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croink chasherick holy hills: Ta ny undinyn eck er ny croink chasherick: shynney lesh y Chiarn giattyn Sion ny share na ooilley cummallyn Yacob. Bible

jannoo chasherick hallow

liehbage chasherick (f.) halibut

lus chasherick (f.) hollyhock

oalan chasherick (f.) consecrated altar bread, Eucharist

ooill chasherick (f.) chrism, unction

Purt Chasherick (f.) Port Erin

tobbyr chasherick (f.) stoup

toyrtys chasherick (f.) 1 sacrifice a: Toyrtys casherick as bee-oural cha bailts: agh my chleayshyn tou er vosley. Bible

Vible Chasherick (Yn); (The) Holy Bible: veih ny lioaryn va ry gheddyn ec y traa shen, Yn Lioar Phadjer, Lioar ny Kiare Hostyllyn, as ny s'anmee yn clane Vible Chasherick. Dhoor

Yee Chasherick (intj) Holy God

crosh chasherick Chreest (f.) holy rood

halibut (n.) liehbage chasherick

hollyhock (n.) lus chasherick

Holy Bible (n.) (The); (Yn) Vible Chasherick

Holy God (intj) Yee Chasherick

holy hills (npl.) croink chasherick: His foundation is upon the holy hills - Ta ny undinyn eck er ny croink chasherick Bible

stoup (n.) tobbyr chasherick

sacrosanct (adj.) feer-chasherick

sanctimonious (adj.) casherick, far-chasherick

far-chasherick sanctimonious

feer-chasherick sacrosanct

chrism (n.) ooill chasherick, ooill ny hagglish

consecrated altar bread (n.) oalan chasherick, oalan vannee

hallow (v.) cur ammys da, jannoo chasherick

dar (=Ir. dar) by: Dar y Lioar Chasherick! DF; upon

Eucharist1 (n.) Corp Chreest; erin; oalan chasherick; oalan vannee; Shibbyr y Chiarn

holy rood (n.) crosh casherick Chreest, crosh chasherick Chreest; maidjey chroshey

Port Erin (n.) Purt Chiarn, Purt Chasherick, Purt Erin, Purt Sheearan, Purt Yiarn

sacrifice (n.) jeebyrt; oural; (n.) thoyrtys, toyrtys chasherick; (v.) ouralley: Offering it up as a sacrifice - Gouralley eh myr jeebyrt. DF idiom; hebbal

unction (n.) blasstynys, ooill chasherick, ooill ny hagglish, ooill y vaaish; ooillaghey: Extreme unction - Yn ooillaghey casherick. DF idiom

neuaashid (f.) 1 discontentedness, grievance, malaise, qualm a: haishbynee ad nyn neuaashidyn trooid fograghyn er y Chronk Chasherick roish my ghow nyn jiarnyn ain ny h-ynnydyn oc. Carn; 2 awkwardness

neuaashidyn grievances: as haishbynee ad nyn neuaashidyn trooid fograghyn er y Chronk Chasherick roish my ghow nyn jiarnyn ain ny h-ynnydyn oc. Carn

neuvaynrey miserable, sad, unhappy: Yn Roosh Chasherick, ny Yn Roosh Anjeeagh, cheer neuvaynrey dy jarroo! JC

peccagh erbee any person: My nee peccagh erbee cur lesh feill chasherick ayns rumbyl e gharmad Bible

peccee hreih miserable sinners: O Hrinaid chasherick, bannit as gloyroil, three Persoonyn, as un Jee : jean myghin orrin peccee hreih. PB1765

aarlagh preparation, preparatory: Ta boayrd y Chiarn an-chasherick, as ta'n aarlagh echey, eer yn arran ter, dy ve beg soit jeh. Bible

briwnys y yannoo mete out, pronounce judgement: As dy vod shiu briwnys y yannoo eddyr casherick as neu-chasherick, as eddyr neu-ghlen as glen Bible

haishbynee exhibited, demonstrated: va possan dy leih aeg kionfenish nagh row nyn saie lesh dellal er lheh va jeant ayns Cooyrt Tinvaal ny s'moghee er y chiaghtyn roish y laa shen, as haishbynee ad nyn neuaashidyn trooid fograghyn er y Chronk Chasherick Carn

red beg bit: Lhig da red beg dy ushtey Bible; rather, slightly, somewhat: V'ad red beg quaagh er y fa dy row ad credjal son cooilleeiney goo Yee dy nhegin daue chaghlaa y vible chasherick ayns dy-chooilley ghlare sy theihll Dhoor; little


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