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carry ceau; cur lesh; tayrn; ymmyrkey: We'll carry that ourselves - Ymmyrkmayd shen shin-hene. JJK idiom

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carry along ymmyrkey lesh

carry away (v.) cur lesh ersooyl: to carry away silver and gold - dy chur lhiat ersooyl argid as airh Bible; ymmyrk ersooyl

carry back (v.) cur lesh er ash, ymmyrk er ash; cur lesh back: Carry back the ark of God into the city - Cur lhiat back arg Yee stiaghsyn ard-valley Bible

carry down cur lesh neose; ymmyrk neose; cur lesh sheese: and carry down the man a present - as cur-jee lhieu gioot sheese dan dooinney Bible

carry forward (v.) coyrt er oaie, cur seose

carry off (v.) cur lesh ersooyl, ymmyrkey ersooyl

carry on farraghtyn, freayll seose, goll er; (n.) musthaa

carry out (v.) ymmyrkey magh

carry over (v.) cur lesh er oaie

carry up (v.) ymmyrkey seose

shall carry troggee

carry into effect (v.) cur ayns bree

cur lesh ersooyl carry away, carry off

ymmyrk ersooyl carry away

ymmyrkey lesh carry along

ymmyrk neose carry down

coyrt er oaie carry forward

cur lesh back carry back

ymmyrk er ash carry back

cur lesh er ash carry back

cur lesh er oaie carry over

ymmyrkey ersooyl bear off, carry off

cur ayns bree apply, carry into effect, enforce, enforcement, implement

cur lesh sheese carry down; bring down; bringeth down

commission1 armal; barrantys; commishoon; dooraght; enmys ny fer oik; foilliu; oardagh: Carry out a commission - Oardagh y chooilleeney. DF idiom; oardaghey

forward1 lheah, mogh-appee, shenn-chreeney; er toshiaght: The seat is too far forward - Ta'n soieag rour er toshiaght. DF idiom; ry-heet; toshee; er oaie: Carry it forward - Cur er oaie eh. DF idiom

we (pron) shin: We were not there - Cha row shin ayns shen. JJK idiom We'll carry that ourselves - Ymmyrkmayd shen shin-hene. JJK idiom; (emph.) shinyn; mainyn; mayd, mayds; (emph.) maydjyn

cur lesh bring, carry, fetch: ta laue yesh y Chiarn cur lesh reddyn yindyssagh mygeayrt. Bible; tide

cur lesh neose carry down, fetch down; bring down: Son t'eh cur lesh sheese adsyn ta cummal dy ard Bible

farraghtyn abiding, carry on, continue, lasting: O my Yee, ny gow mee ersooyl ayns mean m'eash: er son dty vleeantyn's t'ad farraghtyn trooid dy chooilley heeloghe. Bible; endure, endures; continuance, durability; incessant

freayll seose carry on: As loayr mychione yn traa ry-heet, cre mychione freayll seose y Ghaelg, tra vees ny paitchyn shoh shenn dy liooar dy 'aagail y Vun-scoill, lane jeh Gaelg? Dhoor; (of equipment) maintenance

goll er carry on, continue, run on: as er-yn-oyr ayns Judah dy row reddyn foast goll er dy mie Bible; proceeds

musthaa bustle, carry on, display, excitement, flap, fluster, fuss, hullabaloo, muster, row, rumpus, shindy, stir, strife, tumult, upheaval, uproar: Ren ee musthaa mychione y dobberan eck. DF; pomposity, pompousness; anarchy

troggee constructional, constructive, elevating; (v.) will build, will arise, will raise: troggee ad thieyn, as cummee ad ayndoo Bible; shall mount up, shall carry; shall raise up, shall lift up, shall build, shall arise: shall take up

ymmyrkey magh bear out, carry out: dy jarroo rishyn ta troggit veih ny merriu, dy voddagh shin mess y ymmyrkey magh da Jee. Bible

ymmyrkey seose carry up: T'ad er nyn ymmyrkey seose 'syn aer, as sheese reesht gys y diunid: ta'n annym oc lhe•e ersooyl er coontey nyn seaghyn. Bible

dot (v.) breckey lesh ponkyn, cur ponk er; ponkey: To dot and carry one - Dy phonkey as unnane y chur er e hoshiaght. DF idiom; (n.) floag, poynt; ponk, ponck: Dot the i's - Ponck y chur er ny h-i-aghyn. DF idiom

fan1 (v.) fasney: toward the daughter of my people, not to fan, nor to cleanse - noi inneen my phobble, cha nee son fasney, ny son reealley Bible; fasnee: Thou shalt fan them, and the wind shall carry them - Fasnee oo ad, as hed ad lesh y gheay Bible; (n.) feayragan, feayraghan, sleayst, yskyyl; (n.) dollan-bennaylt: which hath been winnowed with the shovel and with the fan - ter ny ve fasnit lesh y chleayst as lesh y dollan-bennaylt Bible; (n.) dollan; (n.) thaagheyder

for (prep.) chum: Spit for roasting meat - Bher chum rostey feill. DF idiom; gour, kyndagh; cour: To lay something by for a rainy day - Cur red ennagh ersooyl cour laa fliaghee. JJK idiom; da: I fetch and carry for him - Ta mee jannoo chyrryssyn da. DF idiom; dys; er: He was called for - V'eh eieit er. DF idiom; er son: For keeps - Er son dy bragh. DF idiom; lesh: He made a bee-line for the table - Hie eh dy jeeragh lesh y voayrd. DF idiom; rish: For the past few days - Rish ny laghyn jerrinagh shoh. DF idiom; ry-hoi; son: For ever and ever - Son dy bragh as dy bragh. DF idiom

trade cochionnaghey; cochionnaght; cochionneeaght: Trade is on the mend - Ta cochionneeaght bishaghey. DF idiom; dellal: The linen trade - Dellal yn lieen. DF idiom; keird: Carry on a trade - Keird y chliaghtey. DF idiom; keirdey: The tricks of the trade - Ellyn ny keirdey. DF idiom; lught yn traght; margeeaght; mergeeys; traght; traghtal; traghtee: Balance of trade - Corrillagh traghtee. DF idiom; traghtey; truckal; aght-beaghee

ceau (=Ir. caith, caitheamh) carry, consume, dart, fall, hang, last, loose, pass, rake, run out, upbraid, waste; weather, shower, rain; aim, launch, shy, shoot; cast, throw: Dy chooilley lhiannoo-mac hig son y theihll nee shiu ceau 'syn awin Bible; bear, wear: nee Aaron ceau yn breast-plate dy vriwnys erskyn e chree Bible; hurl: Agh my teh tuittym er trooid goanlys, ny ceau red erbee er, liorish lhie cooyl-chlea Bible; yield: Lhig dan thalloo gymmyrkey faiyr, yn losserey ceau rass Bible; lay out, spend, spending; (on road) corner; raining: Agh te dorraghey nish, as te ceau trome foast. Coraa

cur seose carry forward, disclaim, drop off, extradite, flush, increase, move, postulate, relinquish, represent; pitch; fit on, fix: cur seose coamraghyn myr y chray Bible; retire, surrender: Cur seose, as rish y jiass Bible; set on fire; hang; put up, mount: Cur seose claghyn soit Bible; abdication; extradition; give up

tayrn (=Ir. tarraing) 1 carry, carrying, cart, describe, designing, draft, drag, draw along, drawing, get out, haul, haulage, heave, hitch, pluck, pull, pulling, quartering, suction, tow, towing, trace, tracing, trawl, tugging, yank; 2 draw a: Cre'n-fa t'ou tayrn back dty laue Bible; 3 attract: t'eh tayrn trimshey er hene Bible; 4 induce, lure: dy chooilley nhee ta tayrn sleih gys peccah Bible; 5 traction; 6 (of tea) brew; 7 (as barrel) tap; 8 pl. tayrnyn tug; 9 catching

ymmyrkey 1 appearance, attitude, behaviour, comportment, conduct, conductance, conduction, conveyance, haulage; 2 bear, birth, give birth, yield, gestation: My ta ben er yientyn, as er ymmyrkey lhiannoo-mac Bible; 3 supply, carry, carrying, convey, transport, support a: te rour dhyt's dty lomarcan dy ymmyrkey. Bible; 4 tide; 5 behave, endure, sustain


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