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bhir spits: Tra hug Candide tastey da'n choirrey as ny bhir deie eh: "Beemayd rostit ny broit son shickyrys." CnyO

fadeyr pl. fadeyryn prophet: She'n fer-ynsee Pangloss va fadeyr creeney yn lught-thie, as va Candide geaishtagh rish ny lessoonyn echey lesh ooilley'n credjue mie haink jesh da'n eash as yn ymmyrkey echey. CnyO; vaticinator

fastid closeness, modesty, pensiveness, reserve, seriousness, taciturnity: "Vainshteryn," dooyrt Candide roo lesh fastid taitnyssagh. CnyO

geddyn er ash get back, retrieval, retrieve: Ghow Candide ny smoo dy voggey jeh geddyn er ash y cheyrrey shoh CnyO

shelliuyn ointments: Ren fer-lhee mie lheihys Candide ayns tree shiaghtin lesh shelliuyn v'er nyn oardrail liorish Dioscorides CnyO

troagyraght (f.) hike, hiking, march, marching, tramp, trudge: Er laa ny vairagh va Candide slane riojit, as eh troagyraght gys y valley by niessey CnyO; (walk) tramp

maidjagh timber, timbered: Va Candide Ƨhelleeragh er ny chur lesh gys shamyr ghuillagagh, lesh colonnade feer waagh dy varmyr glass as airh, as moggyl maidjagh aynsyn va parradyn, colibreeyn, ushagyn bing, eeanlee Ghuinea, as ooilley ny keintyn s'goaun dy ushagyn. CnyO


This is a mirror of Phil Kelly's Manx vocabulary (Fockleyreen). It contains over 130,000 entries. This mirror was created 2 December 2014.

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