Close

Close Vicaragh Vicar's Enclosure

Close Warree Grandmother's Enclosure

Close William William's Enclosure

Close Willy Willy's Enclosure

Close Woods Wood's Enclosure

Ling Close Heather Enclosure

obbree close yardman

Alfred Teare Close (n.) Close Alfred Teare

Anagh Coar Close (n.) Close Anagh Coar

at close quarters boyn rish boyn

Bradda Glen Close (n.) Close Glion Vradda

Close of the Fair (n.) Close Ffere

Close of the Honey (n.) Close ny Molley

close the case cur kione er y chooish

St. Patrick's Close (n.) Close Noo Perick

Yellow Division Close (n.) Close Rheynn Buigh

Yellow Lake Big Close (n.) Close Mooar Loughan Wee

Cashtal y Close Castle of the Enclosure

Close Alfred Teare Alfred Teare Close

Close Anagh Coar Anagh Coar Close

Close Balley Caley Caley's Farm Enclosure

Close Balley Coraige Coraige's Farmm Enclosure

Close Balley Kermeen Ballakermeen Close

Close Broogh ny Greiney Sunnybank Close

Close Bwoaillee Vooar Big Fold Enclosure

Close Cor Jiass South Hill Enclosure

Close Cronk Darragh Oakhill Close

Close Cronk y Berry Hillberry Close

Close Fo Lieau Mountain Foot Enclosure

Close Ghorree Crovan Crovan's Close

Close Gleiy ny Muc Bluebell Close

Close Glion Vradda Bradda Glen Close

Close Hommy Vane White Tommy's Enclosure

Close Keeill Breaga Breaga's Church Enclosure

Close Kewney Beg Tiny Kewney's Enclosure


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