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cainle chaisht (f.) paschal candle

Ellan y Chaisht (f.) Easter Island

Feailley Roortaghys y Chaisht Easter Athletics Festival

paschal candle (n.) cainle chaisht

Easter Island (n.) Ellan y Chaisht

paschal lamb (n.) eayn-chaisht

eayn-chaisht paschal lamb, Passover: nee shiu gee eh ayns siyr; eayn-caisht y Chiarn eh. Bible

Easter Athletics Festival (n.) Feailley Roortaghys y Chaisht

Passover (n.) caisht, caisht ny hewnyn, eayn-chaisht, feailley yn eaynchaisht

doont See dooint shut, close, reticent: Bee ny shappyn doont Jeheiney Chaisht. DF

Easter (n.) Caisht: We had holidays at Easter - Va laghyn feailley ain er yn Chaisht. JJK idiom

I will keep freill-ym: I will keep the passover at thy house with my disciples - freill-ym y chaisht ec dty hies marish my ostyllyn Bible; freill-yms

arroo greddanit parched corn: ren ad gee jeh shenn arroo yn cheer er laa-ny-vairagh lurg y chaisht, berreenyn gyn soorit as arroo greddanit 'syn eer laa cheddin. Bible

Sheckagh Czech: Ec y Chaisht 1995 va mee, my ven as yn daa inneen ain er nyn laghyn seyrey ayns Praag, ard-valley ny Pobblaght Sheckagh. Dhoor

thurrys (f.) See turrys expedition: va shen y thurrys jeh Sheshaght Shennaghys O Fiaich veih Nerin gys Mannin ec y Chaisht. Carn

recortey chronicle, record, register: Cha nel agh daa phersoon cummal ayns shen voish yn Chaisht dys Jerrey Fouyir dagh blein raad t'ad recortey ooilley ny hushagyn ta garrraghey dys shen as eisht ersooyl lhieu reesht, ny ta beaghey 'sy voayl car ny bleeaney. Carn


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