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Balley Chashtal Castletown: Ec y Chingeesh 'sy vlein 1930 ren mee markiaght er "cabbyl yiarn" dys Balley Chashtal as ayns shen veeit mee rish my charrey Bob Harrison. MB

Traie Chashtal (f.) Brodrick

Aarasaneyn Cooyrt y Chashtal Castle Court Apartments

Ard-scoill Chashtal Rushen Castle Rushen High School

Baie yn Chashtal (f.) Castlebay

Balley Chashtal Noa Newcastle

Barrantee Valley Chashtal Castletown Commissioners

Cassan Cronnee Chashtal Rushen Castle Rushen Discovery Trail

Cronkan y Chashtal Castle Hill

Cronk y Chashtal Castle Hill

dooinney Valley Chashtal Castletown man

Faaie Rheynn y Chashtal (f.) Castleward Green

Gob y Chashtal Castle Headland

Imman y Chashtal Castle Drive

Raad Noa Balley Chashtal New Castletown Road

Reayrt y Chashtal Castle View

Rheynn-reihys Valley Chashtal Constituency of Castletown

skelf y chashtal jerree poop-rail

Stashoon Raad-Yiarn Valley Chashtal Castletown Railway Station

Stashoon Valley Chashtal Castletown Station

Strane Faaie yn Chashtal Castle Lawn Terrace

Feailley Valley Chashtal Lhongey Mooie sy Phairk Castletown Festival Picnic in the Park

Castle Hill (n.) Cronkan y Chashtal, Cronk y Chashtal

Castletown (n.) Balley Cashtal; Balley Chashtal: I was raised in Castletown - Va mee troggit ayns Balley Chashtal. DF idiom

Brodrick (n.) Traie Chashtal

Castletown man (n.) guilley dullish: He is a Castletown man - T'eh ny ghuilley dullish. DF idiom; dooinney Valley Chashtal: He is a Castletown man - T'eh ny ghooinney Valley Chashtal. DF idiom

Newcastle (n.) Balley Chashtal Noa

Castle Drive (n.) Imman y Chashtal

Castle Headland (n.) Gob y Chashtal

Castletown Commissioners (npl.) Barrantee Valley Chashtal

Castletown Station (n.) Stashoon Valley Chashtal

Castle View (n.) Reayrt y Chashtal

poop-rail (n.) skelf y chashtal jerree

Castlebay (n.) Baie yn Chashtal, Balley Vic Craayl

Castle Court Apartments (npl.) Aarasaneyn Cooyrt y Chashtal

Castle Lawn Terrace (n.) Strane Faaie yn Chashtal

Castle Rushen Discovery Trail (n.) Cassan Cronnee Chashtal Rushen

Castle Rushen High School (n.) Ard-scoill Chashtal Rushen

Castletown Railway Station (n.) Stashoon Raad-Yiarn Valley Chashtal

Castleward Green (n.) Faaie Rheynn y Chashtal

Constituency of Castletown (n.) Rheynn-reihys Valley Chashtal

New Castletown Road (n.) Raad Noa Balley Chashtal

Castletown Festival Picnic in the Park (n.) Feailley Valley Chashtal Lhongey Mooie sy Phairk

demolish (v.) lhieggey; rassey; cur mow: The enemy had demolished his castle - Va'n noid er chur mow e chashtal. JJK idiom

found (v.) gruntal; prowit; (as metal) tilgey; (as opinion) dennee; hooar: I found it in Castletown - Hooar mee eh ayns Balley Chashtal. DF idiom; feddynit: It was found here - V'eh feddynit ayns shoh. DF idiom

poop (n.) cashtal jerree: To poop a ship - Dy heet harrish y chashtal jerree. DF idiom

raised troggit: I was raised in Castletown - Va mee troggit ayns Balley Chashtal. DF idiom; hrog: He raised him from the dead - Hrog eh veih ny merriu eh. DF idiom; hroggys

baghteyrys criticism, critique: V'eh freggyrt baghteyrys veih Barrantee Valley Chashtal mychione y Rheynn Arraghey bentyn rish ny thooillaghyn-marrey ayns Toshiaght Arree mleeaney. BS; review

Balley Sallagh Ballasalla: Va mee ruggit ayns Balley Chashtal 'sy vlein 1887 as va my ayr Thomaase y Comish ruggit cheumooie jeh Balley Sallagh 'sy vlein 1856. JC

bwid See buid penes: Ansherbee hie eh roish gys y chashtal as tra v'eh ny hoie ec y voayrd vooar mârish deiney-ooasle as y lheid as adsyn er nyn goamragh gollrish bwid ghonnagh GB; (adj.) phallic

cloie corrym draw, tie: Va cloie corrym ayn eddyr Balley Chashtal as Doolish. DF

drama drama: Ta shen grait ayns art sy Guernsey Press mychione y drama va soit sy Nah Chaggey Mooar, filmit ayns Balley Chashtal son y chooid smoo, as creelit ny s'leaie mleeaney. BS

Ellan Voaid (f.) (Isle of) Bute: Tra haink ad gys Ellan Voaid, v'ad geearree goaill greim er y chashtal er egin. Chron

fo-oik suboffice: Bee ad shirrey er Tinvaal bing reiht y chur er bun dy ronsaghey yn chooish bentyn rish garraghey yn fo-oik postagh ynnydagh ayns Balley Chashtal stiagh sy Co-op BS

goaill greim er catch, clutch, grab: Tra haink ad gys Ellan Voaid, v'ad geearree goaill greim er y chashtal er egin. Chron

lhag-laynt (f.) asthenia, frail health, indifferent health: Colin Dawson, y cleragh t'er nobbraghey da Barrantee Valley Chashtal rish bleeantyn dy liooar, nee eh girree ass e chiartey kyndagh rish lhag-laynt, ec jerrey ny bleeaney. BS

moghrey mairagh tomorrow morning: Shenn Raad Valley Chashtal, faggys da Thie ny Cailleeyn Dooey, bee eh foshlit reesht veih shey er y chlag moghrey mairagh. BS

mustyral assemble, assembling, muster: Keayrt ny ghaa dirree magh ny Manninee nyn 'oi as d'obb ad dy eeck red erbee, agh ve ny sidooryn er nyn mustyral dy ghoaill ny leeideilee as dy cheau ad ayns y Chashtal Rosien Dhoor

pairkyn parks: Shellooderyn-moddee meereggyragh, cha lhisagh ad ve lowit dy lhiggey da ny bigginyn oc roie dy seyr ayns pairkyn Valley Chashtal. BS

Purt le Moirrey (f.) Port St. Mary, Saint Mary's Port: Yn raad ass Balley Chashtal gys Purt le Moirrey. DF

taitnyssee (comp./sup.) agreeable: va dy chooilley nhee fud y cheilley 'sy chashtal share as s'taitnyssee dy voddagh y ve ayn. CnyO

fortress (n.) carrick: The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim - Bee yn charrick myrgeddin goit veih Ephraim Bible; rhaa; doon: Thou art my rock and my fortress - She uss my chreg as my ghoon. JJK idiom; toor: And the fortress of the high fort of thy walls shall he bring down - As troshid toor ard dty voallaghyn ver eh lesh sheese, Bible; cashtal: O Lord, my strength, and my fortress - O Hiarn my niart, as my chashtal lajer Bible and shall enter into the fortress of the king of the north - as hed eh stiagh ayns cashtal ree yn twoaie Bible

colloo (=Ir. colpa) (f.) column: Va mee er my vriaght liorish Paayl dy screeu red ennagh, dy ve currit magh ayns colloo jeh Coraa ny Twoaie. Dhoor; pillar: Ta Scrudeyr Eiraght Valley Chashtal, Andrew Kewley, gra dy jagh cooinaghtane y Chiannoort Smelt er troggal myr colloo chlassicagh, gyn sthowran er y vullagh. BS

skeet news: Cha nel thousaneyn dy Ghaelgeyryn cheet magh foast agh car y vee shoh chaie ta mee er ve magh pynteragh as geddyn yn skeet ooilley veih dussan dy Ghaelgeyryn ec y chooid smoo, ayns Purt le Moirrey, Balley Chashtal as Rhumsaa. Dhoor; sneak


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