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church1 doonagh; keeill: I happened to meet him near the church - Haink mee ny whail er-gerrey da'n cheeill. JJK idiom; kirk

church2 (v.) (as woman) casherickey; lostey cainley

church3 (n.) (people) agglish: The prayers of the church - Padjeryn yn agglish. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

Abban's Church (n.) Keeill Abban

abbey church (n.) keeill abban, keeill vannishter, keeill vaynagh

Anglican Church (n.) Agglish Hostyn

Asston's Church (n.) Doonagh Asston

Baptist Church (The); (Yn) Agglish Vashtee

Bartholomew's Church (n.) Keeill Pharlane

Breaga's Church (n.) Keeill Breaga

Callane's Church (n.) Keeill Callan

Catherine's Church (n.) Keeill Catreeney

Catholic Church (n.) (The); (Yn) Agglish Chatoleagh, Agglish Raueagh

Church Act (n.) Slattys Agglishagh

church bell (n.) clag ny killagh: The church bell is ringing - Ta clagh ny killagh bingys. DF idiom

Church Commissioners (npl.) Barrantee Agglish

Church Corner (n.) Corneil ny Killagh

Church Croft (n.) Croit ny Killey, Croit ny Killagh

Church Dale (n.) Dayl ny Killey

Church Enclosure (n.) Close y Killey

church enclosure (n.) keeilleig

Church Farm (n.) Balley ny Killey; Balley Killey

Church Field (n.) Magher Keeill

Church Fold (n.) Bwoaillee ny Killey

Church Glen (n.) Glion y Killey

Church Hill (n.) Cronk ny Killey

Church Hollow (n.) Lhag ny Killey, Lag Keeill

Church House (n.) Thie ny Killey

Church Land (n.) Lhannee

church land (n.) thalloo killagh, thalloo lhannee

church living (n.) beaghey agglish

Church Mountain (n.) Kirkill

church mouse (n.) lugh killagh: As poor as a church mouse - Cha boght as lugh killagh. JJK idiom

church ordinance (n.) oardagh ny hagglish

Church Pasture (n.) Pairk ny Killey

Church Pool (n.) Poyll Killey

church rate (n.) keesh chillagh

church reforms (npl.) caghlaaghyn-Agglish

church register (n.) recortys chillagh

Church Road (n.) Raad ny Killey

church service (n.) shirveish agglish

church stile keym ny killey; keim ruillickey: Better to wait on top a large wave than a church stile - Share farkiaght er baare faarkee n'er keim ruillickey. DF idiom

church stone (n.) clagh ny killagh

Church Stream (n.) Strooan y Kirkey

Church Street (n.) Straid ny Killey

church time (n.) traa shirveish

church worker (n.) obbree killagh

Ciaran's Church (n.) Keeill Corrony, Keeill Corrody

Congregational Church (n.) Agglish Chohionnalagh

Conley's Church (n.) Keeill Coonlagh

Episcopal Church (n.) (The); (Yn) Agglish Aspickagh

Esconn's Church (n.) Kirk Esconn

established church (n.) (the) agglish y stait

Fingan's Church (n.) Keeill Ingan

Free Church (n.) (The); (Yn) Agglish Heyr

Great Church (n.) Mooar Keeill

Headland Church (n.) Keeill ny Howe

High Church (n.) ard-agglish; (adj.) ard-agglishagh

high-church service (n.) shirveish ard-cheeill

Holy Church (n.) Keeill Casherick

John's Church (n.) Keeill Eoin

Kenneth's Church (n.) Keeill Kenny

Lord's Church (n.) Keeill yn Chiarn

Machud's Church (n.) Keeill Vout, Keeill Vachud, Keeill Vachut

Maloney's Church (n.) Kirk Maloney

Mark's Church (n.) Keeill Varkys

Martin's Church (n.) Keeill Vartyn

Mary's Church (n.) Keeill Woirrey, Keeill Moirrey

Matthew's Church (n.) Keeill Vian

Michael's Church (n.) Kirk Michell, Keeill Vael, Keeill Vichal, Kirk Michael

mother church (n.) ard-agglish, moir-agglish, moir-cheeill

Oran's Church (n.) Keeill Oran

Patrick's Church (n.) Keeill Pharick

Presbyterian Church (n.) (The); (Yn) Agglish Chleragh

Priest's Church (n.) Keeill ny Saggart, Keeill Crore, Keeill Crogh

Priests' Church (n.) Keeill Crump

Protestant Church (n.) (The); (Yn) Agglish Phrotestoonagh

Rushen Church (n.) Skylley Chreest Rosien

belonging to the church (gen.) keeilley; killagh

Breaga's Church Enclosure (n.) Close Keeill Breaga

Bridget's Church Shrubbery (n.) Garee Keeill Vreeshey

Broadway Baptist Church (n.) Keeill Vashtagh Broadway

Broadway Baptist Church Act (n.) Slattys Keeill Vashtagh Broadway

Church of England (n.) (The); (Yn) Agglish Hostyn

Church of Rome (n.) (The); (Yn) Agglish ny Raue

Church of Scotland (n.) (The); (Yn) Agglish Albinagh, Agglish ny Halbey

Church of the Goats Killagh ny Goayr

Church of the Oaktree (n.) Keeill Darey

Church of the Sloes (n.) Keeill Airney

Church Road Marina (n.) Raad ny Killey

Church View Court (n.) Cooyrt Reayrt ny Killey

Church Welfare Association (n.) Co-heshaght Lhiass ny Kialteenyn

Croft of John's Church (n.) Croit Yuan ny Killey

Deaf Church Rock (n.) Creg Keeill Bouyr

Farm of Martin's Church (n.) Balley Keeill Vartyn

Ferny Place Church (n.) Rhennee Killey

Fingan's Church Farm (n.) Balley Keeill Ingan

Folds of the Church (npl.) Bwoailtyn ny Killey

Goats' Church Cave (n.) Ooig ny Keeill Goayr

Grace Baptist Church Port Erin (n.) Keeill Vashtagh Grayse Yee Phurt Chiarn

Headland Church Croft (n.) Croit Keeill ny Howe

Headland Hill Church (n.) Keeill Cronk yn Owe

Hill of Abban's Church (n.) Cronk Keeill Abban

Hill of John's Church (n.) Cronk Keeill Ean

Hill of the Church (n.) Cronk y Killey, Cronk y Doonee

Hill of the Deaf Church (n.) Cronk ny Keeill Bouyr

Lonan Old Church Road (n.) Raad Henn Cheeill Lonan

Lord's Church Field (n.) Magher Killagh y Chiarn

Manx Church Music (n.) Kiaull Killagh Vannin

Mary's Church Farm (n.) Balley Keeill Moirrey

Matthew's Church Farm (n.) Balley Keeill Mian

Matthias' Church Croft (n.) Croit Keeill Vian

Meadow Under the Church (n.) Lheannee Fo Cheeill

Michael's Church Farm (n.) Balley Keeill Vial

Michael's Church Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Keeill Vayl

Michael's Church Glen (n.) Glion Keeill Vail

Michael's Church Lake (n.) Loughan Keeill Vael

near the church keeilley; killey

Nicholas' Church Croft (n.) Croit Keeill Nicholas

of a church (gen.) killagh, killey

Old Holy church (n.) Shenn agglish Casherick

Patrick's Church Bridge (n.) Droghad Keeill Pharick

Patrick's Church Farm (n.) Balley Keeill Pherick

Patrick's Church Glen (n.) Glion Keeill Pharick

Patrick's Church Mill (n.) Mwyllin Keeill Pharick

Patrick's Ridge Church (n.) Keeill Pharick Drommey

Pope of the Greek Church (n.) saggyrt skeerey

Priest's Church Farm (n.) Balley Keeill Crump

Priests' Church Glen (n.) Glion Keeill Crogh, Glion Keeill Core

princes of the Church (npl.) ard-chlere

Saint Peter's Church (n.) Keeill Pheddyr

Shore Church Hill (n.) Cronk Keeill Traie

St. John's Church Farm (n.) Balley Keeill Eoin

St. Luke's Church (n.) Keeill Abban

St. Mary's Church1 (n.) Keeill Voirrey

St. Mary's Church2 (n.) Keeill Woirrey

St. Matthew's Church (n.) Keeill Vian

Stones of the Church (npl.) Claghyn ny Killey

Under the Church (n.) Fo Cheeill

Upper Church Street (n.) Straid ny Killey Heose

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (n.) (The) Agglish Yeesey Creest dy Nooghyn ny Laghyn Jerrinagh

Agglish Hostyn (f.) (Yn); (The) Church of England; Anglican Church

ard-agglish (=Ir. airdeaglais) (f.) mother church, High Church

Keeill Woirrey St. Mary's church; Mary's Church

Raad ny Killey Church Road Marina; Church Road

keeilley (gen.) 1 belonging to the church, near the church; 2 of the jaw a: as ta oc feeacklyn-keeilley lion mooar Bible

killagh (gen.) 1 belonging to the church, of a church a: Ta clagh ny killagh bingys. DF; 2 celled

Agglish Aspickagh (f.) (Yn); (The) Episcopal Church

Agglish Chatoleagh (f.) (Yn); (The) Catholic Church

Agglish Chleragh (f.) (Yn); (The) Presbyterian Church

Agglish Chohionnalagh (f.) Congregational Church

Agglish Heyr (f.) (Yn); (The) Free Church

Agglish Phrotestoonagh (f.) (Yn); (The) Protestant Church

Agglish Raueagh (f.) (Yn); (The) Catholic Church

Agglish Vashtee (f.) (Yn); (The) Baptist Church

ard-agglishagh High Church

Barrantee Agglish Church Commissioners

Doonagh Asston Asston's Church

keeill abban (f.) abbey church

Keeill Breaga Breaga's Church

Keeill Callan Callane's Church


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