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Christmas (n.) Nollick; Nollick Vooar; Laa Nollick Beg; Ollick: I wish it were already Christmas - Saillym dy beagh yn Ollick hannah ain. JJK idiom [Ir. Nollaig]

Inexact matches:

at Christmas ec y Nollick; er y Nollick

Christmas box (n.) nastey Nollick

Christmas card (n.) kaart Nollick

Christmas Carol (n.) Carval y Nollick

Christmas carol (n.) carval

Christmas cracker (n.) bleaystag Nollick; poltag Nollick

Christmas Day (n.) Laa Nollick

Christmas drink (n.) jough y Nollick

Christmas Eve (n.) Oie'll Vayree, Oie'll Voirrey

Christmas fair (n.) margey-Nollick

Christmas Greetings (npl.) Bannaghtyn y Nollick

Christmas night (n.) Oie Nollick

Christmas rose (n.) blaa Nollick

Christmas time (n.) Traa Nollick

Christmas tree (n.) billey Nollick, juys Nollick

Father Christmas (n.) Jishag y Nollick

fat sheep for Christmas (n.) keyrrey Nollick

fee at Christmas (n.) unnysup

blaa Nollick Christmas rose

bleaystag Nollick (f.) Christmas cracker

juys Nollick Christmas tree

kaart Nollick Christmas card

margey-Nollick Christmas fair

Nollick Vooar (f.) Christmas

Oie'll Vayree (f.) Christmas Eve

Oie Nollick (f.) Christmas night

poltag Nollick (f.) Christmas cracker

Bannaghtyn y Nollick Christmas Greetings

Carval y Nollick Christmas Carol

Jishag y Nollick Father Christmas

jough y Nollick (f.) Christmas drink

unnysup fee at Christmas, reward

keyrrey Nollick (f.) fat sheep for Christmas

Laa Nollick Christmas Day: Jeheiney vees Laa Nollick mleeaney. DF

gift1 (n.) gioot: Be pleased to accept this gift - Gow my sailliu yn gioot shoh. DF idiom; nastey: Christmas gift - Nastey Nollick. DF idiom; (v.) giootal; giootal da; giootey; tortys

I shall be vee'm; (emph.) veem's; bee'm: I shall be twenty next Christmas - Bee'm feed blein d'eash yn Ollick shoh cheet. JJK idiom

twenty (n., adj.) feed: I shall be twenty next Christmas - Bee'm feed blein d'eash yn Ollick shoh cheet. JJK idiom

billey Nollick Christmas tree: Ta billey Nollick er lheh ec gagh colught dy hoilshaghey e yalloo co-chorpagh liorish tayrn sooillyn huggey. BS

ec y Nollick at Christmas: Ec y Nollick, va my huyr as sleih elley jannoo lane ymmyd jeh'n 'ockle tradishoonagh. DF

er y Nollick at Christmas, during Yuletide: Daa cheayrt er y Nollick honnick mee sleih, shenn as aeg, rinkey cooidjagh. Carn

nastey Nollick Christmas box: By-vie lesh ny meoiryn-shee loayrt rish peiagh erbee honnick red erbee va drogh-ouryssagh ec y traa shen, ny peiagh erbee hooar red ennagh myr shoh myr nastey Nollick, foddee. BS

Nollick1 (=Ir. Nollaig) (f.) Christmas, Christmastide, Yule, Yuletide: Daa cheayrt er y Nollick honnick mee sleih, shenn as aeg, rinkey cooidjagh. Carn [L Natalicia]

Oie'll Voirrey (f.) Christmas Eve, midnight mass: Ayns y thie ain dagh Oie'll Voirrey yinnagh shin croghey oashyryn liauyr ec cass nyn lhiabbee ayns jerkallys as treisht! JG

Traa Nollick Christmastide, Christmas time, Yuletide: Ec yn traa Nollick v'eh feer feayr heose 'sy valley beg cheerey. Dhoor

year (n.) blein, bleïn: I wish you goodnight, good morning, a Merry Christmas, a Happy New year - Saillym diu Oie vie, Moghrey mie, Ollick ghennal, Blein vie Noa. JJK idiom; (the); (yn) vleïn, vlein: Do you remember the year we had the severe winter? - Gooin lhiu yn vlein va'n geurey creoi ain? JJK idiom

Laa Nollick Beg New Year's Day: Ma viis dunagh edyr yn iil ymmyrt uiskey as y jary chyimmylt na la nolick y biggey eiysh viis erna ghlaghty yn Colleckt epistyl as shuiskell kaedyn ag yn ghristiyght va klaghtiit er la yn iary chyimmylt. PB1610; Christmas


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